Chapter 6: The Inner Journey

6C: Symbols and their Meanings

Volumes could have been written about the following subjects - and it has! Not all of them are in public domain, however, but hidden within the vaults of secret society libraries. In this book, I'm just going to touch the very surface of it, and I need to study it more myself before I walk out on thin ice and try to teach too much about it.

Briefly, symbols are a part of sacred geometry (they are basically the same thing) and one of the building stones of the universe - you will find them everywhere if you have consciousness enough to be awake to see them.

The Global Elite and the AIF are using them all the time as logos to represent their organizations and businesses, and they use them in rituals and in their secret language between each other in order to communicate above our heads. Symbols mean something because there is significance and energy put into them.

When the universe was created, sacred geometry was a major building stone. The meaning of most of the symbols being used to build the universe have been forgotten by most beings in the cosmos, except the most skilled and advanced Creator Gods.

Other symbols, I can imagine, have been interpreted to the best ability of such people as the Global Elite, philosophers, and others, while some have been invented later and new significance was put into them. Even those, however, can be ancient and the meaning behind them quite powerful. Many of them are used against us without our knowledge in an effort to further manipulate us - in fact, symbols are a major ingredient in the manipulation.

Symbols have many layers. Depending on your level of consciousness, a certain symbol can have different meanings. A lot of sacred geometry is also built into our RNA and DNA, and some say, that the reason we have been able to develop different languages is because these languages are already embedded in our DNA, and we just needed to remember.

In the ancient past, all mankind spoke the same language - the language of the gods, an older language that later turned into Sumerian. Then, with the symbolic Tower of Babel story, mankind was spread all over the globe and was made to forget the language of the old gods.

Scientists in general are telling us that humans come from different tribes and, therefore, brought the language with them, when they met with other tribes, and the languages became mixed, yet related to each other, until we got what we have today. Even now, the languages are changing.

This version of history is partly correct, except that the scientists have no clue how it all began. When humans were spread out all over the planet and could no longer speak the language of the gods, they started using what was already in their DNA and built their own language. However, none of the words and terms they created were random and coincidental.

For certain, it seemed as if it was random or coincidental to the tribes who created them, but the words, which are all symbols as well, because they have meanings, came from people's subconscious minds and are multidimensional. This doesn't mean that beings elsewhere in the universe speak our languages (they don't have our DNA), but within our own soul group, all languages are connected.

This is why some people supposedly can speak 30 languages fluently - once they have seen the structure and the symbolic meaning of languages, it becomes almost second nature to learn new languages, which are only variants of a previous one they learned. This is also why linguists can take an English word and compare it to a word back in time, even before old Sumer.

Words are related.

Now, take a look at letters. They are all symbols, aren't they? Each letter has a meaning, and if we put letters together, they mean something that is common to a whole population of people because it's agreed upon. However, the letters always have to be put in a certain order to express significance.

Then, if we have a symbol that looks like this: "?," we know it symbolizes a question, something unknown to the person who wrote the symbol. In daily life, we don't think about this - we take words for granted. Hypothetically, a group of people can take words, give them a different meaning, and then speak them with each other.

To common people, these words either don't mean anything to them anymore, or they mean something else than what is agreed upon. If you are a member of a Global Elite society, using tricks such as this is not as far-fetched as it may sound. The only thing they need to do is to make sure that the public doesn't know, what the altered meaning of certain words mean.

As an example, the word nuclear, when used in the mainstream media usually makes us think about nuclear bombs, nuclear fallout, nuclear science, or nuclear power stations, such as those that blew up in Japan just recently. However, for the Global Elite, the same word has another meaning as well, which is not commonly known to the public and can't be found in any dictionary in any corner of the world.

To them the word nuclear can also mean UFO or aliens (Source: Miscellaneous Pleiadian lectures, around 2010-2013). Therefore, when a Global Elitist picks up the newspaper one morning and reads something about nuclear, he or she needs to interpret it by reading it in context. Does it mean nuclear power or UFOs? Things like this are done behind the scenes all the time.

The reason I am bringing up symbols now is because they are a physical manifestation of the Language of Light that we are going to talk more about in the next section. It shows, how things are connected.

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