Chapter 3: Attributes of Soul and Mind

3F: Where Do You Want To Go After Death?

One thing I had a hard time researching when I wrote the Wes Penre Papers is what happens after your physical body dies. In "The First Level of Learning" I wrote an entire paper on this phenomenon Wes Penre, March 25, 2011: "Metaphysics Paper #6: There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel - What Happens After Body Death?", where I included quite a few different alternatives, based on the most qualified research I could find, where Dr. Michael Newton's 7,000-plus case studies seemed to be the most reliable overall, if we could mix that a little bit with a couple of other researcher's conclusions.

I still think there is a lot of merit to Dr. Newton's studies, which basically say that if you go toward the light as a soul after you've separated from the body and continue through the tunnel, you will meet relatives and friends on the other side.

Besides having a great time with the ones you've loved in life, you also meet with your spirit guide (or guides) and a mysterious Council of Elders, who all help you judge how your last lifetime went. You see, before you reincarnate each time, you set a goal for that lifetime and do what you can to achieve it.

This goal is normally something that helps you evolve - it's the next step in your learning process. All the good things you did in your previous life are discussed, but also where you failed, or considered that you failed. When you've figured out your weaknesses, you discuss with these beings what is the natural next step in your evolution, and you choose a body in a family bloodline that can best and most probably assist you in learning what you need to learn.

Astrology is also important because you make certain that you're born within a specific time frame, which makes it easier for you to accomplish your goal. Then you manipulate your parents-to-be from the astral to have sex nine months before you want to be born, and you don't give up until you've succeeded. Nine months later, with the help of technology (there's a whole control room up there), they shoot you down into the chosen body.

This sounds very reliable because it's built on 7,000-plus case studies, which were reliving their afterlife in regression therapy and, basically, said the same thing. It would be overwhelming evidence if it weren't for the spirit guides, who attended each regression session from the astral and advised the case study participant, what he or she could or couldn't say.

There may of course be valid reasons for this, but that in conjunction with the presence of the Elders in the astral makes me wonder, if this is not more manipulation after all. Perhaps the spirit guides also manipulate the case so it sounds like Heaven up there, when it's not, and due to this manipulation from all spirit guides who attended the 7,000 sessions, we get a common picture, that may not coincide with reality.

I don't intend to play the Devil's advocate, but knowing what I know about the AIF and their influence on us here on Earth, it's only natural, that they are in control of the afterlife as well. If they weren't, not too many people would reincarnate into this trap, but instead disappear the other way.

Don't get me wrong, though, because there are others, who were not part of Dr. Newton's studies who also say similar things (of course, they could be manipulated, as well), but I still believe there is enough evidence so that we can establish that the afterlife in itself is nothing to fear - nothing evil and no punishment will be experienced by the deceased.

I am sure you'll meet your relatives and friends up there (even those who were still alive when you departed because time works different up there) and you may actually have a good time. After all, it's supposed to be a rest area before you incarnate again.

One problem, as I see it, is that even though you remember much more up there, than you do when you're on Earth, you still don't understand, that you're in a trap, and no one is helping you understand it, either. On the contrary, that information is withheld.

The question is, who are these wise Elders, who the discarnate soul is often very nervous to meet, like they were going to judge them and be mean to them, or something of such nature? Most souls want their spirit guides present in the room when they meet the Elders, just as children want their mom with them when they go to school the first few days, or to the dentist, or the doctor. Why are they afraid?

After all, they have met with them several times before, between each incarnation. Often, they even meet with them twice before they incarnate - when they arrive in the astral and when they are about to leave. One or two case studies said that the Elders were more-advanced souls, who had completed their reincarnation cycles and now were part of the Council.

Whether that's true or not, it's hard to say. If it is true, there are still many questions that need to be answered. The answer, in general, is that we are not supposed to know, and that, if anything, should make us lift an eyebrow or two.

The Veil of Amnesia is a hot subject as well. Why are we setting goals in the afterlife that we never remember once we are born on Earth? Why are we set up to fail? Some say it's because if we knew everything, it wouldn't be a challenge.

We need amnesia or the game would be boring after a while. Well, this is not exactly, how I see it (and these are just my conclusions - take it or leave it) - instead it looks like we are setup for failure. We are born and go through the whole cycle for 85 years if we're lucky, and we learn a certain amount during these years.

