Chapter 3: Attributes of Soul and Mind

3B: The Ego and the Multidimensional Mind

It's the physical mind, which we sometimes call the analytical mind or the ego, that maintains the images of the physical world we live in. The subconscious mind, as one of its tasks, stores images from the past, and is also the dream state or the multidimensional mind. The ego is often quite underestimated and misunderstood.

When people are very selfish and brag about themself, we say they have a big ego, and we usually don't connect that with something positive. Other times, we identify the ego with brain capacity - i.e. intelligence.

Intelligence, as we see it here in the physical realm, is based on how good we are at solving problems in 3-D and how easily we can learn things in this reality. Ego, in other words, is considered being the human personality. It is from this mind we often judge a person.

In some part of the New Age Movement, however, the ego is often looked down on as something we should minimize as much as we can. The ego is seen as something unwanted and undesirable. Instead, the New Agers want to develop the multidimensional or the subconscious mind (I will use the two interchangeably from here on).

Both New Agers and society in general have missed the point with the ego. As long as we live in a 3-D world, it is the ego that navigates us through it.

Without the ego, or with a much-diminished ego, we would be quite lost here. It's the problem solver - the analytical mind that is in charge over the 3-D aspect of the body. The ego experiences things in the material world.

The multidimensional mind is very different and may seem to be lightyears away from the analytical mind. While the ego wants everything in an orderly manner, the subconscious mind seems random and unorganized in comparison. You know this because your dreams often don't seem to make sense in a way you're used to.

In fact, the subconscious mind is not as unorganized as we may think - it's just that it is not linear. What we experience in the subconscious and is hidden from us in our waking state is pure multidimensional and happens in many different dimensions. In a far-distant past, when the AIF created Homo sapiens, the multidimensional mind was disconnected from the analytical mind in order for us to be able to have a linear time experience.

How would they control us otherwise? A multidimensional being, who can travel freely and fluidly between the dimensions, can't be controlled and contained in a fenced in area, which Earth in its present state must be considered to be. The disconnection between the minds is not by any means physical, of course, and is not there, but we have been manipulated not to be able to experience it.

It is done by keeping us in a frequency fence that makes it impossible to contact the multidimensional mind on a conscious level, unless we raise our vibrations to a point where we vibrate on a frequency higher than that which is set by the AIF.

My research has taught me that the majority of mankind still considers themselves having things to learn in this 3-D reality and couldn't cope with the downloads from the cosmos, which were hitting us during the nano-second. Most of these downloads came (and still come, but less frequently) in the form of powerful gamma rays, carrying a massive amount of information, which is happening very rarely in our terms.

Very few people, relatively speaking, were ready to receive and take in this higher form of energy and information. Although this information, carried on waves of light, hits everybody and everything that comes in its way, the receiving end must be ready and willing to accept it, or most of it just goes right through the bodies.

So what does this mean? This means that only those who were ready, did take in the information, and were willing to process it in order to evolve spiritually, physically, and intuitively did what they were supposed to do in this stage of development: felt ready to move on. Do you believe that you have outgrown the 3-D reality?

Do you think similar to how you thought when you went from adolescence to adulthood, when you grew out of the habits you had as a child and were ready to meet the world as a grown-up adult? If you do, you are ready to move on and will not be able to reincarnate on this particular version of Earth anymore because it no longer vibrates on your frequency.

Most people, however, will go through the normal cycle of death, afterlife, and rebirth into the same reality they left because they didn't make much progress during the nanosecond.

As a matter of fact, if you fit the description of one who has grown out of your current reality and you wouldn't do much more in this lifetime but to maintain your frequency, you would automatically reincarnate into a higher frequency Earth next time.

However, the purpose of this book is to speed up the process of raising our frequency and become multidimensional. If we learn how to do it and practice it, not only will we find ourselves ahead of the game in this lifetime, but the chances are great that we will make more conscious choices after we exit our bodies in this life, and if we choose to come back to Mother Earth, we will speed up the process of coming to a point where the current suppression of mankind ceases to exist as a parallel existence on the same version of the planet where we will live.

Some may wonder why the AIF and their Machine Kingdom will exist side by side with us still if we are raising our frequency and reincarnate to a higher frequency Earth. I mentioned this phenomenon in passing a bit earlier, but I need to go into it a little bit more because it's important to understand. If you think of Earth existing within a frequency band of 1-10 on any given scale, this is the frequency band the AIF controls.

Now, let's say the average human vibrates at a 3-5 on this scale - he and she are well within the range of AIF control. Now, let's imagine that those who have evolved during the nano-second or before average a 7-8 on this scale, they are still within the 1-10 range, but are starting to vibrate close to the borderline of the 3-D existence.

Hence, during the next incarnation, they may be born into a version of Earth that vibrates on an 8-9 on this scale, and the controlled society that exists side by side with them becomes less and less prominent and almost stops affecting their reality. Possibly, in the life after that, an evolved person will incarnate on a version of the planet that vibrates on an 11- 12, which is outside the realm of control, and the AIF and their Machine Kingdom can't meet the vibration of this new reality and will not be there when the person incarnates.

The question is, how fast do you want to reach an 11-12, or even a 14-15? It depends on how well prepared you are. It's this kind of preparation I am doing my absolute best to transmit to the reader in this book and, perhaps, in upcoming books too. How successful this book will be remains to be seen, but I know that it will definitely speed up the process.

Before we move on, let's do a little exercise for those who want to be able to distinguish without any doubts between the body, mind, and the soul. It's easier to do than people think. First, take a look at your body. It's obviously a body, and it appears to be physical and solid. Now close your eyes and imagine a cat. The cat you see inside of yourself is appearing in your mind, so that is your mind. However, who is looking at the cat? The answer is the soul, which is you.

Therefore, from now on you can easily distinguish among the three.

What we basically want to do in order to become more multidimensional is to get access to our subconscious mind, which is easiest to do in the dream state, and we do it every night. However, we are not in analytical control over that mind, which is something that we want to achieve in order to both be able to stay in a physical reality and be multidimensional at the same time. Hence, we want the ego, or the analytical mind, and the multidimensional mind to work together.

In other words, we want to reconnect what the AIF once upon a time disconnected us from. We will start going into details about these issues in the next chapter, which will take the reader on a most interesting journey. The key is that when we can consciously contact the dream state, we also start vibrating on a higher rate.

This may sound like a contradiction because the dream state vibrates on a low frequency, but by contacting these multidimensional realms, we also stimulate the Higher Consciousness, which makes the soul and the body vibrate faster.

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