Chapter 2: Programming for the Second Golden Age

2D: The Tree of Life is found

A question I know many people who read information such as this will ask is if the new, enhanced Homo Nova will live longer than Homo sapiens, and if so, how long? The short answer to that question is a definite yes - our lifespan will increase! The body you have now, after all the upgrades and information (light) you've been adding to it will already have the potential to live longer than those who didn't pay attention during the nano-second. Some of us may also have noticed that we look younger and sometimes get compliments when people are guessing our age and think we are 10-15 years younger than we look.

This is no coincidence (if this is not the case with you, the reader, it's nothing to worry about. It doesn't mean you're necessarily going to die earlier). The secret elixir to a long life is to raise our vibrations, and once we have managed to evolve out of the trap once and for all and live on an Earth free from oppression, we are all going to increase our longevity substantially. Then take away the Between Lives Area, where people go after they die, and you don't even think about longevity anymore because you live forever.

In the beginning, when the benevolent gods created life on Earth, billions of years ago, they created the 3-D as a dimension of spirit and matter combined for souls to have that experience, but there was no amnesia. The first humans who lived here before the AIF came half a million years ago had more or less eternal life because the purpose was to experience 3-D in one go and then move on to something else. If a body was in an accident and couldn't be salvaged, the soul could easily "jump bodies" and continue her experience where she left off.

There was no amnesia involved. Again, to find something positive in our current situation where amnesia is an issue, we can say that in spite of the hardship it creates, we have to be more creative to survive, and the learning lessons are much greater than if we would have all memories intact. Some people have lived in a loop because they die without having accomplished much and have to start over again, which may seem as a waste of time and energy for that being, but for those who managed to learn something and move forward despite the oppression all around, they come out of this experience quite wise, procreative, and proactive - something other star beings can learn from.

Homo Nova's bodies will be genetically structured to last much longer than that of Homo sapiens by default, but no one will any longer be worried about death because we all will know that it's just another experience and just a minor one on the New Earth.

I need to tell you a very interesting story, however, which has to do with longevity. Once again, I will refer to the book Anastasia by Vladimir Megré. The author of the book was a Russian entrepreneur and travelled many times throughout Russia on business. In the taiga, a very special cedar tree grows, and it is fairly common in certain parts of Siberia. The same cedar tree also grows wild in Lebanon.

Megré was stunned when he happened upon some elders in a small village in the middle of nowhere in Siberia. They were in their 120s and looked like they were 70 and still going strong. One of them was Anastasia's great grandfather. The reason that they got so old was because of this special cedar tree. They carved out amulets, that they kept on their chests, and they ate the nuts from the tree and the oil that they contained.

This nut was supposedly increasing the lifespan of these people. Those who wore the amulet also emitted a very nice, attractive body odor, and the amulet alone made people look younger and made them healthier. A 119 year old man insisted, that if you wear one of these amulets, you never get sick, or if you are sick and put it on, it cures your disease - even cancer.

The author was a very logical and analytical man with both feet on the ground and didn't believe much of what the elder said. He treated it more like superstition. However, later when he was in an entrepreneur meeting with some businessmen, there was a person in that meeting that particularly drew Megré's attention, and this man also kept looking at Megré during the meeting without saying anything. This man knew about the author's encounter with the elders, and after the meeting, he approached Megré and told him that if Megré could deliver fresh nuts from the cedar tree to him in his home country on a regular basis, he would pay the author more than these nuts were worth on the market.

To make a long story short, Megré put two and two together and realized that this businessman took the oil from the nuts and sold it as life-extending oil to rich people. Megré got very interested and wanted to build his own company, that would do the same thing in Russia and wanted to find out, what exactly was done with this oil - what was the process?

He started researching and asking around, but when he came closer to the source, he was told to stay away from it all together, and the tone in which he was told was quite threatening. This was when he started to understand the corruption in this world. Apparently, only the superrich had access to this life-extending elixir, and perhaps this is the secret to why certain people of the Global Elite are still very active even in their 90's. Perhaps, those who are even higher up in the hierarchy than the Rockefellers and the Bush's - the invisible few - are the ones who get the potent elixir? The reason I am telling this story is because this cedar tree happens to grow in Siberia, which was also the physical place of the Garden of Edin (Eden).

Could it be that the Tree of Life indeed was the cedar tree, and already in the most ancient times, mankind was told not to eat from its fruits (nuts) and become immortal like the gods? It certainly makes me wonder . . .

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