Chapter 2: Programming for the Second Golden Age

2A: How the AIF counteract the Awakening

Something to keep in mind is that the AIF thinks that they own us - all of us. People often wonder why they let someone like me get away with what I'm doing, and the answer may not be obvious. The thing is that the AIF knows that we are evolving, and they knew all along that it would be inevitable for an intelligent species not to evolve. The AIF also knew that we would evolve at different rates because we are all individuals and learn at a different pace.

The AIF understood that if they wanted to continue controlling us, they couldn't kill off everybody who evolved past a certain point, or the AIF would soon stand on their own without a slave race. Hence, the AIF realized that they had to control both sides of the game as much as they could and make sure they were in charge of those who progress slowly and those who progress faster.

The AIF knew all along, that the nano-second was coming up, and that would divide mankind. The majority would still be programmed deep enough not to wake up in any significant manner, but there would also be millions who would start seeing through the deception and the manipulation. Instead of killing all these quickly evolving biominds*, a better way would be to control them as well, while making them believe that they are evolving freely.

* A Biomind is a combination of a biological life form (physical body) and the mind. This is the combination that basically makes up a human being. The soul is the ultimate "I" who collects the biomind's learning experiences and is the higher link to the Mother Universe.

Therefore, the AIF decided to set up the Control System in the following manner: The AIF members are all multidimensional and don't perceive time like we do. To them, there is no such thing as linear time - that's merely something they invented, again, to gain easier control over the masses. In their universe, all time exists simultaneously - past, present, and future. It's all an ever-lasting present seen from different points of view, that's all.

Therefore, to a certain degree, the AIF can be in control over time and, thus, be ahead of the game - they can create time like a movie with a beginning, middle sequence, and an end. However, what they can't predict is probabilities.

We live in a Multiverse, where each individual contributes every minute of their day to its general progression, so events can only be predicted by estimating probabilities and calculate which ones will be the most possible. Now, as it shows, humankind is much more unpredictable than the AIF and other star races thought, and this has never ceased to amaze them - we can change direction in the blink of an eye.

This has been a real chore for the Control System. After millennia of control, they have learned how to keep the masses in captivity, but there are always those who rise above the crowd, and especially now during the nanosecond, we have been uncontrollable for them, and they have had to constantly counteract our gained knowledge with disinformation, or the masses would also find out what the minority already knows.

This is something they still do, of course, and will continue doing. In this manner, they still keep the masses ignorant by making them think that the truth-seekers are conspiracy nuts, but the conspiracy nuts still continue finding out more and more what's going on behind the scenes. It's not so much about finding truths since truth is subjective, but more like shattering belief systems and replacing them with new ones that are more beneficial and pro-survival.

In the process, the Control System gets exposed, something the Global Elite and the AIF that controls them want to avoid as much as possible. Usually they don't kill those who raise their consciousness, unless they are getting threatening toward individuals in power or a specific project that needs to be secret under all circumstances. Instead, they have other ways to take care of the spiritual movement.

In the Wes Penre Papers's "The Third Level of Learning," the channeled material was exposed for what it is. We can't put all channeled material under the same umbrella, but the majority is working directly or indirectly for the AIF - those who talk about the Harvest or Ascension to a higher density or dimension in particular - especially if there are star races who say we need their help to be able to succeed.

What the AIF has done is to have certain psychic people being contacted by those who are supposedly beings from a higher dimension. A conversation - often in the form of Q&A sessions - takes place, and these channeled entities answer the questions to the best of their abilities. The information can sometimes be quite enlightening and is even helping people evolve and become more aware, which is exactly what is hooking the truth-seeker to these entities.

When asked why these sources are contacting humanity, they often answer that they are here because of the Harvest. This means that a small majority of mankind (i.e. the truth-seekers) will be segregated from the crowd because they are vibrating on a higher frequency, and it's time for them to ascend to the fourth-or fifth-dimension (or Density). This is exactly what the truthseekers want to do, so when being told this, they feel special, honored, but also safe, thinking that their future is taken care of.

Moreover, the channeled entities tell them that they need their help in order to progress, and we at least need some form of technology to be able to ascend to the next dimension. Here is when it starts getting interesting. The entities say that the majority of the human population, who are not vibrating on a frequency high enough to ascend, will be transported to another location in space and time - often another planet in another solar system or another version of Earth - be struck by amnesia in the usual manner, and start a new 3-D cycle from the beginning again until they learn.

