Chapter 3: Attributes of Soul and Mind

3E: Images, Imagination, and Projection - an Exercise in Nano-Traveling

Let us ponder for a moment the word ascension. Everybody is talking about it, but in different terms. The Christians say there will be a rapture followed by the Second Coming of Christ, and there will be peace on Earth for a thousand years.

Other religions say that their savior or saviors will return - New Agers say that we mysteriously will ascend to the fifth-dimension, while some claim that the Gods are returning and will overthrow the Global Elite, and after, there will be peace on Earth.

Others are waiting for the Harvest, when those who are worthy will in one way or the other be beamed up to either a higher dimension or a rest area by space aliens or Ascended Masters, where these humans will be waiting for those less lucky to be shuffled over to another planet, light-years away, to continue living in their misery.

Once that is done, the harvested people can return in enhanced bodies to Earth that now has transitioned into the fourth-or fifth-dimension, and on this new Earth, the faction of humanity that is worthy will live in peace and harmony in a much less dense world. The variations are many, but they are all talking about the same thing - the Ascension.

When you read the above paragraph, what is the common denominator? That's right, regardless of how the Ascension will happen, we will be assisted by somebody from outside of ourselves!

This is exactly where we all have to be very careful because I can say with certainty, that if you hear that we need physical or direct assistance from extraterrestrials, Jesus, Space Brothers, Ascended Masters, Gods, or whoever else I haven't mentioned, it is either disinformation, or a very vicious trap, that I don't want anybody to fall into. For those who don't believe me, please read the Wes Penre Papers, "The Third Level of Learning," and it should be obvious why I'm so blunt about this.

However, what is Ascension? Is it all just made up by the space aliens? No, the Ascension is taking place right now, and it's always been taking place amongst humans. However, I dislike the term Ascension because it has been so misused and is associated with negative energies that I want to avoid using it myself.

The same thing applies to the words rapture and harvest. Instead, I will use the term awakening, which has a much more benevolent ring to it. However, for the sake of argument, I will use the term Ascension in the next few paragraphs. Let us pretend that once upon a time in the past, all humans were on the same level when it comes to knowledge and development.

Then, every time a person had an aha moment, he or she awoke a little bit. Sometimes an aha moment led to another in a chain of events, and other times one aha moment was perhaps the only one in that lifetime. Let's say this was thousands of years ago. A single person then reincarnated over and over again and got more and more aha moments over time, all the way up to the present.

The same thing of course happened to all of humanity, but some got more of those moments while others got less. Each time people have a moment of insight, they wake up (or ascend) a little more. Now, during the nano-second, people started getting aha moments left and right and one upon the other, waking up in droves and at a relative fast pace, compared to before the nano-second.

This is usually called The Great Awakening amongst those who have researched this particular time, including myself. Every time we wake up a little bit more, we start vibrating a little faster, and we're getting a little bit closer to the upper limit of the locked-in frequency band of the Frequency Prison.

Many more people than we think get aha moments, but then they just discard them as something strange they can't explain because it doesn't fit in with their belief systems, so they shake their heads and try to forget about it. These people are in the majority and, unfortunately, the ones who will have the hardest time in the near future. Ignorance is not bliss!

The rest of us, the smaller group who reads books such as this one, take the insights to heart and process them. If the new information feels more beneficial than the information we previously had, we let the old beliefs go and embrace the new ones. Remember that a new belief system doesn't have to be truer than the one we had earlier - it just needs to benefit our progress better. Truth, mind you, is relative indeed.

Thus, we learn more and more and become more and more awake to the fact that life is a thousandfold more than just the five senses. I bring this up because I see on the Internet that some people are disappointed why there wasn't an Ascension by the end of 2012.

Those who are asking this question are often the ones who define ascension due to New Age definitions. The truth is that we are ascending beyond belief almost every day when we learn something new about ourselves, people around us, the planet we live on, and the universe around us.

Those who say that 2012 was the same as any year, I wholeheartedly disagree with. I have never had so many insights as I've had the last two years - 2011 and 2012. If I look back to the time before that, I believe I was quite asleep in comparison. Therefore, the Awakening is happening constantly.

The Awakening in itself is simply a matter of moving mental image pictures around in our minds and creating new ones as we go along. Never underestimate your own power of creation. Don't get fooled by one of the most vicious manipulative ideas that we all need to see the same reality or we're on the wrong track.

As we are waking up, we notice that we start seeing things differently than people in our environment see, and sometimes that can make the newly awoken person a little uncertain. Here is Billy, for example. He asks himself, "Am I on the right track here? What do other people who are waking up think?"

This is, unfortunately, very common, and here is an area where we need to improve. Billy, is uncertain and starts asking questions to other people who have already woken up to a larger degree than himself (he thinks). To his dismay, he notices that John, who is a much-respected researcher into these things, does not share Billy's new visions.

He says that Billy is incorrect. Therefore, Billy discards his new insights and instead incorporates John's worldview because John is so respected and out there, teaching people all the time. "John should know, and if I follow and imitate John, I will end up in the same place as he is, which must be good!"

