Chapter 6: The Inner Journey

6D: The Language of Light

Eventually, in the next section, there are two exercises we are going to do - something I started practicing after being inspired by reading the Seth Material. Seth was talking about one of them in his books but didn't put together a true exercise around it, so I decided to do that, building it on his concepts.

The second exercise is built around my own experiences, and I have found it to be quite interesting. The following is what inspired me to do the first practice:

The feeling of joy changes the objects themselves, in that the perceiver sees them in a far brighter light. He creates the objects far more vividly and with greater clarity. In feedback fashion, the environment then seems to reinforce his joy. What he sees, however, is still physical, the objects of the material world. Pretend now that he begins to daydream and falls into a reverie (a mild hypnotic state, but with the person still aware of his/her environment). Into his inner mind come pictures or symbols of material objects, people or events, from perhaps the past as well as present and future imaginings, the joy now being expressed with greater freedom mentally, but with symbols (Seth Speaks, p.146).

I mentioned earlier that we have to recreate the universe every single moment of our existence, or it would cease to exist. This may be unreal to some people, but let's see if we can make it better understood. Ultimately, of course, we are the creators of the universe because we are of the same essence as the Mother Goddess, but if you think that is too abstract, let's ponder the following.

Have you ever thought about that every single solid object is a symbol? Indeed, it is because it symbolizes something. Take a chair, for example, and you can see that it symbolizes something to sit in. A glass symbolizes something that the body can drink from, and a car symbolizes something a body/mind/soul complex can go from point A to point B with.

However, the most obvious symbol is still your body because it feels like it's more a part of you than the table over there. A certain symbol in 3-D, such as we touched on previously, means something different on a higher level of consciousness. A body is no longer as solid an object in the astral as it is here on Earth and, instead, symbolizes something with which you can travel the astral plane with. In higher dimensions, your body will be exchanged for one that is even less solid and so on, until a body becomes obsolete. At that point, a bodysymbol loses its significance.

It is the same with all symbols - they have different meanings at different levels of consciousness, until at one point, they are no longer needed, and you will create freely without using any symbols at all. This state of being is not comprehensible for us as 3-D entities.

When this concept is described to the readers, the majority probably perceive the symbols we are talking about - even those on non-physical levels - as something outside of themselves, while a small majority perceives them as being something that is being visualized within.

If you are in the majority here, no problem - it's natural at this point. However, in these exercises, we are going to confront symbols that are obviously inside ourselves, and after practicing them for some time, hopefully, the reader will start looking at reality differently and in a more multidimensional way. Keep in mind, though, that there is no right or wrong in this, and we are not becoming multidimensional because the 3-D is wrong and should be hammered out of existence.

We are doing it because we should have moved on a long time ago, and even if it's been very educating to be here in spite of (and some say because of) the slave society we've been living in, you who are reading this are probably overdue to move on, whether to continue your journey somewhere else or in a better probability of Earth.

Humanity, as a whole, has been manipulated not to understand the significance of symbols - we don't even understand, that what we perceive and use every day are symbols, so that we can communicate with each other and experience the physical world.

We also lack in understanding that we are the ones, who are creating the environment we live in, and I am talking about our physical reality now. We build ourselves a house, which symbolizes that this is my space, and we often let others build something for us because we think we are not able to do it ourselves (or we have a lack of time).

Then we have people in factories creating beds that we later buy from them, and after we've done that, it becomes our symbol that signifies a space where we spend our time sleeping and dreaming and to have sex. All this we take for granted, but we never think about what it is we are doing and why.

I don't mean that we should walk around all day long thinking, "Look, that house symbolizes John Jones' and his family space!," or "Over there is a car. It symbolizes Mary Smith's space when she is moving from A to B, and I am not allowed to intrude in that space," but it's always good to understand the basics or things because when we do, it's easier for us to create from a more mindful perspective.

The symbols the universe is built of travel with light. Different symbols travel within different electromagnetic spectra, and when light hits the body, there is a potential to learn, as light carries information in the form of geometric symbols. These symbols can most easily be termed The Language of Light. I wrote about this as well in "The First Level of Learning."

Artists love to work with form, regardless if it's a fine art artist, a sculptress, a musician, or a writer. Those who are not as savvy in the arts don't always realize what the artist is doing and what the thought process is when composing a piece of art, but they know there is something special with it - particularly if it's good art - and they admire it because they feel something inside.

However, form, whether it's a physical form (the fine artist and the sculptress for example) or an abstract form (the writer and the composer/musician), is always based on symbols in one way or another. The writer is as successful as he or she is able to transfer his or her communication and feelings into a symbolic language that can communicate to the targeted public. A piece of art doesn't have to be perfect - it just has to communicate.

Therefore, many say that our future lies in the hands of artists, and I agree. The artist is the visionary, communicating the vision to the audience, and if he or she is successful, others will think that the vision is agreeable. A world without artists is a world without visionaries, is a world without visions, and is a society without a future.

