Chapter 6: The Inner Journey

6H: A Comparison between Physical and Non-Physical Beings

A big part of regaining our multidimensionality and reconnecting with the Spirit Universe is to practice Sacred Sex. Here on Earth everything is about sex - without sex, nothing would reproduce. This is the brilliance of the 3-D existence - no cloning needed and no constant genetic engineering or manipulation.

Therefore, sex equals reproduction, but for us humans, it means more than that because we were given the Fire of the Goddess, which means that we can connect with Her universe via the female orgasm. However, before we go into that in some more details, let us first learn the difference between how it is to be a non-physical entity and a physical, third-dimensional being, such as ourselves.

This helps us understand ourselves better as sexual beings. I'm going to take Seth as an example because he is giving us such wonderful comparisons, and I am going to paraphrase some of it. Some of it will be my personal thoughts as well - see "Seth Speaks", Chapter 2. 191.

The body is only one of the differences between physical and non-physical entities. These entities have different experiences that are not shared between them. Seth, who once was a 3-D being, explains that as a non-physical he has more opportunities in many aspects, such as that of creativity.

He says that his environment is more pleasurable (although he admits that his definition of pleasurable has changed since he walked the Earth) and provides opportunities for creative activities. He also says that his environment is at least as vivid, varied, and vital as the physical experience.

Being a non-physical is not a one-dimensional experience - you can travel between dimensions, similar to traveling from one country to another on Earth.

Although Seth is not living in a city or on a planet, such as we do, he is not living in empty space either. In fact, he looks at space different than we do - space, for him, is an environment he can use to fill with something. Hence, he uses his creativity to surround himself with an environment he likes.

Therefore, his environment is a reality of existence that is created by him and others who are similar to him, and this represents the manifestation of their development.

Non-physicals are often drawn to each other, just like we humans are - like attracts alike. They create structures as we do - therefore, that's what they mean when they say that their dimensions are just as physical as ours. However, their structures are not permanent, and they can un-manifest them at-will in a matter of an instant.

Similarly, 3-D beings are building structures that are first created in their minds, so in that sense it's no different, except that in our reality everything appears much more solid and takes time to create, and once you have created something, it requires more work to undo it.

The soul is feminine in nature, but of course, no sexual activity as we know it is possible in the non-physical world, so there is no offspring. Non-physicals can manifest as males or females, and they can have artificial sex, which remotely can be compared with the characters in a video game having sex.

The nonphysical can transfer some of her essence into the manifestation and experience some kind of sensation, but it is not nearly as pleasurable as on a 3-D planet.

Hence, many of them, who have experienced 3-D realities in the past, where sex is the way to reproduce (in some worlds it's cloning and genetic manipulation), often want to go back after having spent some time as non-physicals, and those who never have experienced sex are curious and also want to take a body, eventually, to see how it is.

Food is another issue. Non-physicals don't need to eat like we do because they don't have to feed a body to survive. This has advantages and disadvantages, according to the non-physicals themselves. It is nice not to think all the time about having to feed a body and instead being able to concentrate on other things, but then again, after a while, they miss the tastes and smell of good food.

I can somehow relate to this as an American immigrant. If there is anything I miss at all from my old home country, it is the food - I miss the smell and the taste.

In addition, Seth says that non-physicals often manifest themselves in some kind of form to show their uniqueness to others. Most non-physicals change their form occasionally in order to be true to their inner experiences. We here in 3-D do the same, but it's much more subtle.

Often, if we are to look ourselves in the mirror every day, we don't look exactly the same every day, and we comment on it. We may stand before the mirror in the morning and say, "I look old today," "Today I look good," "My eyes seem bluer today than they were yesterday," and these observations are real. While we're still talking about form, the non-physicals can create several forms of themselves and travel with them simultaneously to wherever they want to go, but we humans do the same thing.

We may be sleeping on the couch, while a part of ourselves leaves the body and appears in a friend's room on the other side of town. We usually don't do this consciously - what we create is another thought form of ourselves that then can appear elsewhere. Therefore, we are not limited to creating one thought form at the time, something we've discussed before, and something essential in nanotraveling.

Non-physicals communicate telepathically because they of course don't have vocal chords and don't need any. However, the term telepathic still doesn't give justice to the method of communication they are using. When we think about telepathy, we often think of thoughts being transferred between individuals instead of spoken words.

This form of telepathy is quite primitive, and instead many non-physicals communicate with thermal and electromagnetic images, which can support much more data and meaning in one sequence of transmission. The speed of the transmission depends on the present emotions of the transmitter, although they don't have emotions in the same way we humans do, something well worth mentioning because it's very important.

