Chapter 2: Programming for the Second Golden Age

2E: The Human Body as a Divine Vessel

In the Wes Penre Papers, I referred to our human bodies as Divine. I said that we originally, before the AIF came, were a very special experiment, instigated by the Mother Goddess herself. Indeed, She also manifested Herself in physical and metaphysical form as Mother Earth or Mother Gaia. I explained that the human soul consists of a multitude of super-tiny Fires, which come together and form a light-body, an Avatar, around the physical body. These fires light up every cell in our body, which makes the whole body Divine because our Fire is that of the Goddess herself!

She invested a part of herself directly in the human creation, so indeed we are Royal with a capital "R" and Divine with a capital "D" at the same time - Royal because the Goddess is also the Queen of the Stars. We are thus very special to her, and we also have abilities that other star races don't have. These abilities have made some of them quite jealous, while others think it was a great idea of the Goddess to create us, although in present time we are more like a liability to the star races out there because of how we misuse energy.

The Experiment was at least twofold. The first was for the original humans to be the Guardians of the Living Library, which I have been saying many times before. Homo sapiens are quite a watered-down version of earlier humans, who were much fitter for the task as they were multidimensional. Now, however, we are slowly but surely getting back to how we once were, and thanks to the nanosecond and our own willingness to use the incoming energies intelligently, we have the potentials to become like our ancestors of millions of years back.

The other part of the Experiment is something we haven't talked much about, if at all. Not only are our bodies multidimensional by default and we only I have to rediscover that and learn how to maneuver a multidimensional body, but there is another part to it too. "Our bodies can hold all states of consciousness, all the way up the dimensional chart, if you will, to that of Creator or Source!"

Ref: "Fear of Choice", Ramshi, 12th Dimensional Master Geneticist/Universal Architect, channeled by Wendy Kennedy on July 5, 2009. This is only one of many references I have for this - and a couple of the sources must remain anonymous for their protection. Research into this area has convinced me that the following is the case: our human bodies are capable of anything we can imagine and more. They are truly Divine!

This is something I have become very convinced of during my research. Unfortunately, we have been dumbed down to such a degree, that we think our bodies are only vessels for our souls at best, and at worst, we think the bodies are us, and we only live once. In both cases, we are treating the body way under its capacities, quite like if we would treat a very knowledgeable and intelligent adult as a two-year-old child. By misunderstanding our bodies to such a degree, we constantly invalidate them. There's no wonder they get ill or protest in one way or another. In addition, we pump them full of toxins and destroy their essence, cell by cell, until the cells start multiplying abnormally and create cancers.

In reality, our body is much more intelligent than we (as in our personality) are. This is why I am not the only one to tell you to go within for answers. It doesn't matter which question you want answered - the body knows! Within some cults and spiritual schools, a few decades ago, the body was neglected, and all the learning was concentrated on the soul, and we needed a teacher at all times to tell us how things are and what is the truth and what is not.

Now, at least, we start understanding things a little better. In fact, the body must be the center of our learning process, whether it's learning about the physical or the non-physical world. It is very true if I tell you that the whole universe exists within your body, and that, of course, includes all dimensions and everything else! This means that we can continue evolving into the next frequency band and then to the one after that and so on, but we continue to use our body as a ground and a stabilizer.

By looking inwards to our body for answers, we discover more and more of the body's mysteries and can use it for more and more purposes - even to travel the stars. Spaceships are Stone Age - we will not need them to travel through space and across the dimensions, as we shall see. Of course, we talked many times about nano-travel in the Wes Penre Papers, but we are going to delve into it on a little deeper level in this book.

Here is another misconception. In the New Age movement, but also elsewhere, people think that the Third Eye (the Pineal gland) is where our energies should be concentrated. I'm not saying it's wrong to concentrate energies to that area - it's another chakra we need to open - but where we must put our main attention right now is in the heart chakra. This is the place where we can reach all levels of consciousness.

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