Then, it's goodbye and we leave. During the next lifetime, we have to start all over again and learn the same things we did last time, and the little that carries over is hardly worth mentioning. Therefore, we progress very slowly - hardly at all, actually. Why is this? Even if we didn't have amnesia, there would be enough challenges to make life interesting, in my opinion.

If you were a Master Race and the rest of the population (who are us) are slaves but slaves that inevitably will evolve because evolution is built into any and all DNA in the universe and there is nothing the Slave Masters can do anything about, what would you do?

You would probably ensure that the slaves evolve as slowly as they possibly can because you don't want smart and evolved slaves, right? Hence, the best thing to do is to give this race a very short lifespan so they don't have time to ponder too much on things (and if they figure a few things out, they'll forget anyway after they die and incarnate again).

You only let them live long enough to learn what you, the Slave Master, want to teach them in order for them to serve you. Then you want them to serve you a certain amount of years without getting too smart and worn out. Before the next incarnation, you give them total amnesia, which occurs as soon as the soul enters the human body - the amnesia implant is in the body itself, not in the soul.

However, the astral world, or the part where you spend your afterlife, has to vibrate on a frequency high enough for the Avatar/light-body to remember a few previous lifetimes to be able to set a new goal. In other words, if the astral wasn't controlled and had a vibration fence set a little higher than that in 3-D, the soul would remember everything that had ever happened to it, and that would blow the whole cover.

Dr. Newton's cases tell us that in the astral there are souls who are on different levels of development. You can see it in their aura - it has different colors depending on how much the spirit knows or how advanced it is.

However, the most advanced souls are not in the same area as the others, according to people in regression therapy. When asked where the most advanced souls are, they don't get a good answer but are told that these souls are elsewhere or are exploring other worlds but sometimes come to visit - or did they actually escape?

Whatever the answer is, we are told that the astral exists on different frequencies - souls within a certain range of development dwell in a certain part of the astral, while others are said to dwell elsewhere.

This is why some souls, after they've passed through the tunnel, meet with their relatives, who may be on a lower frequency level than the discarnate, so after they have spent some time together, it's time for the discarnate to move on to a frequency level that more fits that soul. Therefore, it sounds like the AIF have us covered well, regardless of our vibration - at least to a certain point, which I will come to soon.

If there is a malevolent force, that continues trapping us in the afterlife, why do they let us have a good time and do what we want, within certain limits? There may be many reasons for that, but there is a couple I can think of. First, the soul does need to rest between incarnations, or sooner or later, it will go insane from the entire trauma we experience down on Earth.

The AIF gains from having us relatively fresh when we return. Second, if the afterlife is pleasant, we are more likely willing to incarnate without being forced, which is important. Then it happens with our consent, which is crucial, or the AIF would be breaking the Laws of Free Will and Non-Interference.

Many are those who have asked why souls are so eager to reincarnate on this planet, which is so full of drama and trauma. One of the answers is that when we're up there, we see a bigger picture than we do down here.

Now, with all the wars, financial collapse, restrictions, unemployment, anxiety, and fear happening on Earth, many tell themselves that they never want to return here again, but that's because they don't see the bigger picture down here. Once they're up there, things are different.

Often, the same people can't wait to go back because up there they feel they are invincible and have nothing to fear. They quickly forget the trauma and devastation they felt during their last lifetime. Now they want to go back and help out again.

Sometimes souls who have incarnated for quite a while don't even go through the between-lives-area, but reincarnate in a new body right away. They are already so indoctrinated that they don't need to be worked on in the Afterlife.

Some say that 3-D is an experiment and that the souls who incarnate here do so out of free will because there is so much to learn down here. Well, this is correct - it is an Experiment within an Experiment to be absolutely accurate.

There was an original Experiment, setup by the Goddess herself millions of years ago. She called this Experiment "The Living Library," where Creator Gods from all over the universe brought their favorite flora and fauna and inserted it here on Earth, putting their own signature within the DNA of their creation.

Each creation filled a purpose, whether it was healing or the plant or animal had knowledge encoded into their DNA. Earth, therefore, became a library for beings from all over the universe, who could come here and learn about themselves and other realities.

