Chapter 2: Programming for the Second Golden Age

2B: How to View Reality

Unfortunately, humanity has been programmed to believe that the five senses of the 3-D are all there are, and most people are afraid of the unknown. Before people have heard us out, they shake their heads and say we have no proof - they demand proof, which they are certain does not exist. I have long since passed the point, where I argue with people, who only accept proof, that is limited to the five senses. Of course, you can't prove, what is not of the five senses within the five senses - that's, by default, impossible. Instead, we need to learn to experience, what can't be physically proven, and that's where the proof is.

This is the main barrier for people in order to break through the prison walls. If all people said, "OK, I don't know what to believe, but let's give it a chance," that would be an amazing breakthrough for human consciousness. What we need for that to happen, is a unified event ten times bigger than 9/11, although such an event doesn't have to be negative, but could be.

When I'm writing this, one of the Boston Bombers has been killed and one has been caught, and the Texas Plant Explosion killed 35 people and left an entire town in ruins. These are both very shocking events for all Americans, but also for people abroad, who react to such tragedies in a big way - they feel the trauma in the mass consciousness. Such events are often orchestrated by forces behind the scenes to create more fear in people, that the forces can feed on, but these events are also unifying events.

They are not big enough to make a radical change in the human soul group, but they contribute. Albeit, the events are negative events with people losing their lives and many end up severely injured, they also have a positive side because they get people together. Like the Mayor of Boston said regarding the Marathon Bombings and I paraphrase: "During my 20 years as a Mayor, I have never seen the people of Boston coming together like this for a common cause."

These are incredibly tragic events, but on the flip side, they caused people to wake up. The awakening is, of course, happening constantly in the mass consciousness, so it's already there for those who want to tune into it, but incidents such as these make many people suddenly see things they didn't see before, and their lives change. Therefore, these events both took and saved lives, which means that those who died, didn't do it in vain. Some people will end up being very grateful to them, because they caused their own awakening.

Much of what we learn still comes from channeled material, and that is okay, as long as we get better at distinguishing, what is beneficial information and what is not. The following quote is from a lecture by Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka: "When we judge ourselves it takes longer to learn, and then we invalidate ourselves. We need to go with the flow and take what comes before us and do something with it. To go with the flow, without anxiety or fear, is the absolute fastest way to learn something. You change in the rate of who you are in a specific moment. If you change your view on who you are, you will change in a different rate."

Even small things in life are non-coincidental. We live in a program, but within this program, we have endless freedom to create if we were in much better control over our own fears. Everything that happens to us and around us is a response to something else that happened in an endless cause-and-effect situation. It's easy to understand if you, for example, hammer yourself on the thumb - it's going to hurt (cause and effect).

However, if you go into a store and suddenly meet your childhood friend there, whom you haven't seen in 30 years, we tend to call that a rare coincidence when in fact it is not. You may have gone to that store only to buy one thing and rush out, and there she is! For that to happen, one or both of you must either have thought very strongly about each other recently, or you could have dreamed about each other. Either way, it would have been a cause-and-effect situation.

Even in small situations such as that, we invalidate our abilities and don't think we can cause something like that to happen, but it wouldn't happen if we couldn't cause it to happen. There is absolutely nothing that happens that doesn't have a cause - small or big. This is another thing we need to practice - to acknowledge ourselves as creators. An open-minded person usually doesn't have a problem visualizing this when it's pointed out to them, but when confronted that we actually also create negative effects on ourselves and our environment, many people don't want to play anymore.

Still, it's so very important that we acknowledge ourselves as creators of both positive and negative effects without being judgmental about it. All the things we sweep under the carpet are the exact things that are going to stop us in the future from becoming multidimensional, and the sooner we confront them, the better.

Here is something very important I need to stress, and let's again take the Boston Bombings as an example. Almost all people would see this event as something very negative because people died and many are crippled for life - not to mention the trauma involved. Most people would not see this as something positive, unless they think that killing and traumatizing people is something positive. 

Still, when something as big as this happens, it's important to step back from the situation and look at it with a clear and unbiased mind. The negative aspects of the event are obvious, but how can this situation benefit humanity? If we listen to the news and people who got very emotionally effected, nothing positive whatsoever is going to be mentioned. However, it is important that we, in every situation in life, step back to see how the situation can support our development as a person or as a species.

In the case of the Boston Bombings, we already mentioned the positive aspect, but let's go over it again from a new perspective. When something like this happens, it also works as a unifying event for people. Those who would never want to get close otherwise were now rubbing shoulders, helping the injured and the situation in general. Everything else was forgotten and forgiven. This has a big positive impact on the mass consciousness - particularly in times of increased energies like this.

Therefore, this would be an appropriate way of looking at the Boston Bombings, 9/11, and other big, obviously, traumatizing events. It is not, however, only applicable to big events like these - I only used them as obvious examples to make my point. In life, we meet situations on an almost daily basis that we normally consider negative - for example, at first glance, some situations don't seem to benefit us.

