Chapter 6: The Inner Journey

6E: Using the Language of Light to Travel Within

As we now have a better understanding of what symbols, images, and the Language of Light are, there are some exercises related to this. I understand that we all lead busy lives, and it seems like we don't have time to do all these exercises, but there are ways.

It's not that we need to do them all every day, but just pick the first one and practice it until you feel comfortable with it and then go to the next. Although everybody is different and there is no fixed order in which these exercises need to be done, for the majority of people, I have presented them in the correct order for optimal advancement. It's up to you how often you want to practice, but of course, the more time you can spend on it, the faster the whole process goes.

You don't need to master each exercise before you go to the next, but the point is that you need to experience firsthand how your own multidimensional body works. If some exercises don't seem to work for you, try the next one, but give each of them a fair chance because, optimally, they will all work and that's when you get the best results.

The first exercise requires direct sunlight. If the season is not right and sunlight is very scarce, you can wait until you get an opportunity, and in the meantime skip to the next. Just be sure to go back to this one because it's a very important one since you will be able to see some of these symbols for yourself.

For the optimal results, go outside for this exercise, but it also works, if you're inside and can see the Sun directly and not just the light that's coming from her. Therefore, locate the Sun in the sky, say hello to her (she will literally know who you are - she is a sentient being) and thank her for bringing all her wonderful light and warmth to Earth in order to make life possible.

Then, close your eyes and turn your head directly toward the Sun for approximately 10-15 seconds. Then turn your head in a slightly different direction to avoid direct sunlight in your eyes (which will happen even if your eyes are closed) and with your "Third Eye", look at the inside of your eyelids (your head should still be turned toward the Sun, so that the sunlight hits the left or right side of your face. You need the brightness of the sunlight).

The "Third Eye" is your pineal gland, which is located in your brain, but you will perceive the Third Eye as being located inside your forehead.

You should now be able to see symbols floating around from side to side, while some of them may disappear outward and others are standing still. These symbols can have all different kinds of shapes and form, and it's of no significance what shapes and forms you are seeing as long as you see something.

Observe them as they appear and establish what they look like. Are there pyramids, lines, squares, rectangles, circles, black holes, or something else?

Sometimes you can continue observing symbols for quite a while before they eventually fade away. To avoid too much direct sunlight, doing this exercise once or twice in a row should be enough. If you want to do more, take a break and do something else for an hour or so and go back and do it again. After that, it's probably enough for one day.

This exercise is observation only. You may notice how some of the symbols interact, while others seem to move away from each other. Work on seeing patterns, if any, and try to establish which symbol or symbols are the most dominant.

When you're quite sure which one, or which ones they are, research the Internet for Sacred Geometry sites and learn what your specific symbols signify. See how they can relate to you. The most dominant ones are probably the symbols that you downloaded to a large degree during the nano-second - your symbol or symbols of choice - albeit indirectly so - as we talked about earlier in this chapter.

This is very interesting because these symbols can teach you a lot about yourself, that you may not have been aware of, and if you are one of those, who believe you are here on a mission, but haven't figured out what that mission is, the symbols might tell you.

The next exercise also works best in direct sunlight. It is done in exactly the same manner as the previous one - except that this time, you want to interact with the symbols. Here you may play around with them as you please and see what happens.

Whatever happens is okay - there are no set rules for this. The highlight of this exercise - at least from my experience - is to locate black dots or circles in general, which will work as stargates or black holes into other realities.

When you locate one of these amongst all the rest of the symbols, go inside of it with your Third Eye and follow it to, wherever it will lead you. My own experience (which may or may not be the same as yours) is that this black hole often leads to a tunnel and a white hole on the other side.

Depending on which dot or hole I choose to follow determines which reality I will land in. It has happened to me, that I enter another part of the universe, and sometimes another planet that I can explore in spirit form. Other times it leads me to places that are beyond my comprehension at this time, but I do my best to explore them anyway.

You can return back through the same hole whenever you want - all you need to do is to think yourself back into your head, if that's how you want to visualize it. You never have to worry about being stuck on the other side of the hole - that would be impossible. If you have a bad experience, entering a place you don't like, you can always go back and try another dot.

This exercise is extremely useful because what you are basically doing is that you nano-travel. Everything you experience inside is actually more real than what you experience outside because everything, that's apparently outside of yourself is first created on the inside, but when it reaches the outside, it is always distorted to a larger or lesser degree.