We, an earlier version of mankind, were the Guardians of the Living Library until the AIF came and took it over. In simple terms, they manipulated the DNA of this early human to get a better slave race, and that became the second Experiment.

Then we hear that we come to Earth out of free will in order to learn. Yes, we do, but those who tell us that are not telling the complete story. The souls who incarnate here repeatedly do so out of free will or are manipulated further to do it willingly without understanding the entire agenda, and they are actually trapped here.

Therefore, those who tell you that we are here out of free will in order to learn are only telling half the story. What I see is that during the nano-second when the energies were incredibly intense from seven billion people being bombarded with gamma rays, which are rays from the highest magnetic spectrum, we actually did learn something - in fact, we learned a lot!

During this time, souls were fighting each other off in the ether in order to get a human body here so they could have a free ride through the nano-second and learn an incredible amount in hardly any time at all. There were actually more souls waiting in the ether to get a body than there were bodies available, so many had to do without.

In desperation, some of them attached themselves to bodies that were already occupied - therefore, many people now walk around with attachments. However, those people who took advantage of the nano-second and actually raised their frequency usually got rid of their attachments after a while because they began to vibrate much higher than the attachment that no longer could hold on.

Now, on the other hand, when the nano-second is over and the energies are slowly going back to normal, many souls who don't belong to the human soul group are no longer that eager to incarnate here because outside the Grid they can see the entrapment and don't want to come here. Thus, there is not as much competition over getting a body here anymore.

There are more bodies than there are souls who want to incarnate. Therefore, we will see a decrease in the population in the near future - many people will be infertile, babies will be stillborn etc. Much of this is because there are not enough spirits to inhabit seven billion bodies.

It's like when a store is ordering thousands of a very popular product to have in storage and people are buying it like crazy. Then, almost overnight, the product is going out of style, and no one is buying it anymore.

Therefore, here is the store with thousands of products and no buyers - the product becomes useless and is disposed of in one way or another. No one wants it.

The problem I have had, which led to me writing sequels to the first Wes Penre Papers on the Afterlife in later papers, was: "What could an evolved soul do to avoid the trap in the Afterlife?"

I have struggled a lot with this question, and when I had completed all the Wes Penre Papers, I thought that I only had a partial answer. In the latest update on this subject, I told the reader that the best thing to do was to avoid the tunnel and the light and escape through a hole in the Grid.

This, of course, is only applicable for those who don't want to come back to Earth again. I still think this is the best advice I can give a soul with these intentions. I have, however, received a few questions afterward, where people have asked me how we can be sure what exactly to do once we're outside the Grid, and also - how do we know when we're outside the Grid? So let's address these questions here.

I am basing the following advice on information I have received from a couple of the most enlightened sources I had while writing "The Second Level of Learning".

For a while, I gave even them a shadow of a doubt, doing my best to research this on my own and afterward compare my results with their teachings. I haven't found much information on this and, therefore, decided to trust these sources because they have been extremely helpful, and what they have taught me has later showed to be valid. Therefore, I find no problem with trusting them on this one as well. Most of it comes from one of these sources - the one that I would label most advanced if I have to use labels.

According to my source, don't go to the light! Instead, go through the Grid.

Once you're discarnate and have left the Earth plane, you would see the Grid that surrounds the planet in the astral. It's like a fuzzy band around the planet, now looking like Swiss cheese with lots of holes in it. Escape through it without letting yourself get bothered by any being who might want to distract you. You don't even need to pay attention to them. Most of them want you to go into the tunnel anyway, and some are your spirit guides. Once you're outside the Grid, you will see the universe differently. It apparently looks nothing like you've been taught.

When you're outside the Grid, you're no longer within Earth's frequency band and can see things the way they are. You will see an incredible number of stars, and possibly, you will experience a lot of spectra/dimensions at once and at will. It may be overpowering at first, in a good way, but you will soon get used to it.

Here is another thing I heard the other day on a recent Pleiadian CD (from the beginning of 2013). They said that part of our solar system is also under Quarantine - a frequency fence - which stretches all the way past Jupiter.

They are of course not the only ones who talk about a Quarantine - I brought it up in my Wes Penre Papers quite a few times as well, showing evidence that this is the case. Some say the Quarantine was lifted in January of 2013, but I don't believe that this is true. I found it interesting, however, that they mentioned Jupiter as the outer boundary for the Quarantine because the next planet away from Earth, Saturn, is where the Council of Zendar sits and decides who can enter the solar system and who may leave.

