Chapter 5: Conscious Dreaming - how to connect with your multidimensional self

5A: The Illusion of Being Disconnected

You have not understood the great give-and-take, that exists between waking and dream experience. You have been taught to believe in the existence of an artificial barrier between the two that does not in fact exist. By suggesting before sleep that solutions to problems be given you, you automatically begin to utilize your dream knowledge to a greater extent, and to open the doors to your own greater creativity. - Seth

Seth is one of the sources that has been very helpful, when figuring out the dream state and how to consciously connect to it. The reader may think that Conscious Dreaming is nothing new, and perhaps you are not even interested in digging into it. I would say, not only is it extremely interesting once we've got the hang of it, but it's also a necessary step in becoming multidimensional.

I once told you that we ought to be happy that we have our channeled sources, as long as we can figure out what is helpful and what is not. If there is something they are helpful with, they're to provide us with material on dreaming - what it is and how to use it. Still, there is more we need to know than to just read channeled material.

The Seth Material is often very helpful in many ways, but it was channeled in the 60s through the early 80s, and he used the knowledge of the mass consciousness up through that time period to give us information about ourselves. By that time, we still had to figure out what kind of trap we're sitting in - therefore, Seth is only occasionally mentioning, that we are controlled by dark forces, although it happens that he does mention it.

Bashar is much more recent, as is the RA Material. Bashar, a Social Memory Complex (SMC), or Collective Consciousness, as it's called as well, consisting of Grays, who claim to be us humans in the future, say like so many other sources that we live in a dream, and that dream is all that there is. If we think in these terms, it's basically easier to understand our Earthly existence because as Bashar says: "When you 'wake up' to your higher self, the act of waking up in physical reality is in many ways the act of a portion of yourself going back to sleep."

The terms 'Social Memory Complex' and 'Collective Consciousness' refer to future societies where an intelligent race is working similar to a "beehive" society, where they say they are serving the One Creator (God) and have reached a stage in their development where the species think and act as a collective. Most channeled entities, Seth exempted, are Social Memory Complexes (SMC). They claim they are working on becoming One with the Creator and merge with "Him". Very rarely are the channeled entities talking about the Creator as a Divine Feminine.

This statement has a lot of merit to it. How can we distinguish between what is reality and what is dream? So why, then, do we prefer one reality instead of another? After all, once we've woken up from a dream, we find ourselves in the position we were in when we fell asleep, and we think we are back to real life.

From what I can see, there are two reasons for this. First, it's been imprinted in our DNA (or perhaps some strands have been turned off) that we can't stay connected with the dream world through our Conscious Mind except when our physical bodies are at rest, or very tired.

Second, we are led to believe that the 3-D world is real and all other worlds are not. We humans have had that so deeply imprinted in our consciousness that many of us even think that we are the human body. Living in such a delusion that we, as a mass consciousness, truly believe that the physical world is the only valid reality certainly makes it solid, doesn't it?

No one else needs to keep it solid because like Bashar says, we create a new universe every nano-second, more or less. To keep the illusion going, we need to constantly renew the imprint, so every nano-second of our day we create a new universe, which is a copy of the old one, except for the probable changes that happened in the last nano-second.

Thus, we get the illusion of movement, and this is the definition of the Multiverse. If you create a new universe when you wake up in the morning and continue creating new ones throughout the day, the one you're creating at 9:00 p.m. is going to be slightly different from the one you created in the morning because you experienced things during the day.

Therefore, your neighbors created a new universe, which means that their Multiverse looks slightly different from yours. Since you were not with your neighbors during the day, you didn't experience the same things that they did.

Even if you would have been with them every second of the day, you interpret every change in the Multiverse your own way, although you and the neighbors were both there. Hence, your Multiverses would still be slightly different. The bottom line is that we are so sure that the 3-D version of the universe is real that we recreate it every moment of our lives in order to prove to ourselves that it is real. If you stopped creating it, it would cease to exist for you.

The dream state (Theta State, c.a. 4-8 c/s) is much more fluid, and because we haven't been trained that the Theta State is the more accurate reality, we still experience it as non-linear, and as long as we are not interfering with what is happening there, it has its own life.

Still, as I mentioned earlier, the Theta State sorts out probabilities as one of its task, and your next day in 3-D after a night's dreaming will happen according to the probability that was chosen in the dream state. The Conscious Mind was part of creating the probabilities, but because of the illusion of disconnection between what we consider the waking world and the dream world, we do not remember what happened in the dream state.

We may wake up in the morning and remember parts of the last dream, or if we're lucky, we remember most of the last dream, but if we don't tell anybody or write it down, the Conscious Mind will forget it, because the two minds are not connected.

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