Hence, strange as it sounds, what you experience on the inside is a more undistorted reality. Hypothetically, with some practice, you can see these black holes even without sunlight - even when sitting in your living room. If these experiences I've just described that happen to me on occasion are not happening to you, it's of no consequence.

The purpose of the exercise is to move within any objects that you see - regardless of the shape of the objects. What happens after that is beyond the scope of this exercise . However, the more often you repeat the exercise, the bigger are the chances to see the black holes and travel through them.

A more direct way to nano-travel is to just think yourself somewhere, and a part of your consciousness will go there immediately, taking the most direct route possible. Every time you think yourself somewhere, a part of yourself is actually going there.

However, I believe that most readers think of nano-travel as being present at the other location in a similar manner as you are present here, and there are humans today, here on Earth, who are able to do this already. Many of them are working within the military.

Remote Viewing also comes to mind, and that, too, is a form of nano-travel. The remote viewer travels in spirit to a place decided beforehand, be it on Earth, the moon, or on some other planet inside or outside the solar system. Because of the Quarantine, no one is supposed to be able to leave or enter the solar system without permission, but it still happens all the time, as the Quarantine, similar to the Grid, has holes in it.

Therefore, not everything that enters and leaves will be caught. Of course, if you're a remote viewer working for the military, you know how to pass both the Grid and the Quarantine, whether you have permission or not.

Anyway, there are more sophisticated ways to nano-travel than remote viewing. Many star beings and star races use nano-travel to go instantly from place to place in time and space, but most of them use technology to be able to do so, unless they are non-physicals. In the case of non-physicals, nano-traveling is a way of living and no technology is necessary.

Humans, however, who still possess bodies in 3-D, will use their bodies to nano-travel, and they will do so by going within. By splitting our Divine Fire, we can ride the Avatar anywhere in the universe. When you do it the way you were designed to, you will experience it being just as real as it is sitting there reading this book - you will feel like you are there in spirit and will be able to experience the time and space you are traveling to just like a non-physical would.

Just like you do on the astral plane between lives, you can then use an Avatar to manifest in any shape or form you want, and you can choose whether you want to be seen by other beings or not. Your personality is basically choosing a probable timeline to travel the stars and can therefore create whatever you want.

You can even possess an alien body if you so wish, but you need to stay within the boundaries of what Universal Laws teach you. At the same time, you are still on Earth, doing whatever you're doing. I get the impression that it is like a light switch, where you can shift your attention between the two locations.

Sounds like science-fiction, doesn't it? Still, science fiction is just telling us what is already possible because if someone can think it up, it is possible. Anyway, how does this work in terms that are more scientific? How can you be in two or more places simultaneously and experience them all as if you were there with your whole presence?

It's not as strange as it sounds, if we think about it. The reason why we may consider it impossible or mind-boggling is because we are thinking in linear time. When we're multidimensional, there is no such thing as linear time, unless we decide there is.

Even if we decide that there is linear time for some practical reason, we can change our minds anytime and experience time differently.

Therefore, if all time is simultaneous and non-linear, we can be in different locations at the same time and switch between them as we wish.

Consequently, in 3-D thinking, some people may ponder, whether time is standing still in the other location while they are experiencing life in one location. Again, we need to learn how not to think in terms of linear time. When we think multidimensional, it's easy to understand the concept of nano-travel.

However (and of course there is a caveat), at this point we are still working on becoming our true multidimensional selves again, and we need to take things in the order they come. I just want to have the reader visualize, what nano-travel means, and this is what we all are going to be capable of in the future.

It makes remote viewing look like child's play, doesn't it? Therefore, it will take some increase in consciousness and awareness, before we can take the step fully and use our Divine Fire to travel across the universe and perhaps beyond. We need to take baby steps to get there, but rather than telling somebody that "oh well, all we need to do is to disagree with the AIF and their control system and we'll snap out of the trap," which is true, but seems rather unobtainable, we need to do it in a way that is more in people's reality.

This is where books such as this one are valuable, because they explain the process from the beginning and can hopefully make the reader visualize the goal. Then, by doing the exercises, we learn how to go within and trust that our bodies take us where we want to go. Instead of pumping the body full of beer and greasy hamburgers, we take care of it and use it for what it's meant to be used for. No one will be happier than the body itself - literally so.

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