Chapter 5: Conscious Dreaming - how to connect with your multidimensional self

5D: Step #2: Learn How to Be Aware of That You Are Dreaming

Some people, while doing Step #1, will notice sometime during the process that they are aware that it's just a dream and are therefore a little bit ahead of the game, which is great. However, most people need some more training before they realize that what they're experiencing is what we call a dream while the dream is still going on. Besides, even you who were able to realize this at times during Step #1, you probably need to practice some more in order to be skilled at it.

Now, before we start this new step, let's draw a line beneath the last dream you wrote down and write a new title under it: "Step #2: Being Aware That I'm Dreaming." Then set everything up the same way you did when doing Step #1 and set the alarm clock at times you've figured out gives the best results. Then go to sleep.

This step is a little trickier, and this is the reason why we first need to be skilled in doing Step #1. One good thing to do every night before you fall asleep is to decide and tell yourself something to the effect that "tonight I will remember that I'm dreaming." This sometimes helps. Then, in the beginning and before you get used to having conscious dreams like this - one or all of the following steps will help you get started:

  1. If you are one of these people who have an easy time going back to sleep after the alarm goes off in the middle of the night, use two alarm clocks.
    Set one to go off after 3 hours and the other after 8 hours (or whatever schedule you noticed worked in Step #1).

    When the first alarm goes off, turn it off, and lay your head back on the pillow. Be sure you remember your dream as usual, but instead of writing it down right away, let it linger and realize that your own personality, your conscious mind, is part of the dream, and you are actually just dreaming.

    Let the dream continue as it may without interrupting it - just observe what is happening, while you're still half-awake and half-asleep. After a while, hopefully before you go back to sleep, write down your dream in the same fashion as in Step #1, but add, cognition or just cog, which means you were aware that you were dreaming.
  2. The night before you have days off work, sleep a little less so that you are tired when you wake up in the morning. Then go on with your day until you feel the urge to take a nap, or take a nap when you think you will be able to dose off. When you're taking naps, it's a little easier to get into the realization that you're dreaming. However, you may want to state to yourself before you nap, that you will be able to understand during the dream, that you are dreaming.

    Then when you're almost sleeping you will be in a state between being awake and asleep. Here is where you want to take command. As soon as you start dreaming, think to yourself that this is a dream and you are the observer. To check if you're dreaming (it's sometimes hard to determine), see if you can find something in the dream where there is something written - a piece of paper, text on someone's tshirt, or whatever it may be. Read the text, then look away, and then look at the text again. Does it read the same, or is it different? If it's different, you're dreaming.
  3. Sometimes it happens that for some reason we are sleep deprived and we may be watching a movie, or reading a book, and while the show goes on or we are reading from the book, we fall asleep in the middle of it and start dreaming. Although the dream wouldn't make any sense if it happened in our daily life, it somehow seems to fit perfectly into what we were reading or watching on the TV screen.

    However, after a while, we realize that this doesn't make sense and we wake up, sometimes with a jerk. When we come to the stage where it doesn't make sense, instead of waking ourselves up, we can take advantage of the situation and continue dreaming while thinking “this is just a dream” and again be an observer.

Therefore, try any or all of the above to see if they work for you. If not, the best way to get started is to have two alarm clocks. Make sure you state to yourself every evening just before you fall asleep that you are going to be an observer in the dream, and you will be aware of it. It may not work right away and needs some practice before it actually starts happening, but don't give up.

Eventually, you will find a way that works for you.

When the first alarm clock rings, turn it off, and without being concerned about whether you will go back to sleep or not and, perhaps, not being able to write your dream down, concentrate on your dream and let it continue where you left off and make sure you tell yourself that you're only dreaming, and then observe the dream. After a while, you will go back to sleep, and perhaps, you will not even remember in the morning that you had this experience, but that's okay.

If this is the only thing that seems to be working for you, just continue doing it until you break through. When you do break through, one of two events will occur:

1. You suddenly get this huge realization that you're only dreaming and you get so excited that you're actually waking up.

2. You remain calm and will be able to continue observing what is going on. If number 1 is happening, you will need to practice so that you can go into the number 2 state instead. The trick is to be able to have this going for a while. Then, tell yourself that you want to wake up, and you will wake up. Immediately write down the dream and cog, meaning that you knew you were dreaming.

Sometimes it happens that no matter how hard people try, they can't get into the state where they realize it's a dream. If so, more practice needs to be done in Step #1.

I would suggest that if this is the case, just continue with Step #1, until you have your realization of being in a dream is happening to you there, and you never need to go to Step #2. Don't worry if this takes a while - normally and eventually, you'll be able to come to the realization.

If you think this takes too long and you just want to give up, just go back to using one alarm clock and set it on the time when you usually get up, and just write down your dreams whenever they occur. If you choose to eventually do this, it will of course take longer before you reach the goal, but on the other hand, there is no time limit. Hopefully, you will not get to the point where you want to give up. For many people, this whole practice is not too hard to accomplish.

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