See: Wes Penre, March 23, 2013: The Third Level of Learning: Paper #8: Galactic Federations and Councils.

Anyway, this may be another barrier we need to pass before we can actually leave our own solar system - we need the permission from the Zendar Council. As strange as it sounds, this should not be a problem - although, as I suggested in the Wes Penre Papers, the Council is AIF in nature.

All you need to do is to hold your ground and say, that you are done with your experiences in this solar system and you will now move on as a sovereign being of Fire to experience other realms of existence. They will let you through because they don't want you inside the Quarantine anyway, because slaves, who know they are slaves and no longer can be controlled is nothing, that the AIF wants to deal with. They are busy enough keeping the rest of the masses under control.

This may sound like a handful, and it may even sound scary, which is understandable. However, no one will actually stop you as long as you're determined and tell any being you meet that you're not interested in staying in the solar system.

If they believe they can't manipulate you, they won't stop you because if they do, they commit a crime that can be devastating for them, and they don't want to risk it. They have to be very careful so they won't break the laws. If they do, they can literally be invaded, in turn, by those who have a stronger military force than they do.

Once you're past Saturn, you are free to go anywhere. You can either explore the universe on your own to see if you find a world where you want to live (always ask for permission to enter a world first, so you don't interfere with the evolution on the planet. If the beings are highly evolved, you'll be able to talk to them telepathically, and if they notice you are telling them the truth, they may accept you).

Another option is to wish yourself to Orion or to the KHAA, where pure spirit dwells. You will definitely be accepted into both as an evolved human soul. The Orion Empire is allegedly a safe place to live in and probably a better choice than to try to merge with a soul group on a planet outside the Empire.

Inside the Empire, you are free to visit any planet that belongs to the Empire without asking for permission. You can also ask for permission to enter the KHAA while living in the Empire. Most of the Empire has access to the KHAA anyway.

Normally, just before you pass over, relatives, friends, and others who are and have been dear to you will visit you in the dream state. This is why when you die you would meet all these people on the other side, even though some of these people could still be alive.

The dream state has different rules than the waking state, and time does not go by at the same rate. The person who is asleep may have slept for eight hours, but in dream state, perhaps, a month has gone by. The opposite can be true as well. Only a few minutes went by in the dream state while eight hours passed in the physical reality.

We visit the astral planes all the time while we're dreaming and talk to relatives that have passed over or do other things in the astral. If you think you're just having a boring time during the day at work, or in general, that certainly does not apply to the dream state. More or less, every night you are out on adventures that your conscious mind would not think is possible.

Even if you say you remember some of your dreams, it's only the top layers you recall, and always the ones that occur just before you awaken. The real astral travel happens when you're in your deepest REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement (REM): When you're in deep sleep, your eyes move very rapidly from left to right and right to left. During REM sleep you have your most vivid dreams.)

That's when you leave your body and go into the astral with your light-body and visit other dimensions, where things are very different than they are here. There, time is not linear, and you can find yourself involved in more than one event at the same time and seem to manage them all (i.e. you split yourself up in smaller factions and experience different adventures simultaneously, and these experiences are rarely in a linear fashion).

If you don't have an alarm clock set, your physical body tells you when it's rested or needs to get up to use the restroom, and your light-body is then wrapping things up quickly and returns to the body. There is no chance, unless you are terminally ill, that the soul and light-body will leave and not come back because you are connected through the stomach area with a silver cord, which can stretch as much as necessary for the light-body to have its experiences.

When consciousness leaves the body during REM sleep, it also leaves the awakened world behind and is therefore quite unconcerned with what is happening here in the physical realm while it is away. There is very little it is not willing to explore since it's also curious by nature. This is why you sometimes have nightmares - consciousness is having an experience in the dark realms of multidimensional reality.

With all this in mind, and when you are uncertain what to do when you die and where to go, a good thing would be to make a commitment before you fall asleep. Think, for example, "Tonight, in dream state, I am going to visit with beings who have my best interests in mind, and they will show me what I need to do after body death if I want to leave the Grid and the Quarantine behind and go to a place that is the absolute best for me to grow in as spirit and mind."

