Chapter 4: Dream Musings

4B: Phone Calls from the Other Side

I was amused when I started researching Conscious Dreaming and looked into Robert Moss' work on the subject. On his website, he writes blogs every now and then on things, that are on his mind, and the following almost knocked me out of my chair.

One of the last papers I wrote before this book was about the upcoming Machine Kingdom, and it's quite obvious, that the AIF now have their minions, the Global Elite, using what they've received from the Technology Transfer Programs (TTP).

Technology Transfer Programs are exchange programs, that the AIF have with Earth governments. The AIF give us technology, which they know, that they need for us humans to have in the future for further control, while the star races in "exchange" are allowed to abduct humans and do genetic upgrades on them. So, with this program running, the AIF has a double-win and can kill two birds with one stone.

Little did I know, however, that dead people in the astral now also have started using our technology to communicate with the living.

Moss writes about a woman, Anna, who dreamed that she was visited by a friend who just recently died. In her dream, she handed her deceased friend a mobile phone with only two buttons - a green and a red one. The green one was to speed dial Anna and the red one was to disconnect. Anna was very happy that her friend on the other side now had a phone so the departed could contact her.

Source: breaking news from otherside

OK, if this was an isolated incident, one could just smile and think it was funny - just a dream, you know. However, if we are to believe Robert Moss, the dead using the technology of the living is not as uncommon as we may think.

Since the invention of the telephone and the cell phone, phone calls from the dead have become quite common in people's dreams. Apparently, one woman Moss had talked to said she just communicated with her mother on the other side, and the mother said, "I can't talk for long since I just got here. I will have more phone privileges later on." (31 Ibid, op. cit. 134)

Furthermore, according to Moss, who has researched this subject for decades, the dead also send e-mails and their voices bleed through on Blackberries and in podcasts.

Humorous perhaps, but on a deeper level it mirrors the reality we are living in. Furthermore, Moss also knows of people he's come across through his research who get buried with their cell phones! Now, what is that all about? Is it because the cell phone was so dear to the deceased in this life that we start doing what the Egyptians did, put stuff in the coffin that we think the departed will need in the Afterlife?

Yes, that's exactly what it is about! Moss gives an example in the same article of how an attorney got buried with his cell phone, and his spouse continued paying the phone bill, so her husband could use the phone to call her from the other side.

Moss doesn't tell us about the mental state of the spouse, but apparently, this is not uncommon either. The name of the deceased criminal defense attorney was even mentioned in the article, John Jacobs from Manhattan, who died in 2005. His widow even had his phone number carved on the tombstone so other people can stay in touch too. If they call his number, they get a voicemail, saying that he'll be in touch! I know, I know…this is a little extreme, but my point is that technology can do the weirdest things with us if we misuse it. Moss ends the article with saying, "Dream phones offer live conversation, and you don't get a monthly bill."

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