Chapter 7: Homo Nova - The New Guardians of the Living Library

7A: A Voluntary Mission and the Year 1 AN

Many who read this book will feel excited about the Splitting of the Worlds, I'm sure, and will be more than happy to start working on this now - the sooner the better - so when they reincarnate the next time, the world is a better place to live. Then, born into a body that is matching the new energies better than the one they currently inhabit and being more multidimensional, they can accomplish more together with others in the same situation.

Others, on the other hand, have had enough and believe that they want to leave this solar system altogether and continue to grow somewhere else. Both options are absolutely possible, but for those who want to leave, is it okay to abandon their fellow human, or do we actually need to stay and help?

You who read this book within a generation after this handbook came out; have been what some call System Busters, which means Forerunners in this case. You were one of the brave ones who decided to go against the current tendency and raise your vibration in order to increase your own consciousness and awareness, but also so that others could be inspired and jump on the bandwagon.

You will be surprised at how many young people, anyone from 14 years old to 25; suddenly come out and know just as much, if not more, than you learned in 25 years. They picked it up in no time! This has already started to happen because I am getting very profound letters from young teenagers who discuss the deepest and most difficult information I have shared with the world. Don't be jealous and think that you spent all that 'sweat and tears' finding it out, when they just seem to get it! It's natural and expected.

When these children contact you, you are talking to a member of the new Homo Nova species, and that is very good news! These children were born during the nano-second, and they were born into higher frequency bodies. They are still working on finding out, but they are way ahead of their schoolmates, who can't keep their eyes off their Android phone. These spiritually evolved and very knowledgeable children are our new generation, who are taking over after us. We were the Forerunners who had to set the protocol, and I'll tell you - we did, and we did a good job!

Now is the time to make a choice. We are currently living in what the Pleiadians (the same beings who coined the expression nano-second) call the post-nano (a new term they have coined), so we'd better get used to it. Perhaps in the near future, when the New World is established, the year 2013 will actually be renamed the year 1 AN, meaning After Nano - who knows? That would actually be nice, so we can leave the suppressive system behind us and start anew.

That, however, is something we need to vote on later. I will, in my writings from now on, call this year 1 AN, anyway; until we can either establish this, or vote it down. It gives people some time to think about it. Remember, in the After Nano, after the planets have split for real, there will be no huge government bodies that will decide this or that - it will be up to We the People; until we have established the kind of system we want to endorse.

Anyway, back to our choice. Many people are now mighty tired and think that they have had enough of Earth for a while. No one needs to feel ashamed when thinking this way, anybody who has come this far as to read this handbook has done more than is expected of them to raise the frequency of this planet and has the right to move on if he or she wishes to.If you are one of them, you can rest assured that the world is in good hands, and the Splitting of the Worlds will take place!

There are many benevolent star races that have observed us and applauded us during the nano-second. And I'm sure celebrated when it was over, thinking that overall we did a good job. Against all odds, a certain percentage of mankind did not fall into the trap of craving a technological society to become copies of the gods. That they never became gods themselves, was only because they never even realized that they were slaves, and those who did, didn't care.

Just like the old star race, here called the AIF, the majority of mankind has deliberately chosen to become like them. They measure progress, not in frequency, but in technological advancement. This is their free choice in a Free Will Universe and we are not in a position to judge them, as little as they should judge us. There is no right and wrong, only choices and consequences.

We have discussed earlier how this Earth was limited and set to a certain frequency range; in which everything on this planet needs to vibrate in order to be part of the prison. However, when a being starts vibrating higher than this frequency range, he or she grows out of the prison and begins to 'stick his or her head out' on the other side and notice what is out there. It can be compared with the bars of a physical earthly prison. The bars are of a certain thickness to keep the prisoner in. However, if the prisoner gets much stronger, and eventually becomes strong enough to break the bars, the prisoner can escape and is free. This is similar to how it is for us.

We can't move backward; once we have achieved a certain frequency, there is no way back. Hence, we may think that we have not only grown out of the version of Earth we're still dwelling in, but we also that we have outgrown our bodies. This can sometimes feel uncomfortable in different ways. In worst cases, the body may even get sick.

However, what is more common is unexplainable pain, neurological problems, fatigue, tiredness, and headaches that come and go (there may be a lot of other phenomena as well). If you go to the doctor, he or she may just scratch their head, not knowing what's going on as the lab tests show excellent results! Beware that the doctor does not medicate you, when no medication is necessary, in order to get rid of you. You can still train this higher frequency body to become more multidimensional, and it's a good idea to do that, and if you are persistent, the discomfort may very well disappear.

Still, if you decide to reincarnate again to prepare for a better world, there is no possible way to incarnate in this version of Earth because the vibration of your spiritual body is so much higher than of those people who live here now. Hence, you will automatically incarnate in a body on a version of Earth that fits your current frequency. If you could jump back and forth between these two realities right now, you would clearly notice the difference.

I know there may be quite a few people who have evolved during the last 25 years who used to have a lot of friends they could share things with and have fun with before the nano-second. You may be one of those I'm talking about. Then, the more your frequency increased, the lonelier you felt because suddenly there was no one you could share your thoughts with. You had outgrown all your friends.

Perhaps at times, you even feel depressed and are longing for love that you no longer seem to be able to find. If this is the case, you are not alone - it's actually quite common. Remember, though, that this is only temporary, and you are heading toward a new world where love and compassion will be the norm. In the meantime, it could be a good idea to maybe move to a community where you can meet with the like-minded and not just e-mail them on a computer. Still, due to job situations etc. it might not be so easy.

First, you will feel so much better and so much healthier and happier in the next incarnation. In addition, you will see that you have much more freedom and will be left alone by suppressive elements to a much greater extent than you are now. You will also notice that there are many like-minded people incarnated simultaneously with you, or within a few years difference.