There is nothing particularly different when dying, than when falling asleep. In both instances, you leave your body and go into the astral, and it's not a big deal. You die every night, and you even go into the tunnel and the light to meet with dead relatives and friends.

Even alive friends and relatives may be there, as we just discussed. If someone you hold dear has just passed over, you can rest assured that in dreamscape you will visit with him or her and greet each other on the other side to make him or her feel welcome and safe, wherever he or she chooses to go. You may even stay together for a month or so in the astral before you return to your physical body. In the Earth plane, only eight hours went by.

The only difference between dying and dreaming is that when you die, the silver cord is cut and you cannot reenter your physical body again - you are considered dead. Just because you are in the astral every night when you dream, the soul sometimes doesn't understand that it's dead when death is happening for real because it doesn't feel any different.

Normally, that will be resolved when the spirit guide (or guides) comes and gets the person and helps him or her go toward the light, explaining he or she is dead. The confusion is sometimes an issue when death came suddenly and unexpectedly and seldom after a long period of illness, where the soul has been prepared.

Now, the reader may be able to see where I'm going with this. If you prepare your own passing by visiting with certain beings who will become your friends in dreamland and do so several nights in a row and every now and then after that and ask them to help, you will learn how to escape through the Grid and the Quarantine - it's going to be relatively easier on the day when you actually die, if that's the route you consciously have decided to take while in a waking state.

You have practiced it as many times as you need already in your dreams, and although it may still feel unreal to you when you read this, just remember that when you're in the dream state (same as the death state), you are in a familiar realm that may not be familiar to you now because there is no connection between dream state (the subconscious mind) and the waking state (the conscious mind).

After you've died and left your body, you're in as much a familiar state as you are when you're awake. You may say, "Aha, I'm dead! I'm going to hover around here for a bit to make sure everybody here is okay that I'm leaving, and then I'm going to move on." Therefore, when you've done what you think that you need to do for those who stay behind, you do what you've been drilled to do several times before, and you leave the Grid and the Quarantine behind.

I saved this for last because this is the absolute easiest way to find out what will happen after you pass over. Whatever you wish to do, you can drill it in the dream state so you are prepared when the day comes. It doesn't matter which route you decide to take - the same guidelines apply. In the next chapter, we are going to start looking into the dream state for real and on a much deeper level.

To summarize what I've just said, most people are not at all afraid to fall asleep at night. Many people actually welcome it because it's so relaxing, and they want to get into dream state, always hoping they will remember some of it. They have no fear at all and willingly go to sleep at night. Similarly, we should not be afraid of death because it's exactly the same thing. You will be in familiar territory.

To speak in terms that are more general about death and how people experience it, let's examine a few common belief systems. Normally, you simply go to a place that corresponds to your belief system.

If you're a very devoted Christian, for example, and expect to see Jesus at the end of the tunnel, one of your spirit guides will take on the form of Jesus, exactly the way the deceased person saw him in life.

Jesus/the spirit guide will then perhaps take the hand of the deceased and lead him or her into Heaven. There will be a beautiful Heaven, exactly the way the deceased imagined it, and he or she will be very blissed and happy. Another deceased is absolutely certain he or she will go to Hell because of what was done while alive, and nothing can make him or her think differently.

Therefore, the spirit guides will have to take the forms of the Devil, with pitchfork and all, demons, and whatever the deceased envisions. If the thoughts are of burning in the Eternal Fire, that's what will happen but only for a while. I will explain in a moment.

A third person may be someone who believes in the need to cross the River Styx to get to the other side, so the spirit guides need to take on the form of those included in such an event and lead the person through Xibalba, the Underworld.

The river will appear as real as any river, and one of the guides will help with crossing it. If a person is an atheist, it may be hard for a spirit guide to assure the deceased that he or she is dead and still conscious.

Such a person doesn't understand how powerful thoughts and emotions are, so a feeling of being tossed around from one reality to another at an incredible speed with no rhyme or reason could be experienced. The deceased doesn't realize that thoughts are responsible for the movement to different places in no time. Here, the spirit guide needs to make the deceased focus, but nothing will help until trust is established between the guide and the deceased.

It doesn't matter what your belief system is - you go where you believe you're going. There is no real Heaven or Hell, but you get what you need to feel settled down on the other side, and once you've established yourself, the spirit guide, or guides, will have a talk with you and explain that this reality you are now experiencing, whether it's Heaven, Hell, or something else, is not real, and it will vanish before your (spirit)-eyes.

