Chapter 6: The Inner Journey

6I: Sacred Sex and the Divine Blood of the Goddess

A major part of this "Sacred Sex" section is taken directly or indirectly from my previous paper of November 3, 2012: "Humanity's Future, Paper #3: Life after the Nano-Second, Part 3 - The New Mind"

Sex is one of the most important gifts mankind received from the Goddess, and it has been grossly misunderstood over the eons. Of course, everybody understands that without sex, we can't reproduce in a natural way, and the species would soon die out.

However, not only humankind uses sex to reproduce - sex is what keeps the Living Library going. Plants do it, too, and so do animals. It is quite brilliant if you think about it. No one needs to be here and overlook the Experiments 24 hours a day - the Experiment takes care of itself!

No cloning, no constant genetic manipulation - well, theoretically, at least, because this is the way it was planned and supposed to be. No one had taken into consideration that an alien invader force would take over the planet and use us as slave labor. This is where sexuality went wrong as well.

The invaders came here with a patriarchal mindset, where sex was nothing but pleasure and, perhaps, a reward for a successful male, who had won many battles and was strong and able to protect the weak female. That's how they looked at it, although the female always is the strongest sex because she is the one who carries and gives birth to the child.

Before the AIF came into the picture, the early humans knew what Sacred Sex was and how important it was. Female shamans, who had learned their practices from the original Creator Gods, expressed their sexuality in their ritual, but not necessarily to have physical sex with a male during the shamanic process (although this happened in a later, slightly distorted version of shamanism).

Instead, the shaman held on to her sexual energies and delegated them to the 12 different chakras - 7 within the body and 5 outside the body. Her sexual energy and the intense rituals gave her maximal ecstasy, which would light the Flame of her Fire inside, and that could make her reach out to the cosmos and project the energy like a laser beam right into the 96% universe. This way, the tribe, via its shaman or shamans, could be in communication with the stars - particularly the stars of origin in the Orion Empire.

The earlier human experiments were multidimensional and could nanotravel through space. This applies to both the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon (Pleiadian Lecture, early 2013) and other varieties of humans, such as the Namlú'u (See Wes Penre Papers Levels II and III).

Many of these tribes could, via their shamans, travel the universe together during their rituals, as well as bring good energies to their crops and create conditions for a good hunt.

These days, most people think that the early humans, before Homo Sapiens, were quite primitive, and all they were good for was to hunt and bring home meat to the family or the tribe. Indeed, before they were manipulated with, they were much more than this. The primitive humans were multidimensional and knew about sacred sex because they've learned it directly from the original Creator Goddesses, who were dragons, reptilians, and humanoid in nature60.

When a male and a female had sex, it was not just to release sexual tension, but to connect with the stars and communicate with the Multiverse, including the 96%

60 Someone very dear to me was recently attending a Pleiadian Lecture, where the Pleiadians said that not only the Gray template can withstand radiation and harsh conditions in space - the Reptilian body can as well (and we may assume with quite some certainty, the Dragons, too). Humans can't. We are meant to be earthbound and travel inside. This is what makes us human. and the Spirit Energy therein. You could say that humanity was only an orgasm away from the Goddess.

Since the AIF came into the picture, shamanism has been ridiculed, discarded as something primitive and superstitious and even banned in many places. Still, the Elite have always used shamans for their own purposes behind the scenes, unknown to the rest of humanity. In modern times, sex has become very superficial, and mainly to release sexual energies. Often, it is pleasurable and feels very good, but not always afterward - especially if there is no love between the partners. Today, teenagers have sex with their friends just to do them a favor.

Then the whole idea for sex has been lost.

I am not going to go into too much about shamanism here, but rather, concentrate on the relationship between us humans in daily life and how we can reach higher realms by having Sacred Sex.

I wrote about this in the Wes Penre Papers, "The Second Level of Learning," but will repeat it here since it is very relevant and important to understand on our multidimensional journey. What we have (and which I have brought up several times in this book) that most other beings in the 4% universe don't have is the Divine Fire, but there is another thing we are quite unique with as well, and that is our Divine Blood! Those who have researched black magic know that the magicians often drink human blood in order to accomplish the goals of the ritual.

