Chapter 5: Conscious Dreaming - how to connect with your multidimensional self

5E: Step #3: Learn How to Consciously Interact with Your Dreams (Become a Conscious Dreamer)

This step is quite similar to Step #2. You are now somewhat familiar with being consciously in your dream and observing what is going on. I know that in Step #2, some of the readers already started interacting with their dreams, and that is perfectly fine. I never told people to interact because I wanted to let everybody just get the feeling for being present in the dream and observe what is going on. Not everybody has experienced this before.

Therefore, the setup again will be the same as before with two alarm clocks. When the first one goes off, turn it off, and slowly go back to half dream state and half-waking state. When you think that you are the observer, start interacting with the dream.

Go and talk to one of the characters - perhaps someone you don't know and ask them where you've met before. "Are you from another lifetime?" "Are you an old, lost friend?" Try to remember what the reply is. Watch the plot in the dream (if there is one) and participate on a conscious level. Be one of the characters. Have fun.

If the dream is non-linear and doesn't make any sense at all, flow with it and do something out of the ordinary that fits into the dream. If you want to, you can change the dream to your liking. When you get the chance, maybe you want to go visit the stars.

Tell yourself that now you want to take advantage of what you have learned in the dream state earlier and leave the Grid and the Quarantine behind and explore space and different worlds out there, although you intend to return to your body, fully conscious of what you have experienced.

When you're this advanced and can move around in your dream, you usually have no problems waking up at will. You tell yourself that now the dream is over for this time, and you are going to wake up and remember it all.

Therefore, you open your eyes and start writing down as much as you need from your dream to remember it the day after. Then you can either go to the restroom or have a snack and then go back to sleep again.

Usually you get the feel for whether you need to keep having two alarm clocks or not. When you get to a certain point, you notice that when you start dreaming sometime during the night, your conscious mind is there, ready to participate.

You live your dream and then you wake up whenever you think that you're done - no clock needed! However, never be disappointed if you can't interact with every single dream you have - that's normally not possible - at least not until we get skilled.

Just go with the flow and when you think that you can interact, do it. Practice and you will be able to do it more and more often, and you will notice that your interaction becomes more and more advanced, and suddenly you find yourself controlling the entire dream.

Be careful to treat the dream participants with respect because you are most probably also in someone else's dream where you want to be treated well - remember that the dream world is more real, in fact, than the world you live in while awake, and it affects more people and events than the everyday life does.

Also, in the beginning, it may happen that you get so excited finding out all these things you can do while you're asleep that you accidentally wake up just because of your excitement and you need to start all over again. This is common, and when it happens, decide to be calmer next time, as usual, knowing that if you're not, you're going to wake up again.

What you can do, practically while in the dream, is to first ground yourself. Until you are comfortable with being conscious in your dream, just be the spectator - sit in a corner or away from the dream and touch the ground or watch your fingers while you're moving them.

This will ground you into the dream. Remember that it's not just the dream body, or the light-body - you are the whole dream world!

The next thing to practice once you think that you are getting quite skilled at interacting with your dreams is to consciously plan your next day while in dreamscape. Recall what you're doing in the waking world during the day and create something exciting for the day to come. Then see if it happens (or something similar enough).

When you start being able to affect your day after from Dreamland, make your predictions more advanced - for example, plan for a whole week or decide to heal a relationship that went bad. However, we need to be careful so we don't interfere with other people's free will. It's okay to heal relationships as long as you are healing them from your end, but let the other people do it from their end. Usually, when you are healing your own part in those relationships, the other people automatically are beginning to work on theirs, or it just magically resolves all together.

Another thing you can do is to help someone to self-help. Let's say there is a person whom you see suffering for one reason or another, and you want to assist, although you don't know what to do. You have exhausted all your options in the everyday life without interfering with that other person's free will, and still he or she doesn't know how to come to terms with the situation.

I mentioned something similar in the Wes Penre Papers and suggested that before you go to sleep, you decide that during the night you and the other person are going to work on this problem and come to a solution. This advice was given without having gone into Conscious Dreaming yet and was therefore fully valid.