My perception is that Seth is transmitting to his vehicle, Jane Roberts, from the KHAA (or the 96% Spirit Universe) because this is what he has to say about his own emotions and those of his friends:

We do feel an equivalent of what you call emotions, though these are not the love or hate or anger that you know. Your feelings can best be described as the threedimensional materializations of far greater psychological events and experiences that are related to the "inner senses".

I will explain these inner senses to you later, at the end of this chapter. Suffice it here to say that we have strong emotional experience, although it differs in a large measure from your own. It is far less limited and far more expansive in that we are also aware and responsive to the emotional "climate" as a whole. We are much freer to feel and experience because we are not so afraid of being swept away by feeling.

Our identities do not feel threatened, for example, by the strong emotions of another. We are able to travel through emotions in a way that is not now natural to you, and to translate them into other facets of creativity than those with which you are familiar. We do not feel the need to conceal emotions, for we know it is basically impossible and undesirable. Within your system they can appear troublesome because you have not yet learned how to use them. We are only now learning their full potential, and the powers of creativity with which they are connected (Seth Speaks, p.11, op. cit. 194)

This statement may sound quite comforting and relieving for a human studying metaphysics in-depth because of the usual experiences we have - unfortunately, from our perspective, star beings are quite limited in the range of emotions.

Of course, on Earth, we are often contacted by future versions of humans, who are choosing to become more like cyborgs than biological entities in our future, which can explain the lack of emotions, but I've personally heard from more than one independent source that the range of human emotions is quite unique.

Star races don't have those emotions because they don't have the Fire of the Goddess in such a direct form as we do. Thus, star beings who contact us may seem more insensitive than we are and may express themselves in ways that are more direct, without having any second thoughts about whether the other person may be hurt because of their insensitivity.

ETs are more to the point and not at all as emotional as we are. This can sometimes create a problem when the human doesn't understand this concept. It doesn't necessarily mean that the star being is rude or insensitive from their perspective, although they sometimes may come across as harsh.

I think this is a learning lesson for us, which can be tough, especially if we are overly sensitive humans. I hear comments repeatedly from star beings that humans are unique with their range of emotions and that this is what makes us human in the first place.

When we leave our physical bodies and go to the astral plane between lives, we still keep our emotional body as well as our astral body and other metaphysical versions of it - therefore, we do keep our emotions in the astral and, most probably, if we go into higher dimensions as well.

If we retain our emotions (and all indicators point in that direction), we have some adjustments to make because other species and non-physicals out there may not have our range of emotions, which can be a shock for us in the beginning.

This, in my opinion, doesn't mean that we should work on getting rid of our wide range of emotions or keep them under strict restraints because then we're not human anymore, but I do suggest for those who believe that they are oversensitive to work on toughening up, or you will probably believe that you are run over by ETs with much stronger intentions and energies in general.

Star beings don't hold back, from what I have come to understand - it's only humans who hold their emotions back. This means that we are indeed very powerful if we want to be, and this is probably the whole reason why we hold back in the first place - we don't want to hurt others - and the fact that we never had the chance to develop on our own created something similar to a traumatized child, making it hard to come to terms with so many feelings.

The AIF, when they arrived here on Earth ½ million years ago and started creating Homo sapiens from what was left of earlier versions of humans after an alien war on our planet, also tried to restrict our emotions and especially eradicate our love emotions.

All they wanted was obedient workers, and love had nothing to do with that. However, as it were, the love emotions were deeply embedded even in the previous versions of mankind, and were part of our essence, so the AIF didn't manage to eradicate them, and this is the only reason we still can feel love. (Pleiadian Lecture and Workshop, San Francisco, California, May 18-19, 2013. 195)

However, if we have a tendency to overreact and take things too personal occasionally, we need to work on that, or we'll have problems. The reader may think that this can wait until later because we are not going to meet with aliens anytime soon, but I would say that we shouldn't be so sure about that.

In the next chapter, it will be evident that within a few years, many humans who never thought they would get in contact with star beings at all suddenly find themselves experiencing just that. Therefore, it's never too early to start working on this.

Suffice it to say, it's never a bad idea to work on this because overreactions and oversensitivity always stem from trauma and need to be addressed anyway, with or without star beings involved.

Still, being a disembodied human in the 4% universe may be a challenge because we are different from other star beings. Not that other star beings are all the same - far from it because they have personalities just like we do - but no one is like us because we are a special experiment.

We were meant to evolve on Earth, and once we are done evolving, we could choose whether we wanted to stay as Guardians of the Living Library or return to the 96% Spirit Universe, from which many of us basically came.

Well, we do have a third option as well, which would be to leave Mother Earth and explore and find a home somewhere else in the 4% universe (the visible universe), but then we have to learn how to deal with our emotions while we're out there.

