Chapter 4: Dream Musings

4C: Aliens and Dreaming

Robert Moss also has a website at, and when I browsed it, I found another of his articles I thought I needed to bring to your attention because there may be people who share Moss' conclusion, and if so, I want to give my own input on the subject.

Just like Christians write off everything that has to do with aliens as demons, others (including some Christians) may also write them off as entities that are just parts of our dreams but are not beings from other planets or other parts of the galaxy or beyond.

Some occultists have a similar view. I got this undermined message from the article that aliens in general are actually just embodiments of our own fear.

Moss gives an example of a woman who was absolutely certain she had been abducted by aliens. She was abducted during the night and transported in her light-body to their mother ship, where they did horrific experiments on her. Moss then started asking her questions about her experience, and she said that these aliens were in their light-bodies just as she was, but they could take on bodies like we take on clothes, as she expressed it.

However, after Moss had worked on her, this woman realized that these aliens were only projections of her inner fears that manifested in her dreams. Therefore, in reality, no abductions took place.

Naturally, the example is this woman's experience, and I can't judge that.

Perhaps she was right in that no real abductions took place, and in her case, there were no aliens, or maybe Moss (who supposedly has past CIA, MI5, MI6 connections, and ties to different clubs and secret societies, such as the Pinay Circle (I posted an article about this secret society back in 2004 on my "Illuminati News" website), and was the Speech Writer for Great Britain's former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher) convinced her through manipulation, that there were no star beings involved, when in fact there were - I don't know. Either way, Moss makes it sound as if the only aliens that exist are manifestations of our own fear.

Source: has dream research been militarised

Yes, that would be correct if we look at the much bigger picture, in that we would not attract negative alien experiences unless we had fear and ignorance that brought them on, but I don't think that was what Moss was implying.

In many ways, Moss' research is very interesting and right to the point, but it makes sense for someone, who has Intelligence connections to throw in a few manipulative conclusions in all the interesting stuff. This is also what I mean when I say, that we have to be very careful, when we sort out the wheat from the chaff - especially when we know, or highly suspect, that we are dealing with a secret government agent.

Nevertheless, in cases such as this, we have a great opportunity to get some real insights into the subject because a potential disinformation agent often includes a lot of truth to hook a reader to the part that is the target for their attention - the disinformation part.

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