Chapter 6: The Inner Journey

You will not find yourself by running from teacher to teacher, from book to book. You will not meet yourself through following any particular specialized method of meditation. Only by looking quietly within the self, that you know, can your own reality be experienced, with those connections that exist between the present or immediate self and the inner identity that is multidimensional. – Seth Speaks, p.185

6A: Forgive Yourself and Others

There are so many people who, in their desperation, are running from guru to guru, meditation program to meditation program, and Internet site after Internet site, only to abandon it and search somewhere else after a short time.

It was Mahu Nahi (James) of the WingMakers site who said that during a lifetime a seeking person changed belief system an incredible number of times, and when they die, they are still searching, not coming closer to the truth than before they started.

This is true if you look outside for answers when the answers are within, and this is what James means. It is okay to look outside for teachers up to the point when we think that we don't need them anymore. A good teacher always tells you to look inside for your own answers, and all the teacher does is bring students to the point where they are able to start doing that all on their own.

It does take time to reach that point, but once we do, life becomes extremely interesting because we notice that we are creators, and we understand that we can virtually create anything. However, we don't do it in the outside world, but from the inside world.

There are two ways you can be multidimensional - with or without a body. If you're in a body, you travel inside, still grounded in the physical manifestation of yourself - however, without a body, you create instantly what it is you want to experience. Which one a person prefers is a personal preference, and they both have their advantage.

Albeit at first, it sounds as if being without a body and creating instantly sounds useful. Non-physicals apparently have a tendency to be bored and restless in the long term and start longing for a physical experience. I should add that it's not always so, but it's not too uncommon.

The soul, as we know it, is not a finished product. In fact, it's not a product at all, but is always in the state of becoming. We are all miniature versions of All That Is, or the Mother Goddess, who created us in the first place. Does that mean that the Goddess is not perfect?

No, it means that She just is, and She created this and other universes in order to experience Herself from a random perspective where things are not predictable. It means that even the Goddess is in a state of becoming.

As I see it, perfect is not the best state to be in - I can imagine that it would be boring. This was the reason why She created the universes and the souls to inhabit it.

This is why She let the souls forget about their origin so they could go out there in the universe and start exploring and creating in a Free Will space and time and then report back to the Mother. In this fashion, the Goddess constantly gets to know more about Herself.

With this in mind, is there anything such as right or wrong or good and evil? These are philosophical questions that our greatest minds have tried to solve for eons because if we live in a Free Will Universe, aren't we then supposed to experience everything, and not just what we think is ethical and moral? Doesn't the Goddess want to experience it all to know more about herself, or do we want to censor certain things?

There are those who say that we need catalysts in order to evolve - if we don't have catalysts, we would get lazy and would stagnate. Hence, those who take on the role of being evil are doing the rest of us a favor.

This sounds very logical and agreeable, but is this how it is meant to be? Should we be grateful for being tortured by evil? No, as I've done research over the last few years, I now realize that pure evil does not need to exist and express itself for souls to evolve.

If we look at the situation here on Earth, we humans would have evolved a long time ago if pure evil did not exist here. Evil has held us back and prevented us from evolving rather than the opposite. The reasons we are evolving now is no thanks to evildoers, but have other causes - for example, the alignment with the Galactic Center and bursts of gamma rays hitting us triggers codes inside of us.

Evil came to the universe in the same moment Lord ENKI, or Lucifer, entered the portal into this universe together with his followers. That changed the game. Before they came, everything here evolved just fine, so I am not buying into the theory that we need evil to evolve. Catalysts, on the other hand, can be a good thing, but I would rather call them obstacles. Obstacles make life interesting, and that's where we learn to a large degree, not from being hit with pure evil.

The reason evil exists inside of us as it does is because we have Lucifer's genes. However, we also have the genes of the Goddess - therefore, it's up to us which side of ourselves we want to evolve. We will evolve the side that we feed.

However, isn't Lucifer the son of the Goddess? If we have the Goddess' genes, we still have the evil gene, don't we? Well, the Goddess is All-That-Is, but it is my understanding from researching this, that she didn't put the evil gene in humankind. It's not that we didn't have any of it, but it was in no way dominant and not a factor in the evolving species.

Now, the way things became, both good and evil dwell inside all of us, so if we are pointing fingers at someone we think is evil, we are actually pointing fingers at ourselves too. This means the evil that you see in the world is also inside yourself or you wouldn't be able to see it.