Therefore, a great responsibility is put on the artist to communicate well and have a vision that will bring mankind forward, not backward. Words are symbols, and as such, they are powerful. Skilled linguists can manipulate people in any direction they want by using words as symbols. This is the reason why humanity is so split in their quest for the truth - there are too many con artists who are leading humanity astray. There are pros and cons with the Internet.

One thing the nano-second did was to implant symbols on gamma rays into the human body. As light equals symbols, we have certain symbols that are more important to the human evolution in its current state than others. Such symbols are, for example, the pyramid, the spiral, the parallel lines, the cube, the circle, and the Merkaba vehicle. The last one is what has to do with nano-travel.

In the Wes Penre Papers, I wrote about many subjects, and some of them I mentioned briefly in order to remind the mind of its existence, but without overwhelming the mind by going too deep with it. It's only later, such as in this book that we need to go into detail on certain subjects that were more like afterthoughts at the time.

We hear about the Merkaba often when it comes to expanding consciousness, and much of it is disinformation. This is obvious because the AIF does not want us to be able to nano-travel and figure out who they are. Be aware of this, and be aware that although the Internet is excellent to use in order to wake people up, it's also a brilliant surveillance system.

If you were the AIF, you would want to know where humanity is in their evolvement in consciousness - you would want to know how we think. What would be a better way to find out than to let our minds communicate freely within a global network that is highly monitored?

People ask why truth-seekers are not taken out at a greater extent, but that's not the purpose. They don't fear individuals like me or others in the sense, that they need to kill everyone, who figures something out. No, they want to know how far we've come, so they can bombard us with counter-information. The Internet is an excellent tool to do so.

This is what the Pleiadians have to say about the Merkaba in the sense of nano-traveling:

The five-sided figure represents the figure of the human being in its most unlimited state - the free human. Some of you know it as a symbolic structure called a Merkabah vehicle. It is the human design without any limitations. It is the human being able to fly, which is something that a large majority of you do not think you can do. This implant comes when you truly commit yourself to what was formerly not possible.
Those of your who are willing to believe that there are truly no limitations will be able to take the Merkabah structure and move yourself off the planet with it, while you are still living on the planet. The desire to do this must exist in you if you are to be implanted with the Merkabah. Already some of you have attempted to travel with it, and you know how it can be used in your being.

When you truly call the Merkabah to yourself, and you are willing to get the feeling of what that truly means - to be unlimited consciousness that travels with your body, without your body leaving the planet - that is when implant will occur. The Merkabah is not the highest implanting, as there are no highest or lowest implantings. Implanting comes when it will best suit your personal development. Once you have become implanted, there will be an unending process of new forms coming into your being.(Barbara Marciniak, "Bringers of the Dawn", pp.182-83, op. cit. 178)

The Pleiadians go on with explaining that we do not consciously choose which symbols we want to download - it is determined by our everyday choices in life. What we mainly have our focus on will determine which symbols we will have access to. In other words, the areas we focus on will attract the symbols we need at the moment to go further in our development.

We all agree that certain symbols mean certain things - for example, an airplane is a symbol for traveling through air. However, although we may agree so far, we do not always agree on the airplane's safety. Some people think it's a perfect vehicle to travel relatively quickly from one place to another, while someone else thinks it's a deadly time bomb that can crash and kill you any time.

Therefore, when two people look at the same object, what they think about it may be different. The other person may or may not know the other person's thoughts toward the object. Therefore, one particular symbol is charged with many different emotions, which makes the object powerful and can accomplish anything a mind is capable of imagining. Being aware of this, we can measure our own increase in awareness and consciousness by monitoring our thoughts and perceptions regarding a certain object.

Before you are born into a physical body, you carry only your internal images - your inner symbols. These are the symbols you have carried with you through your lifetimes and have been stored inside. These symbols can be accessed anytime through thoughts and emotions, which will activate the symbols/images and bring forth the memory.

However, at the time of birth, when you open your eyes for the first time in the new body, you transfer the inner images to the outer world and synchronize them with each other in a way that is appropriate for a 3-D reality.

The rest of the symbols will not be activated and remain dormant. A baby who is born into the same nationality twice in a row will learn the language much faster than a baby who isn't. As a baby, you often think in the language that you used in your past life until you learn the new language. This has everything to do with symbols (Seth Speaks, p.151ff.)

Sound is also a symbol, and thought is sound, although we humans can't hear it on our level of reality. However, in other dimensions, thoughts are audial, and can be heard by that form of consciousness. Thoughts as well as spoken words are not private, and in the larger scheme of things, there is no privacy. This may sound scary to many people, but if you see this as a norm, your thoughts are not very different from other people's thoughts.

No one will point fingers and say, "Listen to that individual! Can you believe what he's thinking about?" On that level of existence, manipulation and control over others is not a factor. This goes way beyond what we think of as telepathy. In a telepathic communication that is intended to be consciously shared between individuals, you will be able to control the access to your thoughts and only send off what you intend to communicate - not much different from using spoken words, except for the difference in speed and comprehension.

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