Chapter 1: The Universe Inside

1. Exercises

Chapter 1 has described a number of exercises we need to practice to get into the more advanced material needed to be a multidimensional human. After having discussed the subjects in Chapter 1 at length, let us now summarize them so they will be easier to follow and practice.

1. Power of Thought

A. Get rid of junk thoughts
Practice being aware of what you're thinking and what you're saying so that what you express to yourself and others is what you want. Catch yourself every time you have a sloppy thought, like "The way things are going, I will never get better." When you catch yourself, either erase the sloppy thought by saying or thinking to yourself, 'Cancel that,' and then change the sloppy thought, like in the above example, to 'Although I've had a rough time so far, I am going to get well in no time and feel better than I've ever felt before.'

B. Sloppy Decision Making
Sloppy decision making can cause severe consequences - we know that. Think through things before you make any major decision that will affect you for more than a very short time, without depriving yourself from spontaneity. Spontaneity and being impulsive can have their charm sometimes, but we still need to know what we're doing. Don't buy things you can't afford--don't buy anything on credit, and make sure, in general, that whatever you decide to do, it's going to benefit you and those involved who you care for in the long term and not only for the moment if it has to do with an investment.

2. Create Your Own Local Universe

Make sure you create your own safe haven, which includes your entire Local Universe. By a Local Universe, I mean your environment from the immediate one around your body up to the farthest away place you commonly travel to. Not only do you want it safe but you also wish to create it exactly the way you want it for you to be happy in it. Practice by changing your thought patterns and use the results from the practice you've done under Exercise 1 above.

Think of your own Local Universe as something separate from that which is outside of it. Hence, what you read in the news and hear stories from near and far are news from other universes. In reality, they are stories from other version of the Multiverse, as all people experience different things in different locations in space/time.

For example, a war that is going on in another country or the War of Terror can be presented in the news as an immediate threat to your own safety, but condition your space in your own Local Universe and understand that what is happening somewhere else is someone else's learning experience and happens on another version of Earth!

This is extremely important to realize because there are almost infinite versions of Earth and, definitely, one version for each person on this planet. Therefore, don't get involved, either physically or emotionally, in something that happens far away that you don't want to participate in.

3. Maintain a Healthy Body

This is not so much an exercise as it is a decision, but I think we can call it an exercise, too, because we need to learn how to stay focused and determined. If you want to eat healthy, you may stick to fruits and vegetables, mainly, but make sure you get your protein intake. There are 53 many good books that can help you get started. However, to become multidimensional, it's not necessary to be a vegetarian, but the key is to eat organic!

I can't stress that enough because GM food is slowly killing the body and eventually making it infertile - especially over generations. A more immediate effect from GM food is that you will get a negative reaction from the body. I guess it would be truer to say that the body is sending signals to you - signals that you usually are not trained to understand. Instead, they work as distractions.

The body is trying to tell you that it doesn't feel well, and because it doesn't feel well, it will diminish your abilities to become multidimensional, which will require you to be focused and have a body that is reliable, clear, and healthy.

Therefore, Exercise 3 is very important! Buy food locally, if you can, from farmers whose reputation is good and who, evidently, are selling organic, first-class products. They will be more expensive than what you can buy in the store, probably, but the price paid in the long term for buying the cheaper food, in terms of destroying our body, is way too high.

Eating healthy will also boost your immune system, and an excellent immune system is what is going to be needed more than ever in the near future, as long as we are still living in a highly polluted world.

4. Practice How to Activate and Deactivate Your Own DNA

When you notice something about yourself, let's say an unwanted trait, imagine the DNA corridor, and in your mind, go to the door that says - for example, 'Uncontrolled Anger,' which may be the trait you want to get rid of. Therefore, you simply close that door and keep that part of your genome latent and deactivated.

If you want to become more compassionate, you imagine a shut or half-open door that has the sign 'Compassion' on it. Then you just open the door and keep it wide open, letting a huge flood of compassion run through your DNA. This is an ongoing practice - something you can do as much as you want and whenever you want.

I hope that this chapter has been helpful and educative, and these exercises will assist you in getting the basics for achieving multidimensionality.

These exercises are something we will need to carry over even when we get to the more advanced studies. In fact, all four exercises are extremely powerful when practiced correctly. If we don't have our basics fairly in order, we will fall on our heads later on. I don't mean that it's dangerous, but we will get stuck and need to go back to the level where the cause to the halt is located and pick up from there again.

My advice is to read the whole book through from beginning to end in order to get the overall picture of the information I am giving you. While doing this, you can start practicing the exercises from this chapter. It's not recommended to stop reading and do the exercises to perfection before continuing with the next chapter. It's important to get the overall picture.

Another thing that I think is important is that the exercises here must be understood as ongoing practices. Some of them are never-ending - they are something that will always benefit us. Therefore, I suggest you at least do them to a point where you notice that you are getting observant enough so that they become a natural part of your daily life before adding more of the upcoming exercises to these ones.

I know that most people have a busy life, so I have made sure these exercises won't take much of your time, and you can do most of them even during your day at work or wherever you are. Remember, there is no such thing as failure. Everybody is going to run into obstacles and moments when they say that they can't make this work. When that happens to you, you are probably closer to a breakthrough than ever before, so just push through and you'll beat the obstacle. In addition, remember to have fun with it. That's the purpose!

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