Beyond 2012, A Handbook for the New Era

Introduction 2013 from the author Wes Penre

Lost in a Labyrinth of Information

First, I want to thank you for reading this! You would probably not even have found this book and been curious about it if you hadn't already done a lot of spiritual research and some work on yourself. How you found it is irrelevant, but it will change your way of looking at life. You have probably heard that about many books, but I truly mean it. How would I know? I know because that's, what it's done to me - and yet, I was the one who wrote it!

My name is Wes Penre, and this is not the first thing I am writing on the Internet, in case you haven't heard of me before. I envision this book as a sequel to a series of papers I wrote between the years 2011 and 2013, and for those who have read the papers, this book comes as a natural next-read.

It is okay to read this book separately, without first having read the papers, but I would strongly suggest you do read the papers first or many of the sequences in this book may be hard to follow because they give references back to the papers. Hence, if I were you and hadn't read the Wes Penre Papers yet, I would download this book and go to and read the papers first (they can be downloaded for free, just like this book). Then, when I'm done, I would go back to this text.

The Wes Penre Papers are divided into three levels of learning, which will take the reader on a mind-blowing journey through the history of the universe and our human origins. The Wes Penre Papers will also, in detail, bring up the reason behind why we are so trapped within a societal structure, or system, with no obvious way of breaking out in the sense of being able to live the life we want to live without interference.

The papers will show evidence, that there is an extraterrestrial force behind the suppressive control system, which includes, more or less, the entire world. In this book, I will call this force the AIF, AIF.

The Wes Penre Papers also discuss channeling and who these entities are, who are contacting us in these times and what they want. In the middle of many different agendas is mankind, and most of us are ignorant of what is going on in secret, way above our heads - literally.

A big part of the Wes Penre Papers is unique - you will not find this information anywhere else - at least not in a coherent form. I have been very lucky to find extremely good sources and have been in contact with those who are in the know - both those from here and elsewhere. People who have read the papers have been enthusiastic, and many, many readers have told me that the papers have changed their lives completely, which makes me very happy.

The papers also suggest a soul ution (yes, a soul ution) to an otherwise overwhelming situation, we have been living in for thousands of years - in fact, since Homo sapiens were created by a part of the AIF. There actually is a soulution to this dilemma, and to understand it well enough, I advise you to read the papers. A short synopsis here won't give the Wes Penre Papers justice.

How I found out about this is a long story, and parts of it are told in the papers, but readers can feel that it's true, and although it's quite a dark and sometimes terrifying story, people who otherwise prefer more light material have still been praising it because they believe it should be studied, or we stand little to no chance to make it out in the cosmos and survive the experience. It's that crucial. However, it's not only that it's presenting an accurate version of our multidimensional past - more important is the imperative necessity to meet and confront our personal inner darkness.

It's easier to see darkness and evil in someone else than it is to confront that we all carry those traits inside, alongside our human friendliness and benevolence. I would go so far as to say that the incapability to see our own faults and shortcomings have led to the situation we are facing today with authoritarian governments, a failed economy, war, famine, manufactured diseases, incest in high places, rape of women and children, and so on.

It's become a very solid trap, and ever since that time in the ancient past when it all started, mankind has done very little to free themselves from the master-slave situation that is still prominent on this planet. Instead, we have accepted that we are slaves and a working force for a small clique of super-wealthy people - an unelected power elite who runs the show behind the scenes. We have also forgotten that above this level of manipulation are the cosmic visitors themselves, pulling the strings on those who are selected by them to control the rest of us.

We can't see these visitors unless they make themselves visible to us because they are not thirddimensional (3-D) beings. Hence, they exist outside the small, visible spectrum, which is all that we humans, from our 3-D perspective, are able to perceive. What we can see and perceive, however, are the huge corporations and what they do to us and our planet.

We can also see (if we choose to) the international bankers, who keep us on a tightrope with great help from the moneymaking multimillion dollar corporations that benefit the few and make billionaires, while most of the population is on the brink of starvation and poverty. We can also see (again, if we choose to) how we are all used in a system where we have to work ourselves to illness and exhaustion in order to make the owners of the big corporations wealthier and even more powerful.

We can see how governments, for their own personal, often financial, gains start wars in other countries, killing thousands, even millions of innocent people, while the super-rich again become wealthier by creating this giant war machine. We can see the unfairness in all this - nevertheless, we agree to play their game. Why is that? Why are we putting up with it when statistics show that even here in America we are a million to one against a small clique of powerful super-rich families?