You will now meet with friends and relatives and start creating your own reality up there instead, learning that you are the one who is creating your own reality with thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Then you go through the whole procedure of examining your previous life and other lifetimes related to that one - you then meet with the Council, decide a new goal, and eventually get back to Earth.

There are also Learning Centers in the afterlife, where the student is often reading The Book of Me. It's not called that, of course, but this book is about the deceased person, who studies this material to get more insights about himself or herself, apparently. This is from Dr. Newton's case studies, quite a few other regression therapists, channeled entities, as well as Jane Roberts' "Seth." Therefore, there is enough evidence from unrelated sources to take this seriously.

The deceased is not only studying personal material but also material on other subjects. The question is, on what subjects? This has not been answered. In the light of the afterlife seeming to be one big mass hallucination, built on a hallucinated belief system, one would suspect that the Learning Centers don't particularly tell the truth about things either. Similar to the schools on Earth, they are most probably preparing us for the next incarnation.

Seth, in Jane Robert's book, Seth Speaks, explains just as I have done in my Wes Penre Papers that we all have a light-body or an Avatar, which is just as real as our physical body but can't be seen by those here on Earth because it's not third dimensional. This is the body we are using when we nano-travel to other star systems, galaxies, or even universes. Seth explains it well:

This form will seem physical. It will not be seen by those still in the physical body however, generally speaking. It can do anything that you do now in your dreams. Therefore it flies, goes through solid objects, and is moved directly by your will, taking you, say, from one location to another as you may think of these locations. Jane Roberts: "Seth Speaks", p.74, op. cit.

So what is the difference between being dead and being a non-physical ET, nano-traveling through the universe? The difference is marginal, yet huge. The deceased is trapped within the Grid and the Quarantine, ignorant of whom he or she is, unable to do many of the things he or she could do if properly educated, while non-physical beings knows exactly who they are and what they're doing.

Again, because I want the reader to grasp this, the difference between a non-physical and the multidimensional being we are seeking to become is also marginal, but huge. The two can do approximately the same things, but the nonphysical ETs have long since dropped their physical bodies and are no longer dwelling in any physical realm, unless they want to visit, observe, or bluntly interfere with an evolving race - however, they can nano-travel with the speed of thought.

We, on the other hand, will keep our multidimensional physical bodies here on Earth and use our Fire (soul), which instead of staying together and forming one single light-body, creates a fragment, which will be riding the Avatar.

This light-body is able to nano-travel anywhere with the speed of thought and can shapeshift and manifest itself in any dimension and experience anything it wants.

It is not another personality, apart from you - you will be fully aware of what you're doing and where you're going. At the same time, the main consciousness stays here on Earth in the physical body. No other star race in the physical universe, within the eight lower dimensions, can do this.

When they evolve to a state where they do not need or want their bodies anymore because these are seen as obstacles, they instead, when reaching the sixth-dimension, drop their bodies all together and become non-physicals who can then freely nano-travel.

However, those who are still in the third-, fourth-, or fifth-dimensions travel through the universe in more conventional ways - i.e. in spaceships and through stargates and on star-lanes. We humans, because we're Divine, don't ever have to drop our bodies (unless we want to), and moreover, we can nano-travel within the KHAA while still having physical bodies here.

Earlier on, we discussed that to travel the universe in physical bodies, such bodies need to be very resilient and able to resist the harsh conditions in space, including radiation. Bodies that have evolved on a planet - any planet - are conditioned to that particular environment, but not to the environment in space.

It's quite logical, if we think about it. However, couldn't an advanced race build spaceships that would be able to host a spacefaring race, using the same bodies they have on the planet? If so, that would be extraordinarily rare.

The problem is not only building a spaceship that would keep the dangerous radiation from space outside hitting everything but also to have a body that could endure going through Einstein-Rosen bridges (see figure 1), stargates, wormholes, and/or black and white holes. The human body, for example, is not made to do that.

Figure 1. An Einstein-Rosen Bridge:

An Einstein-Rosen Bridge is basically a hole in space where a particle, or particles, can travel quickly from one distant part in space to another, based on Einstein's theory that space is folded or enveloped. The reader may ask how the astronauts in that case could travel to the moon and, perhaps, even to Mars and further out.