The second option, which involved returning to the 96% universe, the Universe of Spirit, there is no such thing as solid bodies, however, but you can create freely whatever you want, including bodies that are more transparent, and you always have your Avatar. Regarding emotions, it is my understanding that the universe of Spirit is also the Universe of Love in its highest form, and emotions will blend with that.

Non-physicals, of course, don't know the term death. They can move into many different environments and dimensions and follow the rules and physical laws applicable to the dimension they are in. However, regardless of where they reside, time as we know it doesn't exist.

There is of course nothing like 4 o'clock and 9 o'clock in the reality of non-physicals. They live in a never-ending present moment, and although they can create pasts and futures if they like, they always do so from the reference point of an everlasting present. In that present, all probabilities are explored, all thoughts are evaluated, and all feelings are entertained.

Because time is irrelevant for such a being, doing so is not time consuming, as we think it would be. This can be very hard to comprehend for the human neurological system. For example, if a non-physical would think about me, she would not only think of me as I am in this present moment, but would perceive my entire past and my entire future instantaneously, just as natural as if you would think of me sitting here typing on my keyboard on an early Wednesday morning.

Now, perhaps, the reader may understand why we need to evolve in sequence and not learn all at once - our neurological systems would be fried in no time, and we would be so overwhelmed that total insanity would be the only term we can describe it with. Schizophrenic people experience this to a certain degree but don't come close to how well developed these attributes are in a non-physical being.

In our own, from the above perspective, limited abilities in the 3-D world, our physical reality constantly changes, although we do our best to ignore it. We are working very hard, without being aware of it, to maintain physicality, and it takes a lot of our energy to do it, while the non-physical being has an abundance of energy to play with. It is in our dream state that we humans get a break and are able to enjoy the freedom of limitless creation.

Albeit, non-physicals can travel between densities and dimensions, they are not able to experience everything there is within these dimensions. As Seth says, there is much more variety in the non-physical existence than there is in the physical, and there are many camouflaged systems where consciousness lives, to which Seth does not have access.

He continues by saying that not all personalities have once been physical - some have developed along different lines, which would be very alien to us. Then he says something I find quite interesting. He is telling us that consciousness is, of course, not physical and must, therefore, present itself in a different form, and it can do so in many different ways.

In some of the more extreme ways, from a human perspective, consciousness expresses itself as highly mathematical and musical patterns that are themselves stimuli for other universal systems.

If a non-physical on Seth's level would visit our living room, the first thing he would see would not be material furniture, but instead a phosphorescent-like glow, the aura of electromagnetic structures that compose the molecules themselves. If he were in a play mode, he could shrink himself to the size thousands of times smaller than a molecule, land on it and pretend this molecule was your world, and thus see the living room as your cosmos - your universe. This is possible and not at all as strange as it sounds. After all, what is nano-travel? Some nano-travelers may be 100% aware of the mechanics around their travel, while others simply know how to do it.

Seth admits that he is experiencing some kind of time, but when he starts explaining how it works, it sounds strange to us humans. He says that their psychological time could be compared in terms of environments to the walls in a room, but in his case, the walls would constantly change their color, size, height, depth, and width. It sounds like a psychedelic trip! However, to them it's normal.

We may think now that we don't want to live in an environment like that, but if we came to that point, we would simply experience it differently and see the beauty and the logic in it.

Our physical senses create the reality that they perceive. A tree is very different from a bird, a spider, or a microbe. It doesn't only appear to be different - it is different. We humans have our highly developed senses through which we perceive the tree, and the molecular structure of the tree we can tell is different from that of the bird.

However, our senses are very specialized to function within the human system, but if an ant or a bird would experience the same tree, they would see it different than you see it, even though you are all in the same reality in the sense that you can see each other. Still, the only validity with which you can perceive that tree is your own - it's even different from other humans, but much more similar than compared with an ant.

You would be able to see three dimensions of that tree, in general, while the ant, being so close to the tree if it climbs up its trunk, can explore many more dimensions and densities of that tree. We don't think in those terms, but if you do, and you do it right, it should give you new insights.

A tree is not just a tree seen from a human perspective - that tree can be perceived in millions upon millions of different ways, depending on whom or what is watching and experiencing it! When you are out in real nature next time, away from cars, pollution, and the city chaos, think about these things - experience nature close up.

Study it, acknowledge its awesomeness, perceive its wonder, and then thank Mother Earth for having the grace to host us. Many of us have realized how privileged we are to be children of Nature. Once we have cleaned house and can experience it the way it was supposed to be, nothing in the universe could be more awesome!

I have many times asked the reader to aim for clarity of mind. Your thoughts need to be clear, and what comes out from your mouth needs to be well thought over. In a time where we are forced to multitask and the stress level is barely sustainable, it's hard to keep our thoughts clear. Particularly during the nano-second, when time sped up a million times or more at the end of the cycle.