The most powerful blood is that of women (especially menstrual blood) and the blood of innocent children. It's never been quite clear for people who are not High Priests or High Priestesses in the black magic secret society why it's so important to use certain kinds of blood, but that is the answer.

The menstrual blood is a gift from the Goddess, and the menstrual periods were something She wanted the females to go through as something sacred. On the battlefield or when people are getting wounded, they bleed, but that blood is often associated with trauma and is, therefore, in that sense contaminated.

The menstrual blood, however, is not. Though women may have cramps and different levels of menstrual pain connected with their periods, it is not, in general, connected with traumatic circumstances - hence, the menses are clean.

The Goddess gave us an incredible gift, which is the ability to have Sacred Sex, and thus eat the fruits from the Tree of Knowledge. However, it is through the blood that runs through our veins, combined with Sex Magic, that makes us able to connect to the Inner Sanctuaries of the KHAA. We humans can achieve this by having sex during the menstrual cycle.

All blood, in all beings, is the life force of the Goddess, but the Goddess can make the blood purer or more diluted as She wishes. Humans have the key to the Living Library, and through our pure blood connection with the Goddess, we can enter the KHAA unconditionally - no strings attached! Normally, this is something a star being (or soul group) accomplishes by showing their ability to express compassion and Divine Love.

Much has been written about Sacred Sex, and it has been made complicated, which is done on purpose. The AIF complicated the matter so that humans forgot how to accomplish the goal! Today, hardly anybody knows how to do it. However, if two people truly feel tremendous love for each other, they may do it correctly without even knowing anything about the story behind it.

However, even if true, they normally don't know that they need to set distinct goals or their sexual energy will be hijacked. By hijacking these energies from two lovers, the AIF can accumulate it in their own system and potentially use it in a future attack on the Orion Empire and the Spirit Universe. Therefore, from their perspective, as usual, it's best to keep mankind ignorant.

For the goals of Sacred Sex to be achieved, two human beings must not only love each other, truly and honestly, but also know each other very well (Sacred Sex would work between two women as well). They also need to be very honest in their relationship. When this is accomplished, and these two people have sex (especially during the menstruation period) magical things can happen.

The eyes are the mirrors of the soul, so both people will gain so much more if they keep eye contact during the act. By doing so, they can see the emotions and the ecstasy in each other's eyes, and the two lovers blend together and become as one.

Although this works between two women as well, the male sperm has its own magic, which adds to the process. The woman giving away her most inner secrets by sharing her blood with her lover is the ultimate gift she can give a man. During the act, the man also has the opportunity to drink from the fountain of the Goddess, and both the male and the female get electrified.

When the orgasm comes, the explosion this creates in the 4% Universe as well as in the KHAA is a merge with the Goddess herself. The power in this, as well as in the sexual act all together, is enormous. Therefore, it is extremely important to set a goal before you have Sacred Sex. What do you want this powerful act to accomplish? It could be anything from empowering yourself so you can use this extended power to create good for yourself, your family, and your friends or to extend the effects to include the whole planet in a positive way.

Anything in between is great as well. Sometimes, when something needs to be healed and repaired in one's own life, it is perfectly okay to let the energies go in that direction. What the goals are is your personal choice and something no one else has any say in, but it's very important to set the goals so that the energies are not hijacked by negative beings in the astral.

Earth, seen from the astral, is a planet full of explosions, like erupting volcanoes shooting their lava up into the atmosphere or like lighthouses turning their lights on and off in a blinking manner. These are the energies of people having sex and orgasms down here on the planet.

It's simple for the AIF, waiting in the astral, to suck these energies in as much as they want, and nothing (or very little) reaches the KHAA. Thus, the whole intention for having sex (besides making babies) is lost.

As I'm sure the reader understands, much has been done to suppress this knowledge, and the bleeding cycle of women has been degraded to something dirty and messy, when in fact it is the ultimate share. This doesn't mean, of course, that a man and a woman should only have sex during the menstruation periods.