The reason is because we are protected, as strange as it may sound, by our own Sun and a protecting shield around the solar system. Each race, which is evolving on a certain planet, belonging to a certain solar system, is apparently meant to be able to explore its own system, perhaps in order to emigrate, expand itself, or exploit some of its resources.

However, as soon as we leave our solar system, we are submitting ourselves to the harsh conditions of outer space, and that's more than a body evolving on a planet can handle, apparently.

I have mentioned before that at least one specific body type, often called the Grays, so often discussed here on Earth, is quite perfect for space travel because it has the attributes necessary to travel in outer space and through stargates.

This is not a trait this race was created with initially, as the story goes, but due to some rare circumstances happening on their planet, which included an atomic war, their bodies mutated and found themselves able to do space travel.

Others say that there is no original Gray species in this respect, but that the Gray body used for space travel amongst star races throughout the universe is a "template'. One star race, eons ago, which was very technologically savvy, figured out how to build a body from scratch, which could endure space travel, and other races followed, all the way to present time, when we see many star races who are spacefaring, using the Gray body type as a space suit, i.e. they transfer their consciousness into this hybrid and can travel long distances to other galaxies, etc.

Which version is the true one is not that important - what matters is that there is a body template that successfully has been used over a long duration of time to travel between star systems. This, of course, is a much slower way of traveling than using nano-travel, something we shall discuss in much more detail in a later chapter.

Lastly, although the Gray body type seems to be the standard space body, it comes in other shapes and forms too. Some star races have been creative and genetically built a variety of the Grays - for example, bodies that look more like Reptilians, Androids, Insectoids, animals, or whatnot.

Particularly in the beginning of a race's spacefaring era, many species feel more comfortable if the space suit more resembles the way the original planetary bodies look like and, therefore, imitate those. This is why we see Reptilians, Insectoids, and others visiting our world. In reality, these bodies are merely hybrids and not the original bodies of that particular race. However, it seems that in order to have an optimal comfortable experience with space travel, consciousness uses the Gray body type.

Therefore, races that are more evolved seem to more and more discard the old versions of the hybrid space bodies and go toward creating Gray-like bodies. At least, this seems to be the order in which things develop, although it potentially could be the other way around - i.e. they start with typical Grays and go toward making them more and more in the images of themselves.

It's impossible to say which reality is the real world - this 3-D reality or the dream world - because they are not only extensions of each other but also intertwined. We live in both at the same time, and just as well as we have goals in our physical reality, we also set goals in dreamscape.

Because the two realities are in some respect as one, it is not out of the question that if an outside force, such as the AIF here on Earth, wants to control us, they need to control the afterlife, which is the same dimension as the dream state because we are all in many ways physical projections of our dreaming selves.

Moreover, a controlling force needs to separate dream state and the waking state because if the two were connected, there would be very little they could do to manipulate and dominate us. We would be complete again and the vacuum of ignorance would be filled with knowledge.

Therefore, this is what we must do: we need to reach a point where we realize that there is no difference between life and death - they are the same thing! This is exactly, what multidimensional beings understand, and when they tell you that there is no death, this is precisely what they are talking about.

We need to grasp this, not only intellectually, but as a deeper realization of the mind/spirit. Then, fear of death would be just as unusual as having fear of going to sleep. Suffice it to say, who can control somebody who is not afraid of death and who knows that the spirit lives on forever? Destroying a body would be quite a waste, but not a catastrophe.

There would be no amnesia, either, so taking a new body wouldn't mean starting all over anymore, and the person who may visit you from the other side is not any deader than you are, and vice versa - they are just two different kinds of experience. It's all an illusion, and manipulation and being kept in ignorance is what makes us differentiate the two.

Albeit, you know nothing about these things in your waking state, you may very well have helped recently deceased people cross over while you were in your dream state. In that dimension, you may know everything necessary to be an excellent spirit guide.

We're talking about helping complete strangers passing over! Sometimes we hear from a person who is in regression therapy that he or she usually gets the same spirit guide helping him or her with the transition each and every time he or she dies, only because he or she feels safe that way, and when he or she sees the spirit guide, he or she knows everything will be fine.

