Chapter 7: Homo Nova - The New Guardians of the Living Library

7C: Living in the Living Library - Guardians of the New World

Now, can we be sure that once we have established our New Earth, we are not going to fall back into old patterns again? Of course, there is a small chance that even enlightened beings get fooled and manipulated - we already know that because that's how we got into this mess in the first place.

However, there is a big difference between then and now. At that time, millions of years ago, humanity was naïve, even though we were multidimensional. We were playful, happy, friendly, and yes - naïve. It was not that we didn't know there were bad apples out there in the universe - some of them had visited Earth while the Namlú'u walked over the savannahs, and the Namlú'u's high vibration and integral manner were always winning attitudes.

Besides, we were rarely alone here on Earth - there were other star beings here as well, such as the Titans and the Dragons. We had a lot of fun, letting our Fire swarming and swirling freely over the mountains and valleys and even out in the universe.

Therefore, if this was the case, how could we be so trapped? Well, we were trapped because of our naivety and innocence. We didn't know much about manipulation, and this was our weakness. Lucifer and his Fallen Angels noticed this, and Lucifer (Prince EA or Lord ENKI - same being) figured out exactly how to trap human souls.

If we were innocent and enjoyed having fun, and more important, we also were extremely curious, it was simple to seduce us into taking bodies from which we couldn't escape. Once we entered them, we were trapped in a very sophisticated control system, which included life, death, and afterlife - there was no way out. It didn't help, either, that Lucifer won the war against the Orion star beings who were here at the time. Once the war was won, the Earth was Lucifer's.

Now, however, we are much wiser. I am not talking about the entire human population - I mean those of us who are awake and are heading back to where the Namlú'u once were. We still may have some way to go before we are as free as the Namlú'u were before the AIF came, but when we're there, we are so much wiser. In addition, we will not be able to hide anything from each other.

Not only will we be telepathic and psychic, but we will also be experts in reading energy fields. However, there is one thing here we should be aware of, and that is that the Namlú'u had better genetics than we do - we have watered-down genes from other star races as well as their genes. I don't know where we stand in comparison, but I know that we will be able to do more or less the same things that our ancestors did.

There are certain guidelines we need to set for ourselves. In my opinion, there are four main ones, built on ancient South American traits, that I think are worth implementing on ourselves, starting now. They are as follows:

  1. Don't cheat
  2. Don't lie
  3. Don't steal
  4. Don't kill

I think that covers it.

Another thing we need to practice if we want to become the Guardian of the Living Library. is to go out in nature and become nature. For example, if you want to know how an ant lives and works, what is better than becoming an ant? Therefore, then the question is, how do you become an ant? I don't know about you, but when I was little, I used to go out in the woods every now and then and study what was there.

I could lie down on the ground so I could see the world from the perspective of the small creatures, such as the ants, the beetles, etc. I used to imagine how it was to be so tiny. Every little straw of grass was like a tree to them - they all lived in a micro-world, I realized. Then I saw how the ants actually had paths and roads on which they traveled when they went out to grab little straws and other practical things they needed to improve the ant house.

They always seemed so busy - they were hardly ever still - and I was thinking, that they never seemed to get a chance to lie and relax like I did when I watched them. I also saw how loyal they were to each other. If an ant was killed or wounded, another ant that came its way immediately left what it carried and instead started carrying his ant-friend back toward the ant house.

I also noticed that when two ants met each other on the road, they used their antennas to feel each other out - perhaps to see if the other one was from the same ant tribe.

I often used to do things like that, and I could fantasize, how it was to be one of those ants, thinking of it as a day in the life of an ant. By fantasizing about it, I simply split my fire and inserted it in a tiny ant without understanding that this is what I actually did. I became that ant and could experience how it is to be one.

I also loved to communicate with the trees. We had a deep forest just outside our house when I was little, and when I grew up, no one was afraid of crazy people kidnapping children or raping them. In my neighborhood, that was unheard of, and our parents let us run free wherever we wanted as long as we were back for lunch and dinner. It was a wonderful time for us children! Today, no one dares to let their children do that anymore.