It may take another 13,000-75,000 years before a new Harvest will take place, however, and the souls trapped in this time reset will have to begin from the ape stage again and go from there, still having a Global Elite and the AIF manipulating them. However, the truth-seekers, here and now, are the lucky ones because they don't have to go through that cycle again, which is what they are told.

This, of course, also instigates fear in the truth-seekers, who can't be sure if they're chosen or not, so they become very dependent upon the particular channel of choice and very prone to manipulation. This is particularly noticeable when someone else tries to explain the above to them. Either they become very defensive or write the person off as someone who hasn't understood what it's all about, when in fact it's the other way around, as we shall see. The whole thing becomes very cultish.

The channel tells the devotees one of three things - either the Harvest is going to happen in their lifetime, and they will either be beamed up or picked up in spaceships, or both. This sounds eerily similar to the biblical Rapture. Others say that the Harvest must include body death - for example, when the Harvest happens, the selected people will die and leave their bodies. Star beings will be waiting in the astral and help them cross over and then help them with the ascension.

The third option is that the selection doesn't take place until people die a normal death, from illness or old age. When they cross over, the aliens will wait on the other side and do the selection there. Those who qualify for ascension will be placed in one category and those who don't will be led in another direction (which reminds me of the trains during World War II, which transported the oblivious Jews to the Concentration Camps where they were separated - those who were led to go one way were put in the gas chambers, while those who were led the other way were used as slave laborers).

Those who qualify will then reincarnate on an Earth that vibrates on a higher frequency, and there they will enter bodies that have been specifically genetically engineered to fit the soul's increased vibration. The selectee has now been reborn into a higher dimension.

In the Wes Penre Papers, I also provided evidence that many of these channeled entities are future versions of us humans, who have come back in space and time to study us and our DNA. They are factions of the so-called Grays that we are seeing on occasion during abductions and sometimes on military bases.

The Gray bodies are sometimes only space suits, where the real future human has, with help from technology, transferred their consciousness into this Gray space suit in order to be able to withstand the harsh conditions in space. These bodies are half biological and half machines, and ironically enough, that's what their real human bodies in the future are as well *

* The U.S. government is well aware that the aliens who crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, were half cyborgs and half biological beings - very human-like. They figured out that the "Gray" was only a "space-suit" used to enable traveling long distances in space. See Col. Philip J. Corso's book, The Day After Roswell, dayafterroswell day after

Homo sapiens will lose its humanity in the near future, when they enter the Machine Kingdom led by the AIF, where people will be hooked on technology to such an extent that in order to prolong their lives, they sacrifice their human bodies to become cyborgs.

These future humans are Social Memory Complexes in different stages of development, depending on from when in the future they have returned. A Social Memory Complex can be compared to a hive community or a collective consciousness, where the whole species are mentally hooked up to a super computer, which is the Queen of the hive.

Each person in the collective is still a unique individual, but everybody shares the same ideas for important issues but could differ slightly in opinion on minor issues. They are coming back to our time in an attempt to regain their humanity by abducting people and trying to figure out the DNA source code, so they can reprogram themselves. Some of the channeled entities are Grays, often addressing themselves as we instead of I.

Above, we discussed the different stories the channeled entities told us about the Harvest and how it's going to be done. Evidence shows that the Grays who come back from the future are a product of the Machine Kingdom - all of them are, from what I can see. Therefore, the majority of the population, seen from our perspective, will not be transported to another planet but will remain here on a version of Earth that has a lower vibration. Still, we can sense two categories here - the ones who are extremely technologically oriented and those who are a bit less so.

Both these categories, however, honestly and seriously want us to evolve - there is no question about it. However, if they are products of the Machine Kingdom, why do they want us to evolve? Once we've figured it out, it seems obvious. If we start with the Grays, who are returning to study our DNA, they want us to develop, because the more evolved we are, the easier it may be to find our DNA source code. Therefore, they may promote a Harvest because of that.

Then there are the truth-seekers, who are promised a new Golden Age in a higher dimension. It's obvious that the fifth-dimensional bodies the beings behind the Harvest (the AIF) have programmed for the truth-seekers are programmed in a similar fashion that they have programmed the bodies of Homo sapiens. This would include a new type of holographic universe that relates more to how the truth-seekers see the next dimension - or rather - how they have been told what the next dimension is like.

Therefore, when they reincarnate again on Earth, they will be able to perceive the astral plane as well as the regular three dimensions. They will be more psychic and to some degree more multidimensional. This is all done with nano technology, and it's just as real for the oblivious soul as this 3-D is for the Homo sapiens' mass consciousness.