In reality, it could just as well be you who are helping a person every time over thousands of years. Looking at it from a multidimensional viewpoint, you could have been the one helping the person at the time of death in Sumer, 5,000 years ago, as well as in the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, Greece, and in the 1900s.

You may have done that while living in this body, in the 21st Century! If you don't see what I'm trying to get across here, read this paragraph a few times until you grasp it. Time, you see, is not an issue. Your current life in this software program we call the 3-D may end after let's say 85 years, but your existence in the astral is eternal, and time is simultaneous.

Therefore, if you make an agreement with this lady to always pick her up after she dies, regardless of when or in which time period she dies, you don't need to be dead yourself to do that - you are doing it all while in this body, but also in any future body or past body. If you understand this, you are thinking truly multidimensionally.

If it's too much to comprehend at this time, just leave it for now, bookmark it, and come back to it later. Probably, after have read some more from this book, you may be able to return to this paragraph, read it again, and fully understand it. It has less to do with intelligence than it has to do with how well your neurological system is developed at the moment. The more you stretch your imagination, the more your neuropathways can comprehend and handle.

I would also suggest, not only for those who have problems with grasping this, but for all who are on the level of evolvement so that they can read this book and be interested in it, to read the "Seth Material", or choose the part of the material which interests you. The whole collection can be downloaded for free on the Internet. Just Google "Seth Material download pdf", and you should be able to find it.

Now, here is something to ponder from the "Seth Material." He says:

Some simply find the physical system not to their liking, and in such a way take leave of it. This cannot be done, however, until the reincarnational cycle, once chosen, is completed, so the last choice exists for those who have developed their abilities through reincarnation as far as possible within that system (Seth Speaks, p.84 op. cit. 124)

If Seth is correct here, it means that people can't escape the trap unless they are done with their reincarnational cycles - i.e. until the person has reached the main goals set up in the beginning of the cycles at the time in the ancient past when the afterlife entrapment was set up by Marduk Ra, working in conjunction with his father, Prince Ea (Lord ENKI).

As disconcerting as this may sound, it makes sense, and I touched on this in my papers as well. I have been listening to the Pleiadians, and they were stressing over and over how important it was for us to work on our main issues because if we don't, we'll miss the chance. They told us that by handling whatever came our way as problems and barriers, we actually heal along the lines of time, and at the end of the nano-second, the timelines merge.

Then, if we've done our homework, as they call it, we have managed to release (unstick) other versions of ourselves, who have been trapped in trauma and karma since the time they lived. That would complete our incarnations.

There wasn't much, the AIF could do about it, because it had to do with the nanosecond and the alignment with the Galactic Center - any incarnation hereafter would be of our own free will and out of reach for the AIF. Once the timelines have merged, they can't keep us here anymore, if we don't want to be here. I have this belief that if you read this material, you are ready to move on. I certainly am, or I wouldn't invest all this time in writing about it.

Now I can hear your next question: "How do I know if I'm ready?" The thing is, only you can answer that. Do you feel ready? What do you want to do? How strong is your wish to go in a certain direction? Those are probably the questions you need to ask yourself, and depending on what answers you receive from your inner self, you know how ready you are.

In the next chapter, we will explore a very interesting topic - the dream state. We are going to see how we can focus our mind to do exactly what we want it to do, and we are eventually, as we dig deeper into the unknown, going to consciously learn how to split our soul into fragments and send them out to other areas of the cosmos. Here's a simple example.

Every time you think emotionally about another person, you send out a counterpart of yourself embedded in the image you are sending to that person.

You are doing this beneath the intensity of matter, but in a definite form. This faction of you is within the image you are sending and can communicate directly with the target. People are doing this all the time without knowing what they're doing. This is specifically true with teenagers who are in love. A young girl may be lying in her bed daydreaming about the boy she loves but being too shy to talk to him.

There is a lot of emotions involved in the images she is sending over to the boy, who definitely feels it, regardless if he chooses to unconsciously ignore it or not. This is indeed how many relationships begin. If there is chemistry between the two, this could be what makes the two get together in real life, although they are unaware that their thoughts and emotions from a distance created the physical connection and the decision to date each other.

A word of caution is necessary here, however. Keep in mind that any kind of thoughts you are sending toward another person is felt by him or her, so be careful with what you're thinking - especially if you are putting emotions into your thoughts.

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