Sacred Sex can be done anytime if the right love connection is there between two people. They can still achieve goals that are very powerful without the blood connection by just sharing their emotions and by looking into each other's eyes during intercourse.

This way, it's not only the second chakra that's involved in the sex act, but all the upper chakras as well, and it even opens up the eighth to twelfth chakras outside of the body, which are normally quite closed as long as we are imprisoned here in 3-D.

No ETs can accomplish, what two humans in love can do, even if they seduce a woman to such a degree, that she is fooled into loving him dearly (which happens - they can be extremely seductive). The problem is that he can't love her back the way that she loves him - it's not in their system to be able to feel that much love. The only true love they can feel is the love for power and technology.

That's where they want humans to end up as well, and we will, unless we change our ways. As alarming as it sounds, we humans are the only beings in the 4% universe with our range of emotions! There are apparently no other beings out there who can feel as strongly as we do - there are even star races out there, as we know, who almost lack emotions.

Sources: 1) (Pleiadian lecture, 1991), 2) Anonymous ET source, 3) and Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka and 4) The Cassiopaeans, channeled by Laura Knight-Jadczyk + miscellaneous channeled material.

We need to remember that the 4% universe is a universe of force. If we want to experience the real universe, which still is under the Goddess' control, we need to aim for the 96%, which is the universe of love, compassion, knowledge, art, and creation.

A few hundred years ago, when a woman's menses stopped, it was believed, that she was to be feared, because she could hold the blood and keep all the power to herself. In reality, when a woman goes through this period of less and less menses, or a longer period of time between them (although, it's not uncommon that women bleed more during menopause than they did before), she literally experiences a pause.

If she is aware of this and doesn't feel guilt, shame, or sadness during this time period, she is actually transforming something inside, and she is landing in a place of more wisdom. Instead of absorbing this wisdom, most women are taught, that they are less attractive and are getting closer to death, and they learn to hate and curse their bodies, and in other, perhaps less extreme ways, learn to dislike them.

This puts the body off balance, and it can react in the most unpredictable ways, which then is being erroneously connected to menopause. Other women (who may not feel these negative emotions and instead continue loving their body) often don't have any particular problems during menopause.

I know women (my mother included) who had their menses as usual, and one day they just stopped. They didn't feel anything unusual with their bodies during the whole menopause process. Now, I'm not saying that all women, who have problems during menopause, hate their bodies, but I am suggesting that if women washed away all these patriarchal ideas added to the menopause process, women in general would be able to go through the experience as something quite positive.

Our thoughts are recorded by our blood. They are imprinted together with our feelings and radiated outward so that everyone who wants to can read them.

We are the sum of ourselves in the physical form because of our blood. This is why having a blood transfusion is a very critical thing to do, and this is also the reason why certain religious groups refuse to have one and prefer to die (they even let their children die rather than having them go through a transfusion).

What happens when we get someone else's blood in our veins is that we also adopt that person's personality, emotions, and memories to a certain extent - i.e. our personality may change afterward. These same religious groups believe that their personality (and the reason for their lives) disappears during such interference.

The blood is produced within our bone caverns that serve as our skeletal structure. This is why shamans and others use the bones of their ancestors in their rituals - they believe that the memories of the deceased are stored in the bones. This is actually quite correct because the memories are stored in the blood, and the blood is created in our bones.

When we align our consciousness and become more aware, we also automatically purify our blood, and our blood becomes something very, very sacred (Barbara Marciniak, ©1994, "Earth - Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library", p.95ff.)

The red blood cells are manufactured in the bone marrow, and when we realign the bone, the bone purifies the blood and sorts out the inner secrets of identity. This is why bodywork changes the structure of our blood.

Women have forgotten, that the blood is the source of their power. The Pleiadians say: The blood carries the genetic code, and because the Mother Goddess is the source of all things, this is where the code comes from. It is where the story is hidden.

Menstrual blood can be used to nurture plant life, to mark Earth, and to let Earth know that the Goddess lives again. In general, women don't bleed into Earth anymore. Doing so is a direct transference of the energy of the Goddess (Source: Ibid, p.95, op. cit. 209) By letting the menstrual blood touch the Earth, women nurture her.

