Chapter 6: The Inner Journey

6K: Our Breath - The Physical Body's Connection with the Quantum Field

When people come to me and tell me that they are either fearful, anxious, depressed, or feeling powerless, I tell them to breathe. If they haven't heard of this before, first, they look at me as if I were weird. Then I tell them, of course, what I mean by this - different explanations depending on how high their level of knowledge is - and to many, it at least makes sense enough for them to try it out.

In fact, breathing exercises connect us with the quantum and subquantum fields - the universe of the smallest particles known to man, where everything is connected and that also is the All That Is - the Spirit World and the Goddess. If we feel out of touch with ourselves, our fellow man, our work situation, or our love relationship etc., or if we feel fearful or have any other kind of unwanted emotion or condition to deal with, we have a tendency to try to deal with it in the physical universe and think we can solve it that way, when the source of the problem is not in the physical universe. The reason we have any of the above issues (or other issues not described here), is because we are disconnected from the quantum field, which gives the cells in our body life and energy and make them spark and ignite. The most common indicator that you need to plug yourself in is if you feel out of energy or fatigued.

We humans have a tendency to go on with life, trying to do the best we can to handle what we think we need to handle in a day. We perceive it as if we have next to zero time to tune in to anything spiritual, so we even forget that we are spiritual beings. Instead, we make ourselves vulnerable for attacks - both from humans and the spirit world because we ourselves are disconnected. Then we wonder why we are not feeling good.

Another thing that seems typical for us humans is that even if we know the remedy to something, we don't practice it when we need it the most. A depressed person, for example, doesn't want any solutions as long as he or she is depressed.

A friend may come up with ideas and solutions for the depressed person, who doesn't want to hear about it and rejects every idea, regardless if the ideas are good or bad.

Breathing exercises are the remedy, and it's so easy to prove. Do one and you'll notice for yourself. Then, of course, it's your responsibility to do it on a continuous basis and apply it when you feel disconnected from the Divine Feminine. I have mentioned the importance of breathing so many times in my writings that the reader who has read them all may be quite tired of hearing about it by now. However, sometimes I wish I could write a book with only one chapter, talking about breathing exercises, and then repeat that chapter seven or eight times to make it a whole book. No one would read more than the first chapter, but perhaps they would think that "Hmm, maybe Wes thinks this is important!" If true, the reader would have hit the nail on the head.

There are many different breathing exercises you can learn, but I want to once again recommend something from the WingMakers. You or I may think what we want about their teachings in general, but it's always a matter of sorting out the wheat from the chaff, and both the Six Heart Virtues and the Quantum Pause, which I will now introduce to you, are exceptionally great stuff. Therefore, I advise you to explore the Quantum Pause for yourself and start practicing it - it will certainly pay off. I have that one as well on my website, and you can download the whole Quantum Pause section here This should conclude what I wanted to share in this book for practices that get us closer to our natural state of multidimensionality. If you do the exercises and consider taking what I've written here to heart, you will notice after a while that you will change drastically, and then, when you look back to whom you were before you started reading this handbook and compare it with whom you will be after have used it for a while, you will probably be quite amazed. You will possibly also notice that you will find your own versions of what I've taught you, and even new exercises that you can use on yourself.

The last chapter will discuss what it will be like when we once again become the Guardians of the Living Library as multidimensional beings in a human body, free from suppression and outside manipulation. We will discuss a Paradise on Earth - Homo Nova, the New Human!

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