It is because the families in power, and the AIF above them, keep the population in fear and terror. People are afraid to look outside the box, because they are scared, that they will be punished for it in one way or the other by the authorities and maybe become unable to survive on their own. Ultimately, they are afraid of death, something the Elite knows and, therefore, keep us in the dark, when it comes to what happens after we die.

Only by confronting the darkness inside of us can we free ourselves from such an immense, negative power. After all, the AIF and its minions, the Illuminati or the Global Elite (whatever we want to call them), are not the real problem. They wouldn't even be able to do what they are doing without our consent, so the responsibility comes back on us. If we want a change, we have to create it because no one else will.

This is way too much for most people to comprehend and deal with - therefore, the majority of the population gives away their power to others, who they hope will fix the situation - be it cults, religions, alien saviors coming down from the sky, or the next door neighbor. We may outnumber the slave masters by a million to one, but fighting them is still not an option.

If the reader doesn't believe me, look at our history. People have tried many times to stand up against the Beast, only to have been defeated, resulting in the death of many good people. No, the actual solution is to look at the Inner Universe, which this book will not only show, but also prove. There is no other way to achieve real inner peace and freedom from oppression.

People who read the Wes Penre Papers often told me, that afterward they were able to separate themselves from this global, oppressive force, and it felt like a huge burden had been lifted from their shoulders. They now had the freedom to step outside the situation and look at it from a whole new angle, and for the first time they could see that there is a way out. This book will show you the tools so that you can find your way out. You are already well on your way, whether you realize it or not!

The earthly dramas are still going on all around us, but I have the same feeling as many of my readers - I am now able to create my own reality in the midst of all this, and very little of the bad things happening in the world affect me personally. It's not that I don't care anymore - it's as if it is happening over there and is no longer part of my personal universe.

In other words, the fear is gone, and when people no longer fear the Powers That Be, these powers no longer have any effect on us. From here on, we will continue our journey into the great unknown, where freedom from control and suppression will be an everyday thing. Eventually, as I will show, these earthly dramas will cease to exist all together in our reality and become something of the past.

We are regaining the feeling, that we are sovereign beings and that no one has the right to control and manipulate us. We will more and more come to the insight that we no longer need authorities in order to survive. We will realize that this is an illusion we have lived in for thousands of years, and we survive so much better if we don't have those authorities in our lives at all.

One problem I am very well aware of is what I call the human factor. What I mean is, that when we read about a person who has a darker side to him or herself than we have, the tendency is that we get interested in the information because it makes us feel good, thinking of ourselves as being better than the person we are reading about.

Then, when we're done reading, we forget what we learned and just go on with our lives. In this case, however, the "dark person" is a whole alien agenda, which won't go away because we stop reading.

The following information requires that we do more than just reading, and hopefully, I have composed something that can be both useful and fun at the same time.

There is a lot of stigma in the 2012 number combination, and the ideas of what was going to happen that year were many. If people thought anything at all would happen, it usually had to do with old prophecies and the different ways they have been interpreted.

When this book was written, it's almost the middle of 2013, and we know what happened and what didn't happen in 2012. Or do we??? Well, we know that the world is still orbiting the Sun as usual and most people are still alive, although many of us had a rough time - especially around 2011- 2012. However, there was no end-of-the-world scenario, at least. The world is still here. Therefore, did anything extraordinary happen then? Many people would probably laugh it all off and say that nothing did happen out of the ordinary, but I disagree with that.

The ones who were closest to predicting what happened around 2012 were those, who talked about the Return of the Gods - although, those who were supposed to return are not Gods, but extraterrestrials presenting themselves as Gods in our ancient past.

I usually call them gods with a small "g" to emphasize that they are not divine, but a technologically very advanced species from other dimensions. In this book, they will generally go under the term AIF. Although these gods from the past never left our planet - they left a skeleton crew here, and they now have company from their buddies from the stars.

Evidence that I provided in my papers indicates that a large amount of these star beings came back in 2012 and occupied bodies here on Earth or hybridized bodies left in storage on other planets in the solar system. This was something that has been planned for maybe a thousand years or more and has been the reason for a lot of alien abductions. The AIF can't use their own original bodies here on Earth because our atmosphere and other circumstances prevent them from landing here.

Therefore, the AIF have created a lot of human hybrids over the centuries, which they now have let their souls occupy and sent down to our planet to mingle with us. Most of these invaders must certainly have put themselves in leading positions, but I wouldn't be surprised, if some of them also are mingling with ordinary people to have their agents everywhere.

This can only be proven by connecting the dots from evidence that is available to us (which I did) - hence, the future will tell what all this will lead us to. I have a few suggestions, which I included in the papers. However, this is what I mean when I say that 2012 certainly didn't pass by like any other year.

