Chapter 3: Attributes of Soul and Mind

3D: 3-D Versus Higher Dimensions

Nature is a program, and we humans are creatures of nature. This is how it always was meant to be, and from here on Earth, we were supposed to evolve together with the planet we live on. This has been severely delayed because for a long time, thousands of years to be more precise.

We did not follow our own path - instead, we listened to others, who we thought knew better, for our development. Therefore, evolution, more or less, stagnated for a significant amount of time. It was actually not until the later part of the 1900s that a portion of mankind started evolving as we were meant to. However, even now, those whom we have always looked up to as authorities are doing their best to keep the spiritual awakening under control.

They are not going to stop it from happening because they want it to happen - in small portions - because they think they can gain from it, too, by ruling us in a higher dimension. However, some of us are seeing through even that and are more and more starting to think independently after having gained insights into how the System works.

Still, the majority of mankind is not done with experiencing the trap they are sitting in. Nothing can shake their belief systems, and even though there is much pain and suffering in their own lives and in their environment, they still have no wish to leave it.

They are still too fascinated by the physical reality to educate themselves in what might exist outside of their five senses, while there are some, such as ourselves, who have outgrown it and are ready to expand our experience to what exists outside the prison walls.

A 3-D state is like a trance state we have been stuck in, but since the beginning, some people have been able to feel the existence of other realities. A piece of artwork or creativity, in general, such as writing this book, is not merely a 3-D accomplishment. This kind of work is always multidimensional - not just the result of it, but also writing it.

You can't write a book, compose a song, write a good poem, or create a painting, without contacting other realities - they are all multidimensional work. For example, when I write, I always tune into other aspects of reality that I normally can't perceive, and from there I get my inspiration.

Once connected, there is no problem to write. However, a person who limits himself or herself to perceiving only three dimensions can't accomplish any significant artwork and won't understand other people's art. It's a dichotomy, but sometimes you already have to be multidimensional to become multidimensional.

A painting that is painted in a 3-D reality is flat, but artists, using their skills, can create an illusion that the painting has three dimensions. If the same painting were created in a higher dimension, the artists would have no problems with making the painting truly three dimensional if they wanted to.

In an interdimensional reality, you can create anything you want, including any effect you want - it's only your own imagination that limits you. We can sometimes get glimpses of being multidimensional when we hear a voice in our head speaking out of context or you see images that don't correspond with your own current thoughts.

For example, you can think about what you want for dinner and suddenly an image of a high, majestic mountain that rises above a beautiful, but for you, unknown landscape, appears in your mind. You have no idea where this picture comes from, but it looks very real. You have just experienced a multidimensional moment, and of course, this landscape exists somewhere - it may not even be on this planet, or if it is, it could stem from another space and time.

Beings that don't dwell in our physical world don't see it as we do. Other types of consciousness exist in the same space as we do but don't perceive the physical objects. Instead, their reality has other kinds of camouflaged structures that we can't perceive.

Therefore, usually the two realities are not aware of each other. Hence, you can sit in a room with no other human in there, thinking you are alone, when in fact you are not. The space you think you own can be quite crowded with consciousness from other realities, but they won't bother you, and you won't bother them.

To be able to live in a 3-D reality, linear time is required, or it wouldn't be 3-D. There is basically nothing wrong with living in the 3-D world because, after 98 all, it is only a frequency band, and as such, it makes room for certain types of experiences that are limited to this frequency. It's only when you're being locked into this frequency, with no ability to move outside of it that it becomes a trap.

Living in the material world, having that kind of experience, and being multidimensional are three different things, but you can do them all at once, which is our goal. This also protects us because as long as we're attached to our physical body, which has its own attributes, we are limited to the body's own neurological system as long as we are experiencing the world outside through our body. Linear time in that sense may limit us, but it is also protecting us. Seth gave an example of how it would be if time weren't linear:

Say that your father throughout his lifetime has eight favorite chairs. If your perceptive mechanisms were primarily set up as a result of intuitive association rather than time sequence, then you would perceive all of these chairs at one time - or seeing one, you would be aware of the others. Therefore, environment is not a separate thing in itself, but the result of perceptive patterns, and these are determined by psychological structure.
Seth Speaks, p.16, op. cit. 99

In other words, if you saw the physical reality from a multidimensional viewpoint all the time, time itself would be simultaneous, and all objects you can see would appear in front of you from the time they were created until the time of destruction, which is some time in the future. This wouldn't only be confusing and overload our nervous system, but if this were how you experienced reality, there would be no learning lessons because you would already see how things start and how they end. Even if you change events and create new timelines, you would still see the beginning and end of the objects that are a part of that timeline as well. Life would become quite boring after a while. Beings who live in other dimensions create in a different fashion and can learn from experience, just as we do.

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