Chapter 1: The Universe Inside

1E: Our DNA: A Corridor of Light Switches

Did you know that the total length of DNA in one adult human body is ten trillion (10,000,000,000,000) meters, which is the equivalent of almost 70 trips back and forth to the Sun!

That is just in one human! Can you imagine how much information is stored in that, and I mean, exactly how much? The answer is that in one human, everything in the universe is stored - in fact, every human body has the universe and everything within it - it's all there inside us. We live in a virtual reality within a virtual reality within a virtual reality, and on it goes. Our body is a program that projects a hologram to what we consider the mind, which projects this hologram, so that it looks like that it is outside of ourselves, and what we learn is then picked up by the soul.

Then we have all other people on this planet plus beings on other planets, who transmit basically the same hologram. We are allowed to make changes to the program, that controls the hologram, and when we do, we make changes in our own hologram. All these holograms together make up our Multiverse.

As a human being so far, we have created our reality, more or less, unconsciously or let authorities or outside forces create our reality for us. As a percentage, the choices we make consciously and with a higher purpose in mind are very few compared with those who are influenced from something we perceive as being outside ourselves. Now, how would it be if we, right now and without any previous practice, could go into our DNA and change things consciously, so that our behavior and abilities change with it? Doesn't this sound like science fiction? Still, it's a very easy thing to do, I've done it, and it works! I originally heard this on a Pleiadian CD, channeled by Barbara Marciniak 10, and thought it sounded so incredible and amazing that I had to test it. I strongly suggest you do too. (The Pleiadians: "The Big Wake Up", Lecture given on 6/22/2012 & 6/23/2012, CD set no. 4, CD 2, track no. 12. 51)

This is how it works. Because the human body is a program and the DNA is its building stones, we change things in our body and in the Multiverse by triggering something in the genome, which then responds. It's all a hologram and the Multiverse is fluid, waiting for your input. Now, think of the DNA in your body as one extremely long corridor, almost like a corridor on one of the floors in a hotel, with doors on both sides, leading into different rooms. In your mind, put yourself at the beginning of this corridor and look down the corridor. You can see that some of the doors are closed, and no light comes out from the rooms on the other side of those closed door. Then you also see that some of the doors are open, and light, indeed, comes out from the rooms. Now imagine that this corridor is your DNA and the doors are light switches that are turned on and off.

Walk down the hall and look at the doors. Many have something written on them, you notice. One door says "fear" and it's almost closed. The next door says "courage" and it's half-open. Another says "health" and it's closed, while another one for example says "safety," etc. Say that you don't want any more fear in your life - therefore, in your mind, you go ahead and close the door of fear totally. You also want a wonderful partner relationship so you go to a door that says "Great Partner Relationship" and make it wide open, seeing how a tremendous amount of light and energy is coming toward you.

These are just examples, of course, and you can imagine doors with anything you want written on them. This way you can close and open doors in your DNA as it suits you. You simply decide that by doing this, you activate things you want to activate and deactivate things you do not want in your life, and it helps you creating your new reality built on conscious thoughts, emotions, decisions, purposes, and goals. It can be very powerful!

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