Chapter 7: Homo Nova - The New Guardians of the Living Library

7B: The Three Important Post-Nano Phases Discussed

Just like the nano-second was split up in three different phases related to how fast time was accelerating, the post-nano world also has three phases, more or less related to how fast time is decelerating, although there is more to it than that.

This chapter was written in May 1, AN, and by that time I could definitely feel how time had slowed down quite noticeably. It's funny because, even when I talk to people, who have no idea about nano-seconds and post-nano, they say that time has slowed down in comparison to 2012 and the years before that. Therefore, it's definitely not just imagination.

When the Pleiadians talked about the nano-second, they added that the years 1987 through 2012 were the approximate time frame for the nano-second.

It showed, however, that they were quite to the point. Personally, as I've mentioned elsewhere, I started feeling a deceleration sometime in October 2012, instead of January of the year 1. Therefore, their prediction was close - at least in my case.

Anyway, the post-nano is considered to have started in January 1, AN. The first phase is going to be between 1-5 AN (2013-2017), while phase two is marked down at anno 6-15 (2018-2027), and phase three will be anno 16 (2028) with an open ending. This section will paint a broad picture of what we can expect to happen during these phases.

Normally I don't like predictions because if they don't come true, the author will be discredited, so I want to add here that these predictions are based upon astrological aspects as well as probable realities. What I am bringing up here seems to be the most probable reality for us humans in the near future, but as we and all ETs know, humans can be very unpredictable and we change our minds constantly and go in a different direction, which can be hard to predict. Therefore, let's just do our best here.

Phase 1 (Anno 1-5, or 2013-2017)

The first thing that happened we have already discussed, and that's the deceleration of time. We are still not down to a normal time rate, however, because that would have been the equivalent to standing on the breaks. If that had happened, it would have been like if we stop a train at full speed - many people would have gotten hurt and many others would have died. Instead, it happens gradually, and we will probably see normalization by the end of Phase 1.

This is definitely the time, however, when we can sit back a little bit, relax, and ponder over what has happened during the last 25 years. How well did we do? How would we grade ourselves, individually and as a collective? Were we able to take care of business - i.e. get our debts paid and our major issues handled?

Are we living in a place where we may consider living for many years ahead? Does it feel relatively safe in our local universe? Do we feel tremendously more enlightened, calm, and on track now than we did in 1987? If we can answer yes to these questions, we did great and are ready for what's coming next. If we feel that some or much of the above is still missing in our lives, we're past due and need to wrap it up immediately, but without starting to rush around again.

However, if you're still walking around being afraid and anxious, you didn't work on your main issues during the nano-second, and you will be facing big trouble in the future unless you take care of these emotions right away. This is extremely important. If you still hesitate, I can't help but saying that in the future, you will tell yourself, "Dang it, Wes Penre was right!" This is one thing I don't want to be right about in your case, if you are one of these people.

Still, these next five years are not going to be friction-free. The economy is still a major disaster, and there is minimal hope that the dollar is going to recover. As of this writing, the economy is on its way up, but that's just an illusion, as Ben Shalom Bernanke and his criminal bankers are printing money in desperation to get business going and interest rates down, and none of these dollar bills has anything to back it up with! These days, even a fool can see what is about to come down.

Therefore, make sure to invest in something of value and don't just keep money in the bank and think that's safe. If your money will be worthless, you may just as well deposit printing papers from your computer - they will be worth more than your dollars (or whatever currency you are using - it's probably going to be a global crash eventually).

You may ask what to invest in, and that is a tough question because it's hard to say what exactly is going to keep its value. If you have a home, make sure to pay it off so you have a roof over your head - that's most important. Invest in food that can keep you alive for a few months (yes, I know that this is a charged-up subject, after Year 200 etc. but see that as a dress rehearsal).

What you invest in, in addition to the above, is your call, but you will need somewhere to live and something to eat and drink. If you have that, you have much better chances to survive if worse comes to worse - it's much better to be safe than sorry. I know that we basically don't own the land our property stands on, regardless of what papers you've signed, but at this stage, the government will most possibly not confiscate the land your house sits on if you've paid the house off. They will have other things to take care of.

This may sound like a contradiction - first I am saying that we can sit down and relax, and then I bring up the economy. I know, I know…still, we are talking about probabilities here. Remember that we do create our own reality, and I have talked about conditioning our own space and our local universe. If we do this successfully, we can handle whatever comes down. We can always go back to bartering for a while until things stabilize (which it will).