The soul is beautiful and She prefers beauty before ugliness and good before evil as a general rule because the Multiverse supports beauty, compassion, knowledge (light), and love (ultimate understanding).

Therefore, when a soul becomes more evolved, she doesn't need to express those evil and ugly sides of herself, even if some of it still dwells inside of her. Instead, she looks at it from outside in, sees it for what it is, acknowledges it, and it stops being an issue. This is what many of us did during the nano-second.

In order to become multidimensional, we need to consider these issues and take them on as true philosophers so that we can understand who we are - love and beauty. If that is who we are, what are we then? In our pure state, we are Creators, and we can create anything and everything!

We have endless potentials, just like the Goddess has endless potentials as well. Unbelievably - we humans also have the Fire of the Goddess. We are truly Divine and have the potential to become Creators in the KHAA - she made us her equals! How sad it is to see that most of us are either abusing this right or have no intention to use it at all.

Instead, we are giving this power away to star beings that don't possess it in the first place, but do now, as long as they can steal it from us and suck it out from us every minute of the day. Instead of being the extremely powerful entities we are, we become lethargic, lazy couch-sitters who have stopped caring and stopped being curious. Such a waste. If people only knew what they were missing. Many of them still have the chance to wake up, but it looks like only a small fraction of mankind can be saved.

After having come to this realization, we understand that everything we can perceive, and more, is inside all of us, and what we don't support and what doesn't support our growth has to go, or it will sit there as a big obstacle for our future development. This is the time when we need our ill feelings to go, see things for what they are, and let the last pieces of our timelines merge with our present selves. Imagine it as if you are standing in the middle of a circle with all these energy tentacles reaching out from your body in all different directions.

Each tentacle is a timeline, or a fragment of a timeline, which you still haven't taken full responsibility for. Therefore, close your eyes, imagine these energy tentacles, and pull them into yourself, one by one, until there are no more. If you feel any kind of discomfort, don't be concerned.

Just look at what it is that is bothering you, smile at it, give it love, and let it go. This will pull your full personality into the present, unless you did not work at all on yourself during the nano-second and all of your timelines are still wounded and not yet healed. This is highly unlikely, however, or you wouldn't read this book now. If you still are uncertain whether you completed the task or not, just continue reading this chapter. If it still appeals to you as we move on here, there shouldn't be any reason to be concerned.

I have mentioned this so many times before, but it's so very important, and now it's high time to take what I suggested into practice. I am talking about forgiveness. Are there still people in your present or in your past toward whom you feel anger, disappointment, or even hate and feelings of revenge?

If so, I must stress very strongly that you need to handle these situations, or you'll be stuck where you are right now and won't be able to go any further. The remedy to all these emotions - mild or severe - is so simple that anyone, hypothetically, can apply it.

The only reason why it would fail is if you refuse to realize that all these feelings will hold you back, and the purpose with this is not to heal the other person who wronged you, but to heal yourself from the influence of that other person.

If you still have attention on them, it means there is an emotional energy connection that pulls your own energy and life force out to that person or persons, and you let it happen. The first thing to do is to forgive these people, one by one, and then forgive yourself for your part in what happened, and then you let it all go.

When you do, and you mean it, you should feel a great relief or a minor relief if the situation was never too serious, but serious enough to hold you back. Now you have cut off the chain that kept you connected to these people, and on the other side of the chain, they have to do the same thing, or they will not evolve much further.

They, too, need to come to the same realization you did, but that is not your responsibility. You can't make them change - it's up to them. You can only change yourself. The probability that they will let go as well is much bigger after you took the first step, however. Remember that, ultimately, all evil you experience, even if it's from another person, it's just another aspect of yourself, and it only exists because you let it.

However, by letting go, you may have saved yourself from having a future heart attack or cancer - this is how serious such unresolved issues might be.

Finally, you ask for forgiveness from anyone you may have hurt in your life. The best way to do this is to address them one by one as far as you can remember, and then end it by asking for forgiveness from those you may have hurt and who you can't recall at the moment, and those whom you were unaware that you actually hurt.

This doesn't necessarily mean you have to call them all up, go visit them, or write letters to them. Just like in the previous paragraph, you do it with thoughts, emotions, and intentions, three important subjects. You simply reach out energetically toward these people and ask for forgiveness.

You may or may not hear back from them ever again, but it's not that important. What is important is that you take action. Once you've done that, it's finished - you took care of it!

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