Anyway, I could stand in the middle of a glade and watch the old trees very carefully. For some reason, I usually didn't have a problem with tuning into their frequency, and they told me old stories about what had happened in their part of the woods and even in other places, farther away.

Even though they were all rooted and couldn't go anywhere, they all seemed to be aware of each other and knew what was happening in all parts of the forest. I was little then and didn't understand, how that was possible, when they couldn't move, but of course, they were connected via the root system and the earth. I didn't find it strange to be able to communicate with the trees because no one had told me that you couldn't.

This is why it's so important never to tell our children that this or that is impossible. Nothing is impossible! The more the children are allowed to stretch their minds, the better. This will be very normal in the New Era, once we are well situated.

Communicating with nature and being able to be what you communicate with is very important if we want to become Guardians of the Living Library. I strongly advise you to go out in the forest - drive to one if you can or if you don't have one close by - and start observing what is there.

Once you are able to focus your thoughts on. what is there in front of you, you will realize that nothing is what you thought it was - it's so much more! Still, being in communication with nature is not only to talk with plants, rocks, and animals, but to become one with all of it. This is what being a creature of nature means. Once we can do this, the love we will feel for Mother Earth will be greater than anyone can perceive at this time.

That's part of being truly multidimensional - you become the dimensions, and you create them as you wish! On a one-on-one basis, and sometimes within a group, many of us will soon be able to perceive and communicate with interdimensionals. As our frequencies increase, we will start seeing things that do not belong to the 3-D reality. Some of us have already started to do that.

However, once we've reclaimed our positions as Guardians, ET contact will be as normal as anything else in our lives. Many are coming to visit, wanting something from the Living Library, and we will decide, whether that is appropriate or not by reading a being's energies and looking at its history. We are also going to be teachers.

We won't need to go to a class to learn about these things, because we will just know, because we are integrated with nature. We will intuitively know which plants will heal certain beings, and which part of the Living Library will teach the visitor whatever they want to know. It will be a very rewarding and exciting existence.

Upon all that, we will be able to nano-travel the universe without any need for spacecraft. We will be able to travel with our thoughts.

What people have the hardest time with, before they get it and start thinking more multidimensional, is that in reality nothing is linear. The analytical mind always wants to understand things in a linear manner, and if it doesn't make sense that way, it doesn't accept it. Still, most people accept, that their dreams are not linear and make little sense to the analytical mind.

If they could only comprehend, that the dream state is more real than the awakened state, things would start to make sense. Or like Seth said [Jane Roberts, "Seth on the Creation Myth", op. cit.]

Your next question is easy to anticipate, of course, for you will want to know the origin of that ‘interior universe' from which I have said the exterior one ever emerges - and here we must part company with treasured objectivity, and enter 237 instead a mental domain, in which it is seen that contradictions are not errors - an inner domain large enough to contain contradictions at one level, for at another level they are seen to be no contradictions at all.

This is something worth carrying with us. If there are two answers to the same problem, and they both seem to make sense when looked at one by one, but are different from each other, you have a contradiction. Hence, you may think that you haven't solved the problem. Instead, you may indeed have solved it in a more thorough way than you thought you ever could - you just solved the problem on two different levels of consciousness simultaneously. You can disregard them or accept them because they are contradictions to the analytical mind, but just remember that on another level of consciousness, contradictions stop being contradictions.

With this, I am going to end this handbook on how to become more multidimensional in the New Era. I hope these pages have been a help to some, and perhaps, there are a few things you can carry with you to the next level of awareness.

We live in extraordinary times, indeed, and I, for one, am happy that I was able to get a body this particular lifetime - perhaps the most important life I've been living in a physical reality. Never before, since we entered the 3-D reality, has the future looked this bright. We are about to do something that goes against all odds, and humanity's future literally lies in our hands.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you, and I wish you a wonderful journey into a multidimensional reality in a Multiverse that is unique for you.

Your love and your knowledge will protect you - always!

*** The End ***

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