Chapter 2: Programming for the Second Golden Age

2C: Foods and Diets

I just want to discuss this subject briefly, because sometimes people have a tendency to over-dramatize this issue. I like what the young girl Anastasia says in the book with the same title, written by Vladimir Mergé. She is brought up in the Russian taiga, far from civilization, is in telepathic communication with all the animals, and is in total harmony with nature. The author, who is used to city life, meets her in the mid-1990s, when Anastasia is in her mid-20s, and he becomes extremely fascinated by her apparent innocence and pure way of living.

This is supposedly a true story. When the author asks Anastasia, what she eats to be so healthy-looking, she tells him, that the problem with mankind is, that we concentrate too much on food. Food should be like breathing - you do it automatically while you go on with life. Of course, she is living in nature, so while she is busy doing whatever she is doing, she is picking a berry here and a mushroom there and just eats them, without placing any special attention on them.

When we live city lives, or even when we live in the countryside, it's hard to follow her advice literally, although I think there is a lot of wisdom in what she's saying. Anastasia is not concerned with what she's eating as long as she's eating. Or, if she doesn't feel like eating, she simply doesn't eat, perhaps for days.

In the Western world, in particular, we have become quite obsessed with food. Those who want us all to stay healthy promote more or less healthy diets, while huge fast-food signs can be seen everywhere. Society is full of contradictions.

Common sense tells us we shouldn't eat GM food, but it's not easy to stay away from all temptations that are thrown at us left and right from the corporate world every minute of our day. Some people adjust easily to what the health experts say and go along with life without any problem concerning nutrition. Others can't, for their lives, eat what they are supposed to, and they, consciously or subconsciously, feel bad about it. Again, it has to do with levels of consciousness.

Unless we're manipulated to eat certain things, we normally attract exactly what we need at the moment. If we are raising our frequency, after a while we start eating other kinds of food than what is promoted by the corporate world - lighter food and healthier food. When we do that, we show that we are ready to face new issues that will bring us further, into a more evolved state.

When we start eating lighter, it gives room for suppressed issues to come to the surface so we can work on them. If we hang on to eating unhealthily, there are issues we are still hanging onto that we are not willing to face. The shamans of old knew that if they made their body as healthy as possible, it became lighter and more transparent, which also made it more psychic. The body, when given healthy food, vibrates on a higher frequency and can more easily tune into other realities.

The solution is, as I see it, that we shouldn't listen so much to experts of any kind - instead, we should listen to our bodies - they know more than all experts together. Throw out all GM food, eat organic, and then I believe Anastasia's advice is valid. The body will tell you what it's craving if you take the time to listen to it. As soon as it is used to not getting junk food anymore, it starts craving more healthy things, which we then would provide it with.

I am aware that just because a package in the store says organic on it, it doesn't mean it's organic, so the best method to ensure that we get the food that will enhance the abilities of the body is finding local farmers with good reputations and buy from them, and them alone. If we listen to our bodies, we will soon notice a huge difference. We stop being sluggish - people who thought they weren't sluggish will sometimes notice that they actually were to a certain degree - and our energy level will increase dramatically.

Our thoughts become clearer, the fog inside our brains will dissolve, and we will think sharper and on a higher level. When we give the body what it needs, we will notice after a while that it becomes much easier to communicate with it.

I think it's acceptable to eat meat. It has certain protein and minerals that our bodies need - at least in its current form. Who knows how that will work in the next lifetime, with new bodies, but so far, most of us probably need meat to some extent. It is important, however, that the meat comes from animals that have lived good lives and have not been stressed or fed with hormones.

Before you start eating, be sure to bless the food and thank the animal for providing us with what we need. If you hunt and you stand next to the animal you just killed, thank the animal right there on the spot for providing you and your family with its meat. This will not only make the food taste better, but it's also a confirmation to the animal that we are aware that it has given up its life to maintain ours.

The plants have a different frequency as well and can, therefore, be quite therapeutic and have excellent medicinal abilities. If people only knew what each plant's medicinal value was, the human body would never have to be sick. There is medicine from plants for any disease we may have. The pharmaceutical industry knows this, and in fact, most medicine is based on plants, herbs, and other things that are growing in nature. They put a chemical substance with it in order to be able to patent it. This chemical substance is what creates the side effects.

Not only do the plants, herbs, mushrooms, and other substances from nature have a healing effect, they also have other attributes that go far beyond that. This is why Earth is called a Living Library - it's a storehouse for fauna and flora from different planets - many with codes embedded in them. One day, if we play our cards right, we may become aware of these codes and can help star beings from other parts of the cosmos by letting them explore the Living Library to receive what they're after. More about this is explained in the last chapter.

There is one last thing I want to add on food and diets. Because many people are on a spiritual path, they feel bad every time they eat their favorite candy. They know it's not good for them and create a reach-and-withdraw phenomenon toward the candy. This is far more destructive than to actually eat the candy and let the body work out the toxin. Don't deprive yourself from your favorite food or snack. Allow yourself to have it once in a while, and eat healthy the rest of the time. Eventually, the favorite candy will cease to be a favorite. Just don't worry about it. You are not less spiritual because you had a few pieces of processed candy.

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