Everything had to be done at super-speed. When this book was written it was early in 2013, and I think most people think, that things (including time) are significantly slowing down, and we think we can catch our breath again. One of the tasks we had at hand during the nano-second was to be able to be clear even under those harsh circumstances. There was a very specific reason for this.

Without clarity of mind, we cannot create the future we want. If our thoughts are spinning, wandering from subject to subject without being completed, we create unfinished timelines upon unfinished timelines that we then will catch our attention and confuse us, and we will eventually end up in the asylum.

All of us have probably at one time or another met someone who is talking constantly, trying to tell you something, and then in the middle of a sentence starts talking about something else. Then they repeat this pattern over and over until you feel like you want to scream and run out of there.

These people have a huge issue with clarity, and I advise you to stay away from such people until they have managed to pull themselves together - you don't need that kind of confusion in your life. The reason for having a super-clear mind is because you will need it in the New Era and the New World.

If you don't know what you want to create and stick to it, you will never get anywhere, and soon enough more and more of us will get ET contact, and they will not contact people who are confused - I can promise you that. If there is something they avoid, it's exactly that.

Communication with humans will more often than not be telepathic - at least in the beginning - and then it's important that the human and the ET understand each other. Therefore, if you think that you have an issue in this department, start using breathing exercises, meditate, and reorganize your life so you don't have to feel the stress and anxiety that leads to an unclear state of mind.

Please don't tell me it's impossible for one reason or another because if that seems to be the case, you need to change your belief system that tells you it's impossible. It's important enough to take me seriously on this. The year 2012 is over, and now we live in a small window of peacefulness and a slowed down environment, compared to how it was. If we continue with the same speed now as we had during the nanosecond, we will crash. The energies right now don't support that kind of stress.

Everything is slowly calming down. It will not last forever… Now, let's discuss the concepts of space and time. We humans think we have it all figured out - all we need to do is to look into these enormous telescopes in the observatories or look at NASA pictures in books and newspapers and we know what's out there.

Not so. No more than the table and chairs in your room are solid, no more real are our perceptions of the universe around Earth. As Seth explains it - there is no space between his own reality and ours. Our planetary systems exist at once - simultaneously - both in time and in space. What we see appears to consist of galaxies, stars, planets, nebulae, space, and time. These seem to be at certain distances from each other. This is an illusion!

As 3-dimensional beings, we are heavily programmed to see the universe this way, and nothing else would feel real to us. What we perceive is mental, however, and is not physical at all. This doesn't mean that we can't potentially travel between star systems, just like we can walk from house to house and travel from town to town here on Earth, but it doesn't make the universe solid, and it doesn't make the seemingly long distances real.

Seth says that when he enters our system, he moves through a series of mental and psychic events. We humans would interpret these events as space and time, and Seth uses these terms when communicating with us because his own language, when describing the events, would make no sense to us at this moment.

We take for granted that our physical universe is there and will probably always be there. We look for some outside source who is creating it all the time or created it once upon a time, when in fact, we humans are primarily the ones who create the physical reality.

If a star being from another dimension would travel our way (in our way of thinking), and wasn't tuned into our frequency of matter, the star being would just travel right through it without even noticing there was something there. In their reality, there is indeed nothing there, and they can prove it. However, when they tune into our little tiny frequency that is 3-D, a reality of matter slowly starts being visible where there previously was nothing.

Suddenly there is a whole universe of matter materializing before their very being! This is how it works!

Every second of the day, an enormous quantity of dark energy and matter travel through our bodies. All this dark matter and energy is the 96% universe, which we can't perceive in our normal 3-D reality. Still, the 96%, just as the 4%, universe is teeming with life, and life forms of all kinds are passing through our planet and our physical bodies every second without us knowing it.

These beings can, if they wish, tune into our frequency and, thus, perceive us. More likely, they would, in that case, go to a frequency very close to ours so as not to appear out of thin air and scare us all into heart attacks.

Still, people constantly see bleedthroughs from these other dimensions where beings are purposely tuning in to a frequency very close to ours to observe us. That's when we for example see UFOs appear and disappear, in and out of our reality.

However, we are the ones who create matter. Each of us humans acts as transformers, automatically transforming highly sophisticated, electromagnetic units into physical objects, and we are not even aware that we are doing it! In addition, we are surrounded by weaker matter - however, its vibration is not low enough to be materialized in 3-D.

Therefore, our physical reality is only a reflection of our inner reality, which we keep alive as an illusion outside of ourselves by renewing it in every blink of an eye. At any time, we can decide to not renew it, if we all understood how we keep it in position in the first place. The 3-D universe would disappear for us.

However, there are other beings on other worlds who keep this same frequency going, and for them 3-D would still exist, but not for us.

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