Chapter 6: The Inner Journey

6G: The Feminine Side of Men

In the Wes Penre Papers, "The Second Level of Learning," I frequently referred to the Divine Feminine and that people need to balance themselves - the female needs to find her male side and the male his female side. This doesn't mean that women suddenly should express excessive masculine manners and vice versa or that one sex should dominate the other - it has nothing to do with that.

First, everything in this reality needs to be as much in balance as possible to work the best. We were born with a certain sex, so that's the sex we have chosen for this lifetime, but it's been proven that the female has more Fire than the male - or at least has easier access to it. On one level, balance is needed in order to understand the other sex better, but men need to develop the feminine side of themselves, which is always there, regardless of how macho a man considers himself to be.

The first religion on Earth was the religion of the Divine Feminine, and that religion came directly from the stars and the original Creator Gods, the socalled Builders and their Helpers, the Founders.

These gods were actually not masculine but feminine, and they brought down their religion here and taught their creation, early mankind, their wisdom. They taught the females how they could get access to their inner Fire and use it to heal, control the weather, talk to animals, shapeshift, but most important - the Fire kept mankind connected to the stars - to their origins.

Thus, the first shamans were women, and through certain rituals, they could connect directly with the Goddess Universe and the Orion Empire. At that time, males had powers developed too. There were so-called Men of Fire as well, although it was harder to develop enough of their female side to be able to do what the female shamans were capable of naturally.

The reason males have a harder time is because we live in a feminine universe, where the feminine energy is the driving force. The male energy came later. How that happened is too much to go into here and could be a subject for a whole new book, but at this point, let's just say that the male energy eventually was required so that a species would not succumb.

Before the male was present in the universe, the female was hermaphroditic, and her offspring was always female and a clone of the mother. This was billions of years ago. With time, it was noticed that to have more variety - a second sex was needed, and males were created.

This created more randomness in the DNA, and the offspring were no longer a 100% copy of the mother. However, to be a male also meant that his DNA was altered from the original universal DNA, which contributed to him having more difficulty bringing about the female Fire strong enough to connect to the 96% Spirit Universe.

Unless a man is so fixated with being a man that he refuses to have anything feminine inside of him, most men know that they have a feminine side.

However, in a male-dominated society, we men have learned to suppress this side of ourselves to a larger or lesser degree. Of course, the AIF, which is a maledominated regime, wants the women with the strongest Fire for the AIF to take advantage of. These women become Priestesses in their secret societies. However, in society in general, women are usually degraded to a second-class citizen, whether it is overt, such as in the Middle East and Islamic countries, or covert, as it is here in the West.

Once we men, on an individual basis (and later on a more collective basis), have been willing to let our female side come out from her hiding place deep within, we will not only feel better and more balanced in general, but we will also notice that we have more psychic power.

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