However, let's change our attitude and realize that nothing would come our way if there weren't a learning lesson involved in the confrontation. Even if something looks like doom and gloom, you will find that in 100% of the times there is a learning lesson involved that will bring you forward - a small step forward or a big step forward, it's beside the point. If you can't find a learning lesson in it, you just haven't looked deeply enough.

Continue to look until you find the lesson to be learned. This is something we all need to do until it becomes second nature - it's important. This doesn't mean we should ignore that there also can be a negative side of a confrontation if we think it is necessary, but at least we must not stop there - foremost, we should spend our time figuring out where the learning lesson is.

Another thing we need to practice is compassion. Although people show this trait in the third-dimensional world as well, it's not typically a thirddimensional trait - at least not in its full capacity. Compassion is understanding.

It's easy to feel compassion for a child who suffers, but much harder to feel compassion for someone who is consciously evil. Ask people on the street if they would feel compassion for a serial killer or someone such as Hitler. Most people would say no. Still, it's important to feel compassion even for such extreme evil in order to let go from it and be sure not to pull something like that into our lives.

Once a person is vibrating on a certain frequency, compassion more and more becomes a part of that person's trait, like a part of the personality. People feel compassion where they previously did not because they now understand.

Understanding comes from increased awareness and higher consciousness.

A good saying, which originates from Native Americans, is that before you judge somebody you must walk in that person's moccasins. It means that we need to see things from the other person's perspective in order to better understand why he or she acts in a certain way. Compassion always brings peace, which is something someone with higher consciousness always strives for. The reason why people go to war and kill their fellow man in battle is because they lack compassion, which is a lack of understanding.

You may say that those who instigate war understand what they are doing and that they are just evil, but even evil is ignorance on its highest level. I wrote 1,500 pages worth of papers in order to create an understanding of the situation we humans are experiencing, and what it was that led up to it. We now understand why the Sirian Alliance, whom I herein call the AIF(AIF), does what it does. It's because of power, control, and ultimately revenge. We consider negative power as being evil.

Evil can be a method used to control others and an obsession to achieve and maintain power, but power over others is based on fear, and fear is based on ignorance. Therefore, what is it the AIF are ignorant about that makes them feel fear and makes them want to control and conquer others? First, it's fear of being attacked, which originally is based on a fear of not being good enough.

Even Lucifer's Rebellion was based on fear. Lucifer was afraid of losing his position to somebody else - therefore, he needed to show that he not only could hold his position but also could conquer the position of someone who is considered superior to him - in this case his Mother, the Goddess herself. Even if we understand all this, that doesn't mean we agree with what certain people do, and we don't have to.

We still can feel compassion for their situation and stop feeling hatred and anger toward those whom we consider being evil. When we can do that, we are using our heart chakra rather than our brain, and it's through our hearts we connect with the Divine inside of us, which is the same as the All That Is - the Divine Feminine. Being able to feel compassion where others feel anger and hatred is a tremendous achievement, which alone will raise your frequency quite considerably. Something to keep in mind because without compassion we can't make room for the New Human inside of us.

Nothing can be resolved on a global level without first resolving it on a personal level. When more people start feeling compassion, even toward what would be considered their adversaries, this trait is placing itself in the mass consciousness of others for them to pick up on.

When we find compassion for something, we release the energetic charge from it. An energetic charge between two people in this sense is like a chain that keeps them together, and on that chain, the other person's charge can travel and affect the other. This often happens subconsciously, and the person is usually not aware of this energetic connection. It's therefore important to handle situations in life that affects us negatively or emotionally to a point where it's unpleasant.

If someone has done something bad to us in the past that has affected our lives negatively and repeatedly, we need to forgive that person and also ourselves, who didn't handle the situation there and then. Sometimes it's enough to send forgiveness in that person's direction with a smile and forgiving ourselves, but the chain could occasionally be thicker and harder to just cut off. We may actually need to contact that person on the phone or write him or her a letter explaining how we have felt about it, but without blame, and that it has affected our lives.

However, we now write because we want to make things right, and forgiveness is a good way to do that. We also should mention that we are forgiving ourselves as well for our part in the situation. We may, or may not get an answer, but that's not what's most important. Just writing the letter releases the charge and helps us get a better understanding of the situation.

Writing things down always releases the charge. How other people takes it is their problem to face, but at least, we did our part, and that's what's critical. Writing a letter is often more successful because the other person has a charge, too, in order for this chain to exist, and a phone call may stir up things that are unnecessary and sometimes makes things worse. Still, it's a judgment call.

I don't mean we need to write hundreds of letters to different people, but there may be a few we need to consider writing. The rest of the chains may be so thin that we can blow them off just by sending the other person good energies and forgiveness. The relief after doing something such as this is quite substantial.

