Chapter 4: Dream Musings

4D: Has Dream Research Become Militarized?

The obvious answer to the above question is a short yes. It has been for a very long time - at least as long as Industrialization, and most of it has, of course, been happening behind the scenes. Dream research is very lucrative if you want to know what the enemy is up to and how to change events in the dream state to your own favor. In a dream state, you explore different probabilities and then decide which probability will become reality - i.e. the timeline you choose to put your energy to.

We have seen a few movies lately, which bring up the subject of dreaming, where Christopher Nolan's and Emma Thomas' "Inception" is perhaps the most interesting.

To read about the plot and interesting details regarding this movie

It is very revealing and tells us in detail how dream research in the hands of the wrong people can affect us all. I highly recommend it if you still haven't watched it, and as usual, Leonardo DiCaprio is doing a great job as the leading actor.

The movie also asks the philosophical question whether we live in a dream or if there is such a thing as "reality," and if so, is reality actually where we are now, or is me sitting here writing just a dream within a dream? A short answer would once again be yes to the latter, but we're going to discuss that in more details later in this chapter.

The article, "Has Dream Research been Militarised?" by Cathi Morgan, herself with Intelligence connections via her family ties, points out some quite interesting mid-level Global Elite connections concerning Robert Moss.

Ms. Morgan ends the article by saying that she hopes that Moss has simply retired from all his past secret government ties and has decided to dedicate his retirement to dream research and his commitment to his workshops at the Esalen Institute in all innocence

Maybe, or maybe not, because we researchers into the New World Order and the Global Elite know, that "once an Intelligence Agent, always an Intelligence Agent", and that statement I believe holds true. Still, there is no contradiction in if a former Intelligence Officer in his retired years is picking up some old passion, that he or she hasn't had time to look into during his or her productive years.

In addition, not all people, who work in the Intelligence community are bad people. I think, however, that these connections are worth pointing out, because I'm sure many people who are looking into the Conscious Dreaming phenomenon will run into Robert Moss sooner or later. Personally, when I find sources, that quite obviously have ties such as Moss has, I'm quite eager to dig into their material, because then I know that there is a lot a valuable information there.

Understanding how these people work, they need to seduce us with a lot of real information to hide the disinformation inside of it all. The trick is to distinguish between the two, which can be much harder than anticipated.

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