In addition, the longevity of the new, more vital bodies will be much higher. There shouldn't be any problems living until you are 250 years old. Even longer than that a few generations down the line, until death becomes obsolete. If your body is in a fatal accident, or it can't serve the purpose, you can take a new one without losing your memories. It's not going to be much more inconvenient than it is now to switch cars.

For a few generations the Machine Kingdom will be built alongside your own reality; but you, and those who are vibrating on your level, will not mingle with them. It's like now - we know that there is a culture in the Middle East that is different from ours, and we hear about it, but we don't go there and hang out. We let them do their thing and we do ours.

However, no heavy version of the Machine Kingdom and no heavy version of the Global Elite influence are going to be able to exist side by side with you, even in the next incarnation, because the vibrations are so different from each other. In other words, the heavy duty Machine Kingdom is built as we speak, but a first splitting of worlds occurred already in the last quarter of 2012, so you and I will never experience that version.

I don't know if you have noticed, but I have had bleed-throughs, flashes of the heavy-duty version of the Kingdom in my awakened state, and those flashes have lasted for maybe a few seconds. This short amount of time still gave me a lot of information, and it was quite horrifying. That's when I realized that I made it to the right side of the split. There are still going to be some difficulties ahead, but for most of us, the worst is behind us. The difficulties I'm talking about will be discussed in the next subsection to this chapter.

When we reincarnate the next time into a more spiritually advanced version of Earth, we will most likely do so without amnesia, and that means that we are multidimensional by default. Still, we are like nestlings who are trying their wings for the first time. There is a risk of falling out of the nest and being prey for someone waiting either on the ground, or in the air; only because we were too eager and jumped out too soon. We weren't ready for the big adventure, and there are those who may be able to take advantage of that.

This is why I believe it's so important to prepare ourselves - how it is to be a multidimensional being in a solid body, just like we do with handbooks such as this one. We don't need to be perfect, but we need to disagree with the current regime and be willing to go our own way, and it's necessary in order to smoothly be able to take the leap into the next lifetime to practice how to be multidimensional. You will not regret it when that day comes!

Many of us are old Namlú'u souls trapped in AIF' manipulated Homo sapiens bodies, but not all of us are.(The Namlú'u were the multidimensional androgynous human species who lived on Earth before the AIF came. They were the Guardians of the Library, but were seduced by the AIF to enter the genetically manipulated bodies that the AIF had prepared for them and have been stuck since then. Read much more about the Namlú'u in the Wes Penre Papers, "The Second Level of Learning".)

The Namlú'u souls have already gotten accustomed to what it means to be multidimensional and have an easier time grasping the whole concept on a higher level than those who were new souls at the time when the AIF trapped humanity in the 3-D, but even the old Namlú'u souls are rusty and need to practice their old skills.

We humans are so lucky. If all people on this Earth knew what a privilege they have, they would jump on the train right away. What I mean is that there are two types of multidimensional beings. It's us, who can train ourselves to be able to travel everywhere (with a few exceptions) and explore the full Multiverse, and then there are those who are also multidimensional, but can only explore the eight dimensions of the 4% universe - six physical dimensions and two nonphysical.

The channeled entities who fancy themselves as being multidimensional can still not enter the KHAA, and that's the whole point. They want the code in our DNA which gives us humans access to the 96% Spirit Universe, and they know it's somewhere in our blood, but they can't figure it out. Well, I can tell them right now - it's because they can't feel the range of emotions necessary to be accepted into the KHAA - they can't feel strong love!

That's why many come here and do genetic experiments with us by abducting us. However, will they ever figure out how to get through the gates that lead into the 96%? I honestly don't know. There are sources who tell me that they probably won't. If true, all they will have access to, as long as it's still there, is the universe we can perceive in our 3-D state, including all the solar systems and galaxies out there and the other five dimensions that are available in the 4% universe.

Remember - you never lose what you've learned. While being trapped here in 3-D, and even in the 4%, it is quite difficult to get in touch with our Higher Self, the Oversoul; and it's now, when we are expanding our consciousness, that we have started getting communication from that direction more frequently. The Oversoul is storing everything you experience and relays it to the Goddess (in very simple terms); and the Oversoul can also give you advice and help you when you ask for it. The help may not always be the way you had expected - you don't always get what you want, but you get what you need, similar to the old Rolling Stones song. [Jagger/Richards, "You Can't Always Get What You Want (but you get what you need)]

Wendy Kennedy is another channeler of the Pleiadians, although Marciniak's group says that Barbara Marciniak is the only one who is channeling their particular group; which means that Kennedy is channeling another Pleiadian collective. This collective says:

The more frequently you access the higher records and hold these expanded states of consciousness in your third dimensional body, the more your body begins to reflect these vibrations. Remember, your body is created from an energetic template. As you alter the template, your body too must alter. This is what you call Ascension.
The cells begin to vibrate at a higher rate, so much so that they cross over into a new dimension. This is how you will all generate your new form for the coming transition.

[Wendy Kennedy, July 5, 2009, "Fear of Choice - Ramshi, 12th Dimensional Master Geneticist/Universal Architect", op. cit.]

Those who still wish to move on and not be part of the New Earth will already know how to do that once they leave this current body. If you're curious about how to do it in your awake state, you can rest assured that you have explored your options in the dream state to an extent that when you leave your body for the next adventure, you know exactly how to crisscross your way out in the universe and how to get to the KHAA, if that is what you want to do.

Therefore, feel no fear because there is no reason. Whatever you want to do after you die, it's going to be fun for you because now you're in charge of what you want to do! Ponder this and you will understand why this no longer is a problem.

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