Chapter 6: The Inner Journey

6F: Disclosure of the ET Phenomenon from a Multidimensional Perspective

[The universe says]: Here are all the situations representing the beliefs you have..
These situations are given to you by the universe automatically to show you exactly what your beliefs are. They are not to prove you are stuck in anything, or to prove you have failed in anything, but to show you beyond the shadow of doubt that, ‘Look, this is the reality you get because that's what you believe to be true. If you don't prefer it, then change the beliefs."' – Bashar, channeled through Darryl Anka.

Many channeled entities and others say, that the Multiverse is a friendly place, and that we don't have to fear. I agree that we should not fear, unless it's valid fear that can save your life or save you from something unpleasant. However, I'm more in line with Bashar in the quote above, that we create our own reality with our belief systems.

The entities who say that the Multiverse is a friendly place - amen - simplify things, and a person may be shocked to see that it's not as friendly as they thought. I would bluntly change the statement and instead be honest about it. The Multiverse is as friendly as you make it! Yes, it is as simple as that. The reader probably understands by now that we do create our own reality and our own belief systems, and optimally, they are now, as we're getting more evolved, more fluid and changeable.

I'm not trying to sound pessimistic or negative, but it's imminent that we create the belief system we want to live by because the one we create is the one we have to face. Therefore, instead of us complaining about our situation, we just start with changing our belief systems instead, and importantly - don't get tricked into a belief system you don't like or fool yourself into one because of other people around you.

You are the one who is evolving you, and Mary and David are evolving themselves and have the right to their own belief systems. However, you don't have to share theirs if they don't benefit you.

I am repeating this occasionally from different angles and with different allegories because it is so important. There are so many people who are evolving right now, studying spiritual and conspiratorial material, meditating and working on themselves, but no one has asked the questions: why are we doing this? Why do we have to evolve? Can't we just stay as 3-D beings forever? What are the benefits from evolving?

Well, you may say, one obvious reason is the trap we're sitting in. We are slaves, and who wants to be a slave? Others may say, to increase our consciousness and awareness, while a third category perhaps states that it's a normal part of the evolution - species do evolve!

Yes, this is all true, and sitting in a trap is reason enough, but there are 3-D realities where the species are not trapped. Why do they evolve? The real answer is twofold: First, we need to be part of and aware of other cosmic beings and be able to communicate and interact with them, and second, we are here to explore the Multiverse, and if we don't evolve, we will stagnate.

For some time in the development of a species, we are meant to be left alone and do our thing and evolve to become something unique for our specific species without influence from others, but eventually, evolution means that it's time to interact with the cosmos - the time of isolation is over.

This does not mean that saviors should come down from the skies and tell us how to evolve and how to make contact. The willingness to make contact must come from us humans! This is very important. We have now long since passed the point when we should have reached out in the cosmos as Homo sapiens, but due to the prison we're sitting in, unbeknownst to most people, we haven't done what we were meant to do.

Instead, star races are bypassing us and trying to make contact with us, which is the wrong sequence. Although I just said that we should be ready by now, we're not. Our governments have made treaties with the wrong aliens and have made our situation here unbearable. That only shows that mankind was not ready for contact then, and we're not ready now. Most people are not even remotely close to becoming multidimensional, something that is required for ET contact.

Genetic engineering and manipulation of a species is one thing, and it can be done with good or bad intentions. Either way, we are designed to evolve - it is part of a universal code and common to all species in the cosmos.

Our situation is unique because of the hierarchal control system. We are like children who never were allowed to develop, so we are mentally and physically handicapped, compared to what we ought to be by now. Tell mentally or physically handicapped children to start troubleshooting computer networks or something of the sort.

They would be overwhelmed. This is what now is required by mankind when UFOlogists and others scream for Disclosure. Some of us would love disclosure - open the files and confront all the crimes and treaties and what have been done to us in the name of National Security. However, it's a very touchy subject.

I think the world should know what is going on behind the scenes - in that sense I'm for disclosure - even when it comes to the ET phenomenon. However, we need to think more than twice here. What would happen if the X-files were opened and the truth came out over a short period of time?

People would be in total shock, and many couldn't handle it. Their belief systems would be shattered - many would go insane - others would be in denial - many would cry for justice and storm the government buildings and hang their representatives, one by one, whether they are guilty or not.

We would see all kinds of chaos, and many, many people would die in the tumult that would follow. Of course, we can choose to go through that and have it over and done with. We should seriously consider that so we at least come out of it with the truth intact. However, would we?

Here is the dilemma. If the pressure on the governments would be so high that they believe they need to give us something (and we may come to that point soon), they will open certain files, but definitely not all of them. They would hang out some people and throw them to the wolves to make us satisfied, while the real criminals would get away with it.

What the Disclosure supporters forget and sometimes are ignorant about is that we are controlled by the same ETs we want to expose. Do we think that they would give us more than what is absolutely necessary? When they give us some carrots, they also make sure they can gain from it as well.

Dr. Steven Greer just recently released a film, The Sirius Project, in which he demands a full disclosure with the emphasis on getting free energy. However, he presents all aliens as being friendly, which is a deadly deception. That makes the bad ones able to continue their work behind the scenes.

It's shocking enough to let the world population know that the ETs are here, but how do you explain to people that they are interdimensional and multidimensional? It's not even real to people - they have no idea what that is.

This is why I think it's too early. Mankind is far from prepared, and even if humanity would take the bull by the horn and accept the fact, that there are beings from other planets here, there is plenty of room for deception. It could very well be an introduction to the Machine Kingdom, which I covered in detail in the Wes Penre Papers.

Dr. Greer is constantly mentioning technology and is promoting the newest android phones etc. - making them mandatory in order for interested people to be able to see some features that the Greer team is presenting. This is not a good sign.

Instead, we need to build our multidimensional abilities. The ET contact will come later, and most probably peer-to-peer - on a personal basis, or with a smaller group. The rest of mankind may fall for deceptive Disclosure programs, and there is not much we can do about it. The information is out there for everybody to learn the truth, and if you can do it, they should be able to as well, but they're not doing it. Can you force them? No. Again, it's a personal responsibility to find one's own truth.

It's in the light of what we've just discussed here that it's even more imperative, that we stick to, what we know is the soulution and continue doing our thing. With everything we know, there is no other way, and best of all - it's the way it's supposed to be.

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