Another thing I discussed frequently in my papers was the term nanotravel. It is important that the reader of this book have at least a basic understanding of what that term means, because we're going to go deeper into it here.

When we think of space travel, we often think of nuts-and-bolts ships traveling from one star system to another, or they use stargates, wormholes, or black holes to travel long distances. In the part of the universe where we are trapped (which I call the 4% universe), star races are more often than not technologically oriented, so they do use space craft and some of the above methods to overcome long distances.

However, the most efficient way to travel from one point to another is instant travel, which we call nano-travel, and it is done in our minds and with our thoughts. In simple words, we split our soul unit into a smaller faction and send that out to the destination. That soul unit is riding an Avatar, which is a light-body.

Having reached the destination, the traveler can either experience as a spirit/light-body, or shapeshift into something that looks just as material as you and I would look. We can all do this, and in the future, this will be our way of traveling, unless we stay with the gods, who are in charge of this planet. I suggest you read the Wes Penre Papers for more information.

This handbook is preparing the reader for the future, where many of us will become our true multidimensional selves again. I will suggest what to do next so that as fast as possible, we can regain our old multidimensional abilities, and it includes exercises that will bring us toward that goal. Once you're done reading this material, I am convinced you will feel much more multidimensional than you did before you started.

There is a great awakening taking place in the world today. An incredible number of people, compared to the number from just 25 years ago, are waking up every week and every day to the fact that they are spiritual beings in a physical body, and life doesn't end when our body dies. Eager to find out more, the most curious and courageous of these people start searching for more information.

Full of enthusiasm, they start meditating, reading about the subject, and in their own personal way begin to improve themselves and raise their consciousness. They may also realize that their health is very important and, therefore, start eating healthier. Hopefully, most of them, eventually, will come to the insight that they also need to balance it out with their dark side or vice versa.

In the Wes Penre Papers, I talked a lot about the nano-second. "This is a term that was coined by the Pleiadians and channeled by the medium Barbara Marciniak from North Carolina. The nano-second was basically the term they used for the time period between 1987 and 2012, when the mass awakening on the planet occurred due to our solar system's alignment with the Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy of which the Sun and the Earth are a part.

Enormous quantities of energies were released, particularly in the gamma ray spectrum, hitting the Sun and the Earth with full force. This was gradually happening as these cosmic bodies came more and more in alignment - the results from a process that has affected us since approximately 1987.

The alignment with the Central Sun of the Galaxy had a lot of consequences for us here on Earth. Time literally sped up a million-fold, and people could, if they put their minds to it, learn and progress more during these 25 years than they would in a million years otherwise.

Parts of our DNA were lit up and energized - parts that had previously laid dormant in our body system but now started to operate as they are supposed to. This led to an increase in awareness and consciousness in a short amount of time. A fast cosmic process like this could occasionally be hard on the neurological system, and people sometimes ended up with all kinds of neurological problems that the doctors couldn't explain.

Those who understood the process, however, went with the flow, and in many cases, their physical problems resolved after a while, or if they still haven't as of this date, there is still a chance that they will soon, as the solar system is now slowly moving out of alignment again. No one on this planet was unaffected by the galactic alignment.

However, not everybody took the opportunity to learn and progress on this free ride toward a higher consciousness. In fact, the majority of people did not care to educate themselves and acknowledge what happened. Instead, they tried to stay within their old norms as much as they could, such as watching reality shows on TV or cheering for their favorite football team on the weekend with a six-pack of beer.

Many people got very ill, and some even went insane because they did not understand what was happening. The suicide rate increased quite dramatically during this period as well.

One may wonder why so many people who had this one-chance-in-a-million-years to educate themselves and take advantage of the information from those who had awakened, didn't care to do so. You, who read this book right now, are awakened, relatively speaking, and both you and I have experienced how hard it can be to convince somebody how important it is to learn more about what's going on and about whom we are and where we come from. We may even have been given a wonderful example of how things work, backed up with evidence.

The other people seemed to grasp what we were saying and might even have agreed, but nothing seemed to trigger an interest to find out more. This is very unfortunate because those who didn't take the opportunity to wake up will not get another chance like this for, perhaps, another million years.

Even if an alignment with the galactic center is not extremely rare, nano-seconds are! The problem with humanity is that many have lost their curiosity. No one can say that the information is not there for everyone to see - the entire Internet is full of it, and anyone can learn something by only using a search engine. Instead, they use search engines to google products they wish to buy, such as new smart phones and other high-tech devices.