If we need to barter, it's very good to live in a neighborhood where people know each other and mainly like each other. Then, the survival potential is so much higher. Therefore, keep yourself on good terms with your neighbors and help each other out when needed and asked for. Think about what your skills are and what you can do for others in case of a disaster and strengthen that. If you have a skill that's needed, which not many other people have (such as nursing skills) you are quite well off - it will be highly rated under such circumstances.

Now we'll turn this around again. There is also a chance it will not go as far as to when we have to barter and our money will be worthless. First, there are good people working behind the scenes right now to get things straight, and even though they can't save a destroyed economy, there are ways to make the transition easier.

This first phase of the post-nano world - especially the last part of it - will be the time for exposure of corruption and crimes amongst politicians, businessmen, bankers, and other authoritarian people. As we know, it has already started, and even the Pope had to resign. There will most likely be more pedophilia scandals because raping children is a big thing in High Places.

It goes back to the blood rituals we discussed earlier, black magic, feeding off fear, and worse. The corruption behind the scenes is so enormous, that there is no one amongst the general public, who can even start imagining what is going on. Much (but not all) of that will be revealed. People are already getting annoyed over the scandals of their Representatives, and many start realizing how naïve they have been and why the Founding Fathers sometimes said and did certain things in order to not be repeating old habits.

Unfortunately, not even they could predict the inactivity and naivety of the population and how easily those in power could be corrupted and, in turn, could corrupt others.

So what will happen when all this is revealed? Every week, there is always some new scandals being reported in the media, but what would happen if the newspapers were full of them? These are the times, when secrets can't be kept anymore - especially not dark secrets. It's just the signs of the times.

Consciousness is cleaning house! Many people will probably be very furious over the betrayals, and as George Bush Sr. said back in the 1980s: "If people knew what we have done, they would run us down the street and lynch us!"

Source: Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, ©1988: "Trance Formation of America"

There is a chance there is going to be tumultuous times, and they will transfer over to Phase 2. Whatever you do, don't get involved in the tumult! Nothing good is going to come out of that. We can't fight the Global Elite in a physical confrontation regardless of how convincing some people may be when they explain why we can.

It's only going to lead to people are getting hurt and killed when the military will be commanded out on the streets. As usual, we need to handle these things from inside.

This is going to be a process that can take quite a few years, but sooner or later a substantial portion of the Global Elite will be exposed and people will demand a change. This time it will be harder for the Elite to get away by applying their standard formula, problem-reaction-solution, because they did not instigate this exposure - the increase in consciousness did.

Problem-Reaction-Solution is a formula the Global Elite is following to manipulate the public. If they want to change something, that they know the public doesn't want, they create a problem, that is big enough to start a reaction from the public to "do something about it".

Then the Global Elite comes up with the solution to the problem they instigated in the first place. The solution is always the change, that they want. For example, they want more surveillance, so they let an event such as 9/11 happen. People scream for a solution, and the solution is the increased surveillance they wanted in the first place. People don't see through the manipulation and now feel safe and happier.

Now, this sounds good in certain ways, because it looks like the public will finally understand some of the width of the corruption, but there is one thing that is not taken into consideration and that is the invasion, which has already to a large degree taken place within governments and other authoritarian organizations, banking, and businesses.

The invasion was silent, as I mentioned in the Wes Penre Papers, where the AIF, returning in great numbers to Earth after just having had a skeleton crew here, did walk-ins on people they have personally bred and genetically manipulated so the invaders can feel comfortable mingling with humans.

This means that a politician you see in a TV interview may very well be an ET - there would be no way to tell, except for his or her exceptional intelligence, which they can hide if they feel the need to do so.

My case in point here is that the AIF most possibly already know, that this exposure is going to happen (since it has already begun), and they are ready to counteract it. It's my own belief, that they understand, that they have to deal with increased consciousness for a while until the Earth splits - therefore, they are ready to make sacrifices to satisfy the public.

They know that the public is too confused and too manipulated to know, what to do if all hell breaks loose, and they already have plans at work to restore order when the worst is over. Even if they have to sacrifice a few of their own, they won't mind. For them, a body means very little. If one of them would be sentenced to a life in prison, he or she simply would commit suicide and occupy another body.

