Chapter 3: Attributes of Soul and Mind

3A: Language versus Telepathy

Our physical reality must be agreed upon to a certain extent to be able to exist because in its basic form it's just like dancing energies - this is how other star beings from other dimensions see it. Perhaps, it would be better to say that those who have agreed to live in this physical reality we call 3-D have agreed to vibrate within a certain frequency, so we can perceive with our five senses what this frequency contains. This frequency, which we usually call a dimension, also contains a large number of densities, which determine the degree of solidity of the material world.

In higher dimensions, beings are telepathic and don't necessarily need words to communicate like we do. Words are agreed upon and pronounced in certain ways so that we can be understood by others who live in the same reality.

Because words are symbols, it doesn't make them lifeless or powerless. In fact, never underestimate the power of words. When we speak and put emotions and intentions behind our words, what we say can get across as powerful - whereas, someone who speaks with little or hardly any emotions and intentions is rarely heard and often overlooked.

The written word can be at least, if not more powerful than the spoken word. If a writer is artistic, he or she can convey emotions and intentions in the written words, which impact the reader. A skillful writer leaves a part of his or her soul in the writing.

We may not often think about it, but every time we use words to explain something to somebody, we create a mental image - a form - in the other person's mind. However, depending on how skillful we are in using words, the other person will picture what you are saying closer to or further away from the point you want to make. Therefore, poor or sloppy communicators will have a hard time getting their message across because the receiver has a hard time creating a mental image that corresponds with the message.

This is exactly where the power of words fades compared with telepathy.

We are all telepathic, but the reason we use words instead of direct communication mind-to-mind is because the solidity of this reality makes it very hard to convey a message between two minds without using an intermediate, such as words. At one time, in a previous form, long before Homo sapiens were created, the Earth was much less dense - therefore, telepathy became the number-one choice for communication.

However, when the AIF took over and genetically manipulated the previous human species, the so-called Namlú'u, they changed the Earth's frequency to a lower one, reality here became more solid, and thoughts couldn't travel as freely and easily through this dense space. This is probably the reason why we started using speech. Words, however, are useful when we want to store information, whether it's in a novel, letter, or for educational purposes.

There is also an important reason why the AIF doesn't want us to master telepathy. It's true that star beings like them can cloak their thoughts to a certain degree, but it takes a lot of energy to do so, and it's not always successful. They knew you couldn't lie in a world where telepathy is the way to communicate.

Therefore, they had to make sure our minds no longer were in such close contact with each other for us to be able to directly share our thoughts. Albeit, they weren't successful in doing this because we are still telepathic to a certain degree and quite often read each other's thoughts and receive other people's thoughts inside our heads.

However, usually we don't know that these thoughts came from the other person - we think these thoughts were our own, and this can get very confusing for humans. Hence, we also need to practice how to separate our own thoughts from other people's thoughts. There will be more on this later.

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