After all, forgiveness is a shifting in awareness to the divine state of things.

We often hear about and see people endlessly trying to connect with the right partner. They tell us that finally they have found a partner they love.

Everything goes well for a while and they seem happy, but one day the woman, for example, comes to work with a bruise on her arm. Eventually she admits that her boyfriend is abusing her. There is a lot of drama, and they finally split up (hopefully). She is lonely for a while, but then finds a new boyfriend who is similarly abusive, and the same cycle repeats itself. She says to her friends that she never seems to be able to find the right man.

The reason she doesn't is because there is something in her energy field that attracts this kind of men, and she never seems to be able to break the cycle. The first thing for her to admit is that the problem lies within herself and not outside herself. She may have had an abusive childhood, and many times women like this have been molested, but not always. My point is that in a case like that, she needs professional help to find the source to her problem, which always is a basic abusive situation somewhere back in time. When that situation is indicated and turned from fear and agony into compassion and forgiveness, she can change her energy field, and like magic, she stops attracting abusive men.

Often the charge is not related to a specific person. We may see something on TV or read something in the news and get extremely upset - more than is normal for the circumstance. This means we have an underlying charge on the subject. It may even be something like a war going on somewhere in the world that we get upset about. We could of course write to the President of the United States and forgive him for sending troops, but that wouldn't do much good. In a situation like that, I would suggest to stop reading about it and watching it on TV.

Why read about it in the first place? Is it because we want to keep ourselves informed? Well, with a news media that is bringing us lies and half-truths, I wouldn't call that being informed, and by reading about it in the paper, it only adds to the charge because there is no real truth in there, which can blow the charge.

Therefore, a simple rule is as follows: become multidimensional, stop reading the newspapers! If something were going on that we need to know about, we would hear about it anyway. I have personally not taken up a newspaper in 12 years, and I can't say I'm not informed. I don't watch TV either, and I don't go to CNN-type sites on the Internet, either. If you, personally, have a lot of charge on all the negative things happening in the world, the only way to blow the charge is to educate yourself in the alternative media.

Hopefully, if you read this, that's the route that you have chosen to take. To become an adult Homo Nova, we need to understand that taking action against something will never solve a problem - it will only create more of the same. We may fight for a good cause - let's say we are a peace-movement person, who fights against war.

We will never gain peace, because as long as we fight against something - regardless of what it is - we stir up more turmoil and charge and in the long term, the situation becomes worse. If we want peace, we need to peace for peace, like researcher David Icke once said, and with that he means we need to become on the inside, what we want to create on the outside. If we want peace, we must become peaceful inside. That's the only way to make changes in the outside world because it's just a projection of our inner world.

When we feel compassion about something, we are in a neutral state - it's not negative and it's not positive, it just is. That's when we tap into the Goddess energy, the All That Is, which is the tap into thoughts. Wendy Kennedy is another person, who is normally channeling ninth-to twelfth-dimensional Pleiadian life forms in the non-physical plane. Some of her material is quite profound. Here, the Ninth-Dimensional Pleiadian Collective speaks on compassion:

With the movement of intent you are unplugging from the wall socket (Source energy) and running on backup power (your personal energetic field). When in a neutral state you are once again plugged into the wall. Too often humans fail to find a quiet place within themselves and allow their own "backup generator" to run out of fuel. This causes extreme illness within the human form.

This allegory explains well, what it's all about. If we follow the Pleiadians' advice, we need to plug ourselves into the wall frequently to stay in touch with the Source energy, or we'll run out of fuel. We can also compare it with those batterydriven cars some people use when they only drive in town. After a while, they run out of battery and need to be recharged by sticking the plug into a socket in the wall - the same principle.

As humans in the current society, we see it as a normal condition to run out of fuel, but even if we live busy lives, we don't have to run out. Taking negatively charged energy and turning it into compassion is a great way of building more energy and tuning into the Source field, which is the Goddess energy. Meditation and breathing exercises are other ways to do it, and we are coming to that later in the book.

By just following the simple guidelines in this book, you will see that both your outer and inner world will change drastically. In fact, nothing is happening in the outside world - the changes all occur inside of you. You are the one, who manifests the inner world in the outer world, and when you think, things around you change. Still, it's just your perspective on things that have changed, and it looks like it's the outside world that's changing.

Again, there's your definition of the Multiverse. The prefix "uni" in universe is defined as uniform or united, and that means that it's something we all can see and perceive. The Multiverse, however, is our individual uni-verses - i.e. our personal version of the universe, which differs slightly from everybody else's, because everybody creates his or her own reality in it, which becomes the Multiverse. Please keep this in mind: The reality you experience occurs through the interaction between your strongest beliefs, emotions, intentions, and actions. Only when we understand, what we are doing, we can do it consciously.

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