This is one reason why it's impossible to fight this - it's too big, and there are plans within plans that we can only begin to understand. Therefore, the soulution, once again, is to ignore it as much as possible and strengthen our own local universes and restate our goals. Only those who understand this and can do it will survive the terror in the long term and be part of the New World.

Then we have the ET issue. It's not only the AIF we have to deal with - there were literally billions of star beings around our planet during the nanosecond. Some of them were fighting for human bodies, so they could live on Earth during this important time period. Most of them wanted bodies because the learning curve was so steep. You could learn in 25 years what it normally takes millions of years to learn otherwise.

Who wouldn't want to invest in that for a few years, even if they would be under suppression at the same time? Now, on the other hand, when the nano-second is over, many of them have left or are about to leave. "The party is over!"

Left are those who are either hostile to us (The AIF) or those who want to see us succeed. The latter are the ones, who want to make themselves known, but the former want to interfere, pretending to be the latter in order to once again confuse the matter. For them, it's business as usual.

We must understand that we have mainly two forces at play here - one is the AIF, whose purpose is ultimate control and the building of a Machine Kingdom. They do not want us to evolve and raise our frequency. Then we have the other force, such as the Pleiadians, who are basically a faction of the same AIF, that is controlling us negatively right now.

The difference between the two is, that the Pleiadians, who sit in their own mess in the Pleiadian star system, have realized that in order for them to free themselves from their tyranny, they need us humans to evolve without technology! In other words, they need us to evolve the way we were supposed to in the first place. Thus, the two intentions clash!

Lord ENKI, whom we also call Lucifer, is in charge of the AIF, and he knows that he will lose some humans to the Pleiadian Agenda. If we look at the evidence, it seems likely, he is willing to let go of the faction of humanity, who is ready to evolve and keep the majority for his own purposes. Besides, we do not know if ENKI and the Pleiadians have made an agreement behind our backs, so that the Pleiadians leave the majority, who are ripe for the Machine Kingdom alone, if ENKI leaves the evolving humans alone.

Eventually, the two main factions of mankind will split anyway, so it's not a big deal for ENKI. This is possibly why he and the AIF are leaving us relatively alone, or as an anonymous source once told me: "In their eyes you guys are only humans, so they don't care!" What this means is that ENKI and his cohorts don't think very highly of us, and they don't fear us, or what we're trying to do.

If we would try to start a war against him, on the other hand, ENKI would probably eradicate us just to get rid of the annoying flies. Thus, we need to be smart enough to know where our strength is and what we shouldn't put our nose in. We do have a responsibility, as I see it, to let mankind survive, and the only way to do that is to evolve. Those who choose the Machine Kingdom are doomed because they will not survive as a human species.

Phase 2 (Anno 6-15 or 2018-2027)

This phase is going to force the fence-sitters to make up their minds. It will be clear for many people, that there are two main choices. Of course, the so-called Machine Riders, who are those young children, who have incarnated here (and will continue to incarnate here) in these times to dig deeply into technology and make that the main priority in their lives, will just ignore and laugh at those who refuse to have anything to do with moving into Smart Cities and use smart products.

It will be a hard choice for some young people, though, to go against the current trend, when most of their friends are into these tiny devices that can do so much, and this is all they talk about. The ones we're discussing now are those who are young today and those to come within the next few decades.

During these ten years of Phase 2, the frequencies within the mass consciousness are going to clash in such a dramatic way that the Earth on a metaphysical level is going to take the full step toward realities where she can host the New Human.

Phase 3 (Anno 16 or 2028 and onwar)

This future phase is when the Machine Kingdom is going to be well situated in the making of some realities, while the New Era on the New Earth (or the New Earths) will become a fact. I use multidimensional terms here rather than linear, which means there will be more than one version of Earth that will house the Machine Kingdom as well as there will be more than one Earth that will house those who are going back to nature.

In some versions, there will be people who will live like savages lived thousands of years ago, banishing all kind of technology and go back to making up fires in the wild and living either in tents or in small shacks, side by side with others who live in smaller cities, but only use the most basic technology, which will assist them in their daily life. In other versions, there will only be those who live in small villages or towns, but the more extreme versions will be very rare.

If we look at it from a multidimensional perspective we will be able to imagine all kinds of Earths because the versions are as many as there are humans and as many as there are thoughts thinking up future worlds. You need to have a multidimensional mind to be able to fully grasp this because it can be quite mind stretching.

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