However, it is a deception because the truth-seeker, who opted for the Harvest will still be under the control of the AIF. 62 Here is where they try to trick us. The AIF wants a work force in their new Machine Kingdom, and they want Super Soldiers. What they don't want is evolved beings that can see through things.

Therefore, they are most certainly going to place the truth-seekers somewhere separate from the third-dimensional beings who will walk gladly into the Machine Kingdom - perhaps even on a different Earth-like planet - contrary to what the AIF told them. The truthseekers won't be able to tell the difference, anyway, in their manipulated bodies.

Now, in the long term, the AIF wants Social Memory Complexes and a super computer that I am sure is already setup and waiting. From here on, things will happen quite rapidly. Humanity will be programmed into becoming a hive community and a Thought Collective, just like we're used to viewing the Grays, who in fact are us as the finished product.

Now, pay close attention, please! The truth-seekers have been told by channeled entities (who address themselves as we and not as I, meaning they are Social Memory Complexes), that we are all One and our goal is to work ourselves up the dimensions and merge with Source, which is All That Is or God.

The RA Material is not the only channeled material, that says that when we have reached the highest dimension we will merge with Source. This is something the truthseekers are programmed to believe already. Therefore, when they are living their lives in their new fifth-dimensional bodies, there will be a program in the DNA of those bodies, that will manipulate these souls to become One.

Eventually the truth-seekers will go to the sixth-or seventh-dimension, and those bodies will have an even stronger program to become One. Behind the scenes, as usual, is the AIF, pulling the strings. Again, here we have the super computer, now ready to create a hive community out of the truth-seekers as well. Therefore, the AIF has managed to control both the Homo sapiens' mass consciousness of oblivious humans and the higher-evolved truth-seekers through the Harvest.

The channeled entities, who are the most convincing ones, are today's truth-seekers in the far future, now coming back as a Social Memory Complex in order to Harvest more souls, because they believe that the whole of mankind needs to evolve to their level in order for them to take the last step toward becoming One with Source. In reality, it seems as if they are stuck in a time loop trying to recruit themselves in the past.

Why would they want to do that? Because they were deceived and programmed, they seem to believe (if we take the RA Material to heart), that they are the first ones reaching these higher dimensions, and they have learned as they've gone along. Now, they realize, that they can't go any further without the rest of humanity, including the version of themselves, that evolved from our time and onward for everything to be whole.

By harvesting themselves again, they can correct the mistakes, they made on the way. In addition, for them, time is not a big issue, because they say, that time is not linear from the perspective where they are. Therefore, they are patiently waiting for all humanity to come together as One in a big, combined soul group, as a common Social Memory Complex. Then, and only then, can humanity merge with Source (or so they believe).

Here, we can clearly see, that all these channeled entities, who are humans in the future, are stuck in what I've called the 4% universe - they are stuck in a boxed-in reality, even though they may be of the sixth-or seventh-dimension.

These are not real dimensions, as they should be perceived, but only fractions of the full dimensions (about 4% of them). If beings are free beings, they can travel freely between dimensions without using technology, and they will experience a universe so incredibly richer than the partial one they (and we as well so far) are experiencing.

I still need to find out exactly what the AIF is using the harvested truthseekers for, if anything, but it's very plausible, that entities like RA, the Elohim, and such are truth-seekers in the future, while Bashar and Lyssa Royal's Grays are products of the Machine Kingdom - i.e. the majority of mankind in the far future.

Now, the readers can see, what we must avoid. The AIF and their Global Elite minions are very clever, when it comes to manipulating mankind - they have had eons to learn that skill - and as you can imagine, it is easy to fall for their deceptions. Perhaps you are one of those, who enthusiastically are following a movement around a channeled source, such as RA, the Cassiopaeans, etc., or perhaps, you are not.

If you are, don't feel embarrassed because I've been there too. I had a bad feeling, when I heard the term Harvest of Souls the first time I read the RA Material/Law of One, and after then, I have been more cautious about RA - there came a point when I felt something was very wrong. Now, after having researched different channeled materials and compared them, I am certain that my body was right, when it gave me those uncomfortable signals.

I have never felt stronger about our need to evolve on our own and create our own new branch on the Tree of Humanity. Only then, can we escape the trap and be able to enjoy a full universe and everything within it, instead of being stuck in a small part of it. The reader can probably see even clearer now why I need to write this book.

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