The reader who followed the advice would be working on it in dream state, but would probably not remember upon awakening. I told the reader at that time that it doesn't matter if you remember or not - it still happened! I also said that it could take a few nights to handle the situation, so it is advisable to repeat setting the goal for the night a few evenings in a row to make sure the situation is taken care of.

I am giving the same advice now. Just before you fall asleep, set a goal for the night, and tell yourself that you are going to work with this person in dream state in order to help resolve the situation - however, this time you are going to be aware of it and in your dream consciously interact with this person.

You will notice that he or she will be more capable of coming up with solutions in a dream state than when awake because the Conscious Mind is setting up too many barriers for itself, trying to justify why the situation occurred in the first place.

The Conscious Mind has learned to become proud and stubborn and usually doesn't want to be wrong. Therefore, we can trick the Conscious Mind in our dream state into thinking that it was the Conscious Mind coming up with the solution. Sounds funny, right? However, doesn't it sound just like the Ego?

You have unlimited potentials in your dream state and once you're an expert in participating in your dreams, you can shape your 3-D life more or less however you want. Still, this doesn't mean you won't run into obstacles in the 3-D world because you will.

By operating from your dream state to plan your 3-D day, you take the game to a whole new level, but you also meet new barriers that you haven't previously encountered, and when this happens, know that you have actually raised your vibration.

Although you can't leave 3-D reality just by controlling your dream state because there are other factors involved, such as disagreeing with the negative and controlling forces, you can accomplish a lot on your journey toward a Splitting of the Worlds just by managing Conscious Dreaming.

You are in your Avatar when you are dreaming - therefore, you can also nano-travel in your dream. All you need to do is to think yourself somewhere and you'll be there. Everything in the universe is just a thought away. When you realize this and are able to do this in dreamscape, you will understand exactly what I was talking about in my papers when I said that star beings nano-travel between stars - they don't use 3-D spaceships, unless they are on a 3-D level of consciousness.

There are a lot of other things you can do in dreamscape as well. For example, if you want to change dreamscape and have another dream, one common technique is to spin around in your dream, and when you get too excited and believe you are in danger of waking up, you can rub your hands together - this is something that has proven to be useful (45 TechnoMage, p.181.)

You can also train yourself to, hopefully, shed some of your phobias - for example, if you're afraid of heights, you can climb a mountain in your dream, knowing that the worst thing that could happen is that you fall. In 3-D life, you would fall to your death, but the worst thing that would happen in your dream would be that you wake up.

Another thing that has been useful is healing of ailments of different kinds.

Visualization in dream state of the body part that's injured or sick and the intention to heal it in the dream has shown to be quite effective at times. I am not trying to practice medicine without a license - I am merely relaying to the reader what has been working for some people in tests.

When you visualize that your body part is being healed, regardless of how it is done in the dream, your immune system starts working on it in 3-D, and the dreamer has experienced a great relief from his or her injury/ illness and, at times, even had it cured! Therefore, this is something you can play around with when you get to this point.

In Conscious Dreaming, you can stay in your mind and basically create your own Avatars, whom you send to nano-travel in the dream, following your directions from a visualized position above the dream. Thus, you can imitate how it is when your Oversoul is sending out Avatars on missions everywhere in the universe - you who read this book is one of them.

I strongly advise the reader to do this with Conscious Dreaming because it's something you will be training yourself to do in the waking state later. Besides, it's a whole lot of fun! Here is another very fun practice! If you have a partner, a friend, or somebody you know well, whom you can practice Conscious Dreaming with, you can suggest that the next night you do something together called Mutual Dreaming.

Just as the term indicates, it means that the two of you decide to meet in a dream state. Understanding how the Subconscious Mind works, it shouldn't matter whether the two of you go to sleep at the same time or not as long as you both are determined to meet in the dream.

Even if you go to bed at 9:00 p.m. and your partner doesn't go to bed until 11:30 p.m., time is either simultaneous or different in dreamscape, so you will meet the other person even if he or she hasn't gone to bed yet.

However, just for simplicity, try to go to bed at approximately the same time, even if you live at different locations, and have fun. Then, the day after, compare your dreams. If only one of you remembers it, tell some of it to the other to see if he or she starts remembering, and if so, let the other person fill in.

Otherwise, just tell the whole dream from your perspective.

