Chapter 2: Programming for the Second Golden Age

2F: Our Current Life Situation

In the Wes Penre Papers we talked about that we are trapped here in the 3-D because the AIF manipulated our DNA to such an extent that we got trapped here in this reincarnation cycle in order to work as a slave race for the gods. Now we're going to change that perception. We are actually not trapped at all - not unless we decide that we are.

It is true that the bodies of Homo sapiens have holograms embedded into them, which seemingly trap the soul in them and the soul can't get out easily, but everything is perception and, more important - beliefs and agreements. What we need to do to free ourselves is to disagree 100% on what the AIF and the Global Elite want us to agree on. It's easier said than done, you may say, and you are right!

That's why we need to do it step by step. However, keep in mind that disagreement is the key to freedom! Life on Planet Earth is for everybody, no exceptions: you get born and you are immediately indoctrinated by your parents, who think they are doing and telling you, what is absolute best for you. You go through school, and you learn thousands of things, that you don't need to know.

Some of it is outright lies, some of it is half-truths, and some of it is true. If it's true, it's only because the Power Elite need you to know that in order to serve them better. What you learn from many years of education is not something, they teach you, because it's meant to be valuable for you, but because it's valuable for them. You are groomed and prepared for a life in slavery.

In general, the more educated you are, the more indoctrinated and manipulated you become (unless you somewhere along the line wake up to this fact), and as a reward, you earn more money. However normally, the educated people have so many school loans, that they are in debt for the rest of their lives, unless they are children of the super-rich Elite.

These super-rich children don't go to regular school, but to Harvard and Stanford, where they learn different things from what you and I learn. They are groomed, too, but for a life as members of the super-rich families, so they are also heavily manipulated.

Anyway, without being mentally ready for it, we have children, and we teach them all we have learned from our parents and in school, and we think, that we are doing the children a great favor. They grow up, go to school, and learn similar things that their parents learned, and so the cycle starts all over.

The only purpose with this kind of life is to become good slaves. You are taught manners so that you respond properly to authority and are ready to take orders from those a step higher up in the hierarchy ladder than you are. These who are higher up than you, have usually had a slightly different education, but they, too, have learned manners so they can take orders from those one rung higher up on the ladder.

Sometimes people rebel and forget their manners, but they are immediately reprimanded, and if necessary, they get fired without pay or unemployment. The threat of losing everything can keep even the best rebel in check. They have seen the beggars on the street corners, whom the Elite don't mind having there at all to remind people how it goes if they don't conform. It's successful!

You give the beggar a few dollars every now and then because you hope that if you for any reason (God forbid) get in that situation, someone else will give a few dollars to you. Therefore, you live through your work life until you're 65-67 and then you retire. However, by then, you're normally already so exhausted from a life as a slave, that you have no energy to rebel. Instead, you want to do things you haven't been able to do that much before, such as travel (if your funds allow, which they usually don't these days). At least you do no harm to the System. Then you die, go to the astral plane, and get groomed for the next life in slavery.

Does this sound depressing and horrible? It should. Still, this is the life we all live on Planet Earth under the Regime. Can you see how manipulated we are? The Regime doesn't even have to police us because we are doing that so well ourselves. The hierarchy is set up so that everybody has their role to play, and they reprimand those who don't follow the rules - thus we police ourselves.

All the Regime needs to do, is to every now and then change a little rule here and a little rule there, when they see things getting a little out of hand, and usually, everything will be fine after that. If people still start to annoy the Regime, the Regime just orchestrates a big Event, such as 9/11 or the Boston Bombings. These kinds of events terrify the masses, the Regime gets a chance to feed on it, and they can then create tighter security rules and laws for us, based on events they themselves created. Their slaves will thank them for keeping them safe - cameras on every corner.

People who read this, couldn't possibly say it isn't true, you think? However, they do! That's how manipulated most of us are. It's self-evident - nevertheless, the majority of the population can't see that - instead, they find justifications by using their own belief systems as a base in order to convince themselves and others, that the above is not true. Then they go on living in the slave society and comfort themselves with TV and computer games, which both will further indoctrinate them.

It's a sad story, but a brilliant setup by the AIF and their minions, the Global Elite. Then, our belief systems create the Grid, which surrounds the planet, holding our non-beneficial beliefs in a thick layer, stopping us from seeing the real universe. The Grid, you see, is based almost solely on our own twisted belief systems that color our lives. The holes in the Grid are due to explosions, depending on the people who are awakening and ripping holes in the Grid. However, the reason the Grid is there is because of our own set limitations.

You see, instead of creating, perhaps, the biggest database on Earth on the Illuminati and the Global Elite, I could have written one single article, only containing what I wrote here above. However, if I did, no one would have paid attention. People needed to look at the problem from a thousand different angles in order to find something there, that they dared to agree on, perhaps, saying to themselves: "Well, this thing that he writes here I think is safe to agree with - it won't do me any harm." Then, they read another one, become braver and braver, started seeing things from another point of view, and slowly woke up. This was needed back in 1998.

I would also want you to look at what I just wrote in the above paragraphs for another reason. Can you see that we are doing all this to ourselves? I am not saying, that we are to blame, but we are so well conditioned into becoming obedient slave workers for the Regime, that we are not hesitating to do what the Regime, and ultimately the AIF, wants us to do.

We are even policing ourselves! We are manipulated - true - but we are still agreeing with our oppressors. Is it then so strange that we don't get any help from star beings out there? How can they help us when we and the oppressors are rubbing shoulders? At least, that's how it looks like to star beings.

They can't baby us and start throwing the intruders out while we're still in this pitiful state because if they did, we are like children hanging onto our mother's skirts, sucking our thumbs in pure fear, and not learning anything. Mom takes care of it! We're supposed to go into adulthood now as a race, not back to early childhood. Therefore, please forget about saviors and Messiahs.

OK, some may say, all that makes sense, and we have to start to peacefully disagree to being manipulated slaves, but we still have the implanted holograms in our bodies and the afterlife to deal with, right? Well, yes, we do. However, again, only knowing about how the trap is setup is doing 50% of the work. If we would stop here and go no further, we would still have accomplished a whole lot.

By understanding our situation, we have taken a step to the side and are now automatically looking at humankind and the dilemma they are in from outside.

You are no longer like they are because this knowledge alone has made you a 85 Homo Nova. You will never again be able to go back and be like the majority of the population - it's impossible. Therefore, you have to go somewhere from here, and wherever you go, it can't be back, and you know it. Do you want to move on? I do.

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