Therefore, in a society where we spend most of our time indoors and we have clothes on, I think it may be a good idea to let some of the menses be spread out over the property to nurture Mother Earth.

The Pleiadians relay a message to all women so that you understand that your menstrual blood is the source of your power and your deepest inner knowledge. In the bleeding process lie many of the keys to bringing the Goddess back onto a planet, which is so energetically altered toward male dominance and negative power.

Furthermore, the Pleiadians tell us that if we are not interested in the Goddess energy and the mysteries of the blood, we miss out on an integral part of life and will not understand what is occurring on our planet. Men need to learn how to honor the blood (especially the pure menstrual blood), and women must do the same thing, and if these things turn us off, or we think it's not important, we are completely missing the point.

The Pleiadians say that this is the most powerful teachings they can give us right now to help us understand what is coming. They emphasize that we need to honor the Goddess vibration that comes through our hearts and helps our hearts open. ("Earth - Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library", p.97.)

Menstrual blood is highly oxygenated, and the purest of all blood, and in humans, it carries the decoded DNA. The Pleiadians tell us, it's the oxygen that decodes those strands and allows the restructuring of the data.

As an aside, perhaps, I keep stumbling upon information from everywhere about the moon. Even the Pleiadians in their material talk about it as a construct, and that it highly affects humans and all life on Earth (which is quite commonly known), and especially the menstruation cycles. The Pleiadians say the moon is a very powerful electromagnetic computer (ibid, p.98. 210)

As we know, men don't bleed. Therefore, the only way for men to, in an appropriate way, take the power of blood inside them is for a woman to gift him with her blood - to share her sacred elixir. It can be done through oral sex, or to eat fruit and vegetables, that have been grown in the soil where a woman has spread her menses, or a man can be marked on the back of his neck or the soles of his feet with the blood from a woman. His body will absorb the knowledge.

Unfortunately, having sex during menstruation has had such a deep negative imprint on the human mind that many people think it's repelling. If the reader (whether a man or a woman) enjoys having sex during the bleeding period, you have overcome a deep imprint.

This is a very ancient ritual that stems from the time when the Matriarchs were dominant on our planet, before the Patriarchal Regime took over. It was very powerful and kept the inhabitants in connection with the Goddess.

The men's equivalence to menstruation is the sperm. The sperm is the Goddess' story encoded in the male vibration, and contains the interpretation of how the male remembers that story ("Earth - Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library", p.103, op. cit. 211)

Here is the interesting thing for us men: when we have sex with a woman during her period, our sperms can act as explorers and telepath back to us the power and knowledge of the woman.

A man can, under these circumstances, get access to the woman's full identity. This is why it's so important that the partners are very honest with each other and don't mind sharing all the secrets because if the woman is willing to share her menses with a man during the sexual act, he will get access to her inner sanctum. Her inner sanctum is the heart of the KHAA.

The Fire of the Goddess, which we received as a gift from her, is in the human body directly connected with the blood.

The Tree of Knowledge has to do with Sacred Sex, and the Tree of Life has to do with blood. We know that blood is red and sperm is white. These two, mixed together, is the key to longevity and eternal life. In secret societies, this is well known (especially at the upper levels), and men, especially, who had this knowledge, went crazy about mixing semen and blood and drinking it.

Conspiracy writers (more often so in earlier years than now, unless they are Christian) curse everything that has to do with mixing these fluids, when indeed it is something extremely important for us to understand and even practice.

It's the distorted aspect of it that has given it a bad reputation, plus the fact that the AIF and their Global Elite bloodlines have always wanted to keep us ignorant on this subject. It is therefore quite important that we stop having sex just for our own egotistical pleasure and start setting goals for our sexual acts. They can be the same goals repeatedly, and don't have to be changed every time we have sex.

However, we need to set them in our thoughts before we start being intimate, or our sexual energies will be hijacked. If you feel fatigue or extreme tiredness after you've had sex, when you're otherwise healthy and energetic, it's very possibly a sign that someone stole your energies during the intimacy.71

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