Please avoid that trap! John does not know more than Billy. The only difference between Billy and John is that they have developed different ways of seeing things, and that is absolutely acceptable, and should be encouraged. There is more than one way of looking at reality, and your way is no less correct than mine is and vice versa.

All I can do by writing papers and books is to share my worldview and my belief systems as they have worked for me. I am not expecting anybody to incorporate everything I write or say - these are only guidelines, and that's why I'm writing so much.

I want the reader to have much to choose from and become inspired by what is written. All I want is for the reader to be inspired, and perhaps, somewhere in my writings, I happen to say a few things that the readers can use as a springboard to their own next level of learning.

On occasion, my views coincide frequently with other people's views, or readers think that they can use a lot of the material, and that is fine as well, as long as it is selfdetermined and not adopted because Wes Penre says so. The latter is my only concern as a metaphysical writer because I know that this happens on occasion.

That's why we all need to break the spell that has been put upon us that some people know better than others. All we can do is inspire each other to look inside to find our own truths, which is equivalent to working belief systems. I, for one, wouldn't have been able to write one single word if it were not for other people who have inspired me to move to my personal higher levels of learning.

Always go your own way and trust your heart. Ask your body if you're uncertain, rather than always asking other people. There is nothing wrong with asking for advice, at times, and be pointed in a certain direction when you feel stuck, but make it a habit to go inside and ask the questions instead.

You will always get an answer, even if the answer may not always be what you expect - even if the body doesn't always give you what you expect, it always gives you what you need and not always in a direct manner either - it may even create a barrier or an obstacle for you, but rest assured that this obstacle is exactly what you need in order to continue making progress. You must always do the work yourself - that's what we're all here for.

Never stop seeking knowledge. Humans, in their natural state, are a very curious species, although laziness has taken over many curious minds as of late. However, if your desire to learn is strong enough, the knowledge you need will come to you. Often you don't even need to look for it. I have experienced that so many times that I have made it into an axiom because I know it's true. If it happens to me, it will happen to anybody who has a strong desire to know. Here, mental images are very important, although we don't think of them as images.

Nonetheless, that's what they are! With your thoughts, you create an image of what you want - you put some strong emotions to the thought, and it will transpire into the image. The strong thought you put out is also what we call intention, and with these things present, the energies of the universe will bend to your will, and you will receive what you want and need.

Speaking of images and projection, let's do a simple exercise in nanotraveling. It is best to read through this and then go back and do the exercise the way it's intended. It's quick and easy. You don't need to memorize every step of the exercise - just do the best you can to recall important steps, such as standing in the forest, looking at the environment, and using your eyes, ears, and smell to feel that you are there.

Now, close your eyes and imagine a forest you have been inside in the past (if you can't recall one, just imagine any forest at all). Visualize yourself standing there somewhere in a part of the forest that you can recall quite clearly. Look at the trees, the bushes, and a blue sky on a warm summer day with the sun shining through the trees.

Listen to the breeze making the leaves move slowly, and hear the birds sing, sitting on the branches, hidden from you. Imagine the smells of the forest. Inhale them and feel the pleasure in doing so. Can you actually smell the forest? Now, start walking around and explore what is there, both on the ground and higher up. Remain in the forest for perhaps a minute or so. Then slowly return into your body and feel how your consciousness fills the whole space of your body. Take a few deep breaths, and when you're ready, open your eyes.

What is your impression? Were you actually there in the forest? Could you smell it? If you couldn't, it's not a big deal - if you do the exercise a few times, you will be able to. What you actually did was a simple form of remote viewing, or nano-traveling. You sent a part of your soul to the forest and experienced it in the non-physical.

At the same time, you were sitting in front of this book, with most of your consciousness still in the room. In other words, most people nano-travel all the time, but they don't think about it as such - they believe it's just them dreaming themselves away. In fact, we are using the lower brainwave cycles to nano-travel because these slow cycles connect with the subquantum world, which is the Spirit World.

Of course, you can do exercises such as this on your own and go wherever you want to in your mind. It's a very good practice to do every now and then in order to prepare you for becoming multidimensional.

This exercise was a very simple example of the soul splitting itself into a smaller faction. You used your thought to create an image in your mind of the forest - then you put some emotion to it and an intention to go with it as well.

Before you knew it, a portion of your soul was there. In more advanced terms, this is exactly what the Oversoul does when it partitions itself and sends factions of itself to Earth to reincarnate in 3-D. You, the one who I'm talking to now, are one such faction of your own Oversoul.

Other factions of you are here as well, living in different times, experiencing different things. You have a connection to all these factions, and one of the exercises we did in the Wes Penre Papers was to merge the timelines. We didn't have to do much because the energies coming in from the Galactic Center during the nano-second did most of the job - all we needed to do was to process what came up in our lives and, thus, heal our own timelines.

In more advanced nano-traveling there are more senses than just our 3-D senses involved, but that's something that comes naturally later on. 105

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