Chapter 4: Dream Musings

4E: Living in a Dream

"You would not exist if someone didn't dream you up." – The Cassiopaeans. Cassiopaean Session, June 9, 1995, op. cit. 138

Was the universe dreamed up by a Divine Being, and do we all live in a dream? Well, there are certainly those who claim both. If the subconscious mind, connected to the Theta State, is where dreams happen, and Delta is the VOID, then indeed, the universe was dreamed up.

The idea that we live in a dream is ancient and even discussed by some of our ancient philosophers. In more modern times, it has been restated by some of our channeled sources as well, albeit, not all of them. Some of the channels seem to mean it in a literal way, while others, I believe, bring it up as a metaphor so that we humans can more easily understand certain concepts.

Seth, for example, spends several chapters, and almost an entire book on the subject, and still, what he describes is how multidimensionality works. I think it's brilliant when used in this concept because, after all, we could say that dreams and multidimensionality are one and the same. It belongs to our Inner World, which no one can form except ourselves. Some may instantly object and say that we humans, in particular, don't form our own Inner World - it's done by outside manipulators.

Well, it doesn't matter if we are manipulated, not in this sense - we are still the ones who create our own Inner World, even if it is a manipulated one.

Others compare the universe with a very complex hologram, and all realities, in all dimensions, are holographic in nature. Therefore, nothing exists outside ourselves. Just like when we're comparing our existence with dreams, holograms will do as well - it's just another way of looking at it. It all emanates from the same thing, anyway, which is that we're all spirit. However, not even that is true because, ultimately, we are Nothingness - we are the VOID.

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