Chapter 3: Attributes of Soul and Mind

3X: Exercises

9. Visualization

This exercise is extremely powerful and is something that has been scientifically tested and proved to work. Scientists in Cleveland, Ohio, have showed that visualizing something can have an effect at least equally powerful to actually doing it (Neurophyschologia. 2004;42(7): pp.944-56)

When you have a weak muscle, for example, you are told by your physical therapist to do exercises to strengthen that muscle. However, the studies showed that just concentrating on and imagining strengthening the muscle increased the muscle strength in a group of subjects with up to 50% in some cases! (Read more about this in Dirk Bruere's book, TechnoMage, p.178ff.)

These studies have led to visualization programs that have been used on athletes (of course together with physical training). However, and this is my point, it is, ultimately, possible to heal any injury by just using your mind.

The target for this exercise will be your choice. If you do have an injury, or a part of your body that needs improvement, visualize that area of the body being healed. Begin with some minor issue if you think that would be easier. If you don't have any specific area that you want to heal in or on your body, you can visualize anything you wish and do the exercise.

The only limit to this exercise is your own imagination.

10. Separating Your Own Thoughts From Your Environment

This is obviously another important but also ongoing exercise that you can do any time during the day. As we talked about earlier in this chapter, the majority of the thoughts we have in our heads are not our own, but thoughts we pick up from our environment.

The purpose with this exercise is not to throw out every thought that is not your own (unless you want to isolate yourself from your environment) but to distinguish between your own thoughts and those of others. To be able to do this, you first need to recognize your own thoughts and learn how you think. If you have always, to a certain degree, confused your own thoughts with others (and you most certainly have), it's because you don't recognize your own thoughts.

Therefore, pay attention to your own thinking and thinking patterns and you will notice some interesting things going on inside your head. This takes practice and may take a while before you are able to do this successfully, but once you're skilled at it, you will notice that you are in your present, much focused, and very stable as a person. It will also, in some cases, take care of potential entity possession.

It is no small difference! Also, you will be able to distinguish a thought, isolate it, and tell it that this is not your thought and you don't want it in your space, and whoever sent it to you will thereafter have a hard time invading your space (if that's what you want). 127

11. Travel in Your Mind

Remember the forest exercise earlier? This is a wonderful way of learning conscious nano-travel! Now we're going to do it in a little different and more powerful way. I learned this one from a Pleiadian lecture. It's very rewarding, and it makes you feel very good afterward.

Close your eyes and make sure you're comfortable and it's quiet around you. Then let your consciousness drift out of the body, up through the atmosphere, and out in space until you can see Earth below you like a huge blue-green ball. Stay there for a while and admire it. Then spot the Sun in space and quickly let your consciousness travel to it. It takes about 7-8 minutes for a beam of light from the Sun to reach Earth, according to Einstein, but you can travel there in your mind in no time at all. Hover above it and watch the eruptions and admire its size and its power.

Say hello to the Sun and let her know that you are aware that she is a sentient being. Let your consciousness travel inside of the Sun and notice that there is actually a whole landscape in there. You feel no heat, nor cold - the temperature is just perfect. All of a sudden you are traveling through a forest somewhere inside the Sun and are crossing a bridge over a beautiful river.

Say goodbye to the Sun and shoot your consciousness out of the Sun and into space. Notice how you have 360° vision, so although you're traveling away from the Sun and the solar system at a high speed, you can see the Sun getting smaller and smaller behind you.

Concentrate on the Galactic Center and go there in a matter of a second. You're now amongst millions of stars and the light is incredible and fills your consciousness with a fantastic amount of energy and love.

Stay there for a moment and realize that this is in fact a birth center. In the middle of the Galactic cluster of suns you see an enormous black hole and a myriad of newborn stars come out from the black hole. You instantly think about a birth canal. In awe you see these new, hot, and innocent baby stars fill the space around the black hole, and the further out they travel, the more they slow down and almost stop moving and just float around in space. The love you feel here is above anything you've felt before and you just splurge in it. You are watching the Womb of the Mother giving birth - a very special occasion, and you just happen to be there at the right time.

When you're ready, say goodbye to the Goddess and move back toward our solar system again. See space pass by as you move a little slower now than when you traveled in the other direction. The Galactic Center is now far away and you can no longer see it. There is the Sun again - it feels your presence and sends a greeting and a lot of love in your direction, and you do the same back to her. Leave the Sun behind you, go past Mercury and Venus, and see our own planet growing bigger and bigger before your eyes. Tell Mother Earth you're back and tell her that you love her and want to help her to heal.

Now hover around our planet, find your home country, move down through the atmosphere until you see your body from above, sitting there exactly as you left it. Move your consciousness back into your body and enter it from the crown chakra. Spread your consciousness around your whole body and feel the torso, the limbs, the blood rushing through your veins, and your heart beat. Feel your breath - take a few deep breaths and slowly open your eyes and look around in the room. How do you feel?

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