That, to them, is a more interesting and important than learning about themselves and the situation they are in. This is how dumbed-down humanity has become from the manipulation we've been subjected to for a very long time. I am not putting any judgment behind it - I am merely stating a fact. Sadly enough, the consequences for ignorance are severe, which people will realize in the future when it may be too late to do anything significant about it.

The year 2012 was also like a fork in the road, where people finally decided which route they want to take from here on. People's timelines came together, and for some, it was overwhelming, and they couldn't handle it - whereas, others who were more prepared had an easier time to adapt and instead used this as a springboard to get over the next threshold to higher consciousness.

Basically, we can choose one of two paths for the future, and from these, an infinite number of versions of these paths will be created as humanity moves on. The main paths can be seen as two trees standing next to each other with their roots connected.

The trunks signify the two main paths (or timelines), and the branches on the trees symbolize parallel timelines, slightly different, but on a similar theme as the main timeline. Eventually, the roots that connect the two trees will break, and each tree will grow independently from each other.

The two main timelines leading into the future are The Machine Kingdom and The New Era of the Enhanced Humanity, where the latter is the faction of mankind who evolves independently from technology and help from so-called gods who don't have our best interest in mind, even if it may seem as if they do.

The truth of the matter is, which the reader will find out after having finished the Wes Penre Papers, that mankind is already multidimensional, but we have forgotten what it is, and we have to learn how to reconnect with our inner selves, and that's one of the major themes in this book.

Those who spiritually awakened during the nano-second and learned about what is happening here on our own planet will distinctively choose The New Era of the Enhanced Humanity and become increasingly less interested in all the high-tech and nano-technology and the way they are applied by our scientists.

The splitting of the worlds does not mean, that the Earth will literally break in the middle and create two worlds - the term is a metaphor. In fact, there are, and has always been, more than one version of Earth.

In reality, there are as many versions of Earth as there are humans on the planet, and much more - each human is living on an individualized version of the planet, which is slightly different from everybody else's, but humans share commonalities because we vibrate within the same range of frequency. This is why we all can see and interact with each other even though our worldviews are sometimes very different.

Now, the majority of the world population is choosing to opt for the Machine Kingdom, although they have no idea what they're doing - they are simply on autopilot and going with the flow because they are literally asleep and can be led in any direction the manipulators choose for them. The consequences of this are explained in detail in my papers, so I won't go into that here, other than to say that the consequences are, in the long term, devastating for anybody who chooses that path.

The other path will be chosen by those who are spiritually awake and who feel the urge to connect with nature and live a simpler lifestyle. However, even those of us who are aware are in danger because the manipulation is very convincing and the propaganda easy to fall for unless we have done our homework.

The Machine Kingdom is creeping up on us all, and it's easy to stay in that timeline without realizing it - we buy more and more technology, because we think it will enhance our lives and make it easier, when, in fact, it eventually will do the exact opposite.

You may think that if you just buy one more device, you'll be fine and don't have to buy more technology, but then another product hits the market, and it's very tempting to go and get that one too, even if you resist in the beginning. Therefore, be aware!

In the beginning, the Machine Kingdom and the New Era, or the Second Golden Age, will coexist. However, after a few generations, the enhanced human who is evolving without technology, the new species I call Homo Nova, will start vibrating within a higher frequency range than that of the Machine Kingdom, and the latter will cease to exist in Homo Nova's reality.

When that happens, the Splitting of the Worlds is a fact! Homo Nova is then literally living on a different version of Earth. The Machine Kingdom will still exist as a parallel reality, or better yet, in a lower dimension.

My papers were written in an attempt to wake up as many people as possible without forcing any dogma or religion upon anybody. All I wanted to do was to tell the true story about the Earth to the best of my ability and let the readers make up their own minds.

The information can be taken literally, as a guideline, or an overall picture - it's up to the reader to decide. My project was also an attempt to write in such a manner that people who started waking up late during the nano-second (and afterward as well) would have a reference or a guideline so that it, hopefully, won't be too late for these people to reach the point where they can make conscious decisions about their future.

Hence, the papers are always going to be available to be downloaded for free, as long as the Internet is available and I can pay the annual fee for the domain and the web location. I know that more and more people will find the papers when they are ready for them, and that will, in turn, lead to this book. Of course, for those whom the papers don't communicate to will rather quickly abandon them and look for truth somewhere else, but in the near future, many people will find them, read them, and consider them very helpful.

Now, I think the reader is ready for the next step where we can learn how to develop our multidimensionality and how we can obtain that by working with our bodies. Still grounded here on Earth, our bodies will be our best friend and the main tool we will use when exploring the Multiverse.

I hope this book will be helpful on your never-ending experiences as a multidimensional being! Happy Journey! Love, Wes Penre

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