However, what can you do in a dream? In other words, what is morally and ethically appropriate? For example, can you have sex in a dream? It's, of course, your own judgment that will decide that, but from a moral perspective, are you married? If so, what kind of agreements do you have with your partner in 3-D? Would it hurt your spouse if you told him or her?

Therefore, I wouldn't do it in a Conscious Dream, because that means you need to withhold the incident from your spouse, and withholds are not healthy for the relationship. The same thing applies the other way around - if you are single and you have sex with your neighbor's wife in your dream, it's still not a moral thing to do.

You may think that she is not a Conscious Dreamer and will not remember the dream, and even if she does, she will think it's only a dream. Nevertheless, it's still not morally correct. You did something to her in the dream state that she might never have done with you in 3-D - therefore, I would suggest against it.

Now, how about if you have sex with a stranger in your dream - a stranger who is not married, or maybe you want to have sex with someone you have a crush on, yet haven't had sex with? In the latter example, I would still suggest against it (I know, I'm hopeless!) because, obviously, you haven't had sex with this person in 3-D for a reason - the other person may not be ready, or he or she might not want to ever go that far.

Thus, having sex in dreamscape would be manipulative and could affect that person's decision in 3-D, having no clue that it's because of what you did in your dream (I am aware that what I just said may probably plant some immoral ideas in some people's minds, unfortunately ). Therefore, what about this stranger?

OK, I would say that if both of you seem okay with it in the dream, go for it. Remember, all these suggestions are just my own views on this, and you need to follow your own moral and ethical codes. Just remember that your dreams are powerful and often affect your 3-D life, so have fun, but also be careful with, what you're doing in the dream state.

Even the stranger you had sex with could somehow get into your life at a later time, or maybe not, but you never know. A much safer and better idea is to meet with a partner in 3-D and discuss meeting in dream state and having sex there if both of you agree. This would be a wonderful metaphysical experience to add to your 3-D experiences!

Yes, there are a lot of fun things we can do with Conscious Dreaming, and I want you to have as many wonderful experiences as possible. It's actually the best practice we can get to prepare ourselves to become truly multidimensional because once we master the Dream World, we have a much easier time learning how to master 3-D and how to have multidimensional experiences here as well.

Shamans - or those who deserve calling themselves shamans - can do all this that we have been discussing in this chapter, with one addition - they can do it while they are awake! Shamans have been on this planet for millions of years - some of them have been humans and others have been extraterrestrials. Of course, shamanism was brought down to Earth from the stars, and the first shamans were females because they were the ones who had this shamanic power.

Men had (and have) it, too, but not to the same extent - our genetic setup is not the same as that of a female. Women have more Fire than men do - therefore, women have an easier time connecting with the multidimensional existence, which basically is what I've been calling the 96%, the KHAA, the VOID, the Spirit Universe, or the Goddess Universe.

There have been males as well who have been real shamans, but they are fewer. This doesn't mean that men can't become multidimensional - it means that females have the real power to connect with their multidimensional selves. Nevertheless, how can we men become multidimensional?

Well, don't be concerned because there is a way, and what is needed is acceptance of a certain fact - something that requires a change in belief systems - again! I prepared the reader for this in "The Second Level of Learning," and soon it's going to come to fruition. We males need to bring up the feminine side of ourselves!

I'm going to discuss this as a part of the next chapter, but I want you to already get a feel for this. What does it mean? Does it mean that we males are all of a sudden going to become very feminine in our appearance, dressing and acting as females? No, of course not.

All men, whether they want to admit it or not, have a feminine side to them, just as women have a male side to themselves. What we men need to do is to find the feminine side inside ourselves and develop that energy to balance the dominant male energy and the character that we usually picture ourselves with.

There are many males out there who know exactly what I'm taking about right now, and they have already developed a lot of this in themselves, and the world around them can't tell the difference, except maybe one - these men are more compassionate, are better listeners, and are more willing to express emotions than those who hang on to a polarized male dominant personality.

Now, have fun developing your Conscious Dreaming skills! I won't add any exercises at the end of this chapter because the exercises are already well explained in the chapter itself. Instead, we'll go directly to the next section, which will teach us to go inside ourselves, just like we did when in dream state.

However, this time, inspired by shamans, we are going to do it while we are awake.

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