Chapter 1: The Universe Inside

1D: Beliefs and Belief Systems

What we've been sitting stuck in here on Earth is powerful, because the AIF knows the power of imagination and the power of beliefs. This is what their whole manipulation strategy is all about. The world outside of you is only a mirror of yourself and your own beliefs, and that's all. If we want to change this reflection, we need to change our beliefs and our emotions connected to them. When people see something that is not working, they are quick at going out there and trying to change it. It never works! It's not until we go inside to fix it that it's working. If you insist on fixing it on the outside, you only add to the problem.

Here is a common example: your water tap is dripping and you decide to fix it. You go and get some tools and start tightening a little bit here and a little bit there, but nothing seems to help - the dripping may even increase the more you fumble around with your tools. You get more and more frustrated and don't know what to do until you step back and look at it. Then you go inside yourself to look at the problem and you realize that there may be a filter in there somewhere that needs to be changed. Aha!

Therefore, you open up the tip of the water tap and sure enough, there's the filter! Now you can go to the hardware store, buy a new one, and replace it. It stops dripping! What you did was to go inside and change your perspective on the water tap and your belief on how it works and the problem could be resolved. If you, on the other hand, had refused to go inside, W you either would have to give up at one point or call a plumber. Now, you did, however, go inside, and from that point, your beliefs regarding how a water tap works in the holographic universe changed forever, and the next time it will not even be a problem (unless you forget what you learned).

A good measure and an excellent example, that we have evolved is, that despite whether the environment stays the same, we are changing regardless. Our approach to it constantly changes and therefore we change. Thus, because we change our approach to the environment, that we no longer agree with, we need to create new belief systems to replace the old ones, and we will in that respect also change our frequency, and slowly but surely because our old belief systems are scattering, the Old World must disappear from our reality.

Think about this for a moment and you will see how it works. This is all on a much bigger scale than the water tap. However, don't try to get rid of all your belief systems - that's not your goal. There is nothing wrong with belief systems - they help us explore the Multiverse. The only things we need to get rid of, are old belief systems, that no longer serve us. When we see that a different story emerges before our eyes and it serves us much better than the religious belief system, we may have subscribed to earlier, it is not beneficial for our development as a being to keep hanging on to the old religion when we know it's not in our best interest.

Still, many people do just that - and again, it's not only when it comes to religious beliefs - but if they don't eventually let go, their own belief system will be their downfall. Life is going forward - it never stagnates, and it is not going backward. Thus, we need to change, when we notice, that change is needed for our progress. Still, in the big scheme of things, everything is belief systems.

Hence, we live in a reality, that is built around our belief systems. Change them and your reality changes. This is why I needed to present the Wes Penre Papers the way I did. It took me 1,500 pages to do it, but it was the only way to achieve, what I had in mind. My idea was that if I present our current reality and what builds up to it as carefully as possible, people will have to face their own belief systems, which are all similar when it comes to the Big Picture, but different to some degree on an individual basis.

Once readers have seen the Big Picture and their own belief systems related to that, they can change the beliefs that don't benefit them and don't contribute to their survival. After that, we can start looking within and break our chains, one by one and once and for all.

It is very important that each person gets the chance to change his or her own belief systems without getting forced to do so by someone else. We all know how much we want other people and our near-and-dear to see what we have seen - therefore, it's easy to overwhelm them with information and viewpoints that we think will help them evolve, when instead, we are halting their progress.

What we are doing, when we are forcing our reality upon somebody else, is that we stop that person from looking within. Again, that person is told to look outside (at your viewpoint) for the answers and looking outside was, what got them in the mess in the first place. It would be much better to be a good example - someone other people want to emulate - and wait for them to approach you. Those who are in need of change will come to you and ask questions or make comments.

When that happens, you can answer the questions without forcing anything on the other person. You can do that by saying that this is your way of seeing it, and because of that, you are a happy, cheerful, loving, and non-judgmental person. However, those who don't show any interest in learning more, you won't bother with. If they feel inclined in the future, they will come - otherwise, you just know that some people need more time.

Knowing what lies ahead, we may feel the urge to educate everybody to save as many as possible. This is not our task, however. We can't force a frequency upon a person, and even if it is painful sometimes, we must let people develop on their own, in whatever direction it may lead them.

Like we discussed earlier, the information is out there for those who want to start studying. I am aware that there isn't much more time, but we still can't force any viewpoints on anybody who doesn't want to look, regardless of how much we love them. Sometime we have to let it go.

We often hear people say to each other, "It's only in your imagination," or to themselves, "It is only in my imagination." You see, there are so many things we need to unlearn. We think that those who lived 500 years ago were much more primitive than we are today. This is only partially true. In fact, they were often more multidimensional than most people are today. Since the Industrial Revolution, we have become much more linear in our thinking.

A few hundred years ago, people allowed themselves to be much more imaginative, and that was accepted. Many saw things that we today would write off as delusional or "only in their imagination." When we look back at history and people who saw elves, goblins, fairies, and other strange creatures, most in today's world think they were superstitious. Sometimes they probably were, but the fact remains that they actually were more psychic, than we are now, because they used their imagination.

They didn't have any TVs, computers, or CNN that gave you viewpoints and fed you with their enforced belief systems daily - they only had themselves and each other. In addition, they had something else that we don't care that much about anymore as a species - they had nature!

Even those who lived in the cities were psychic and could see and hear things because there were no neon lights, that lit up the cities 24/7 - instead, they had torches and oil lamps etc. When dusk came, the city lights were turned out and it was dark. My point is, that people used their imagination more, and the imagination comes from inside and is indeed a creative force, that is a realm of reality, that is just as real as the physical 3-D reality.

In the future when we have regained our multidimensional abilities, imagination will be our absolute best tool, when it comes to creating realities - something we all will be busy doing to some degree or another. Eventually, we need to develop and enhance our abilities to use our imagination in our daily lives. I know it sounds like a lot we need to do, but we are not talking about chores here - as you will see, most of what we are going to do is fun, especially when we notice the results. However, don't worry - I will summarize everything to make it as easy as I possibly can.

To take the subject of belief systems a little further and explain how it works on a quantum and subquantum level without getting technical, we need to understand, that everything is connected on the smallest level. This is why the microcosm is more important than the macrocosm, when it comes to creation and changing realities.

We live in a holographic universe, so what happens to one cell in our body impacts the entire universe. This is why if you see a drama in the world and it affects you, and you now go inside to look at it from a personal level, your attitude to that drama will change and stop affecting you. This is also why there are no victims, if you look at it from an objective standpoint. It's not the outside universe, that causes an effect upon you, it's the inner universe that projects itself on the outside world and, therefore, seems to affect you.

We are lucky to realize this so that we can change our circumstances from within with some training, but not everybody is that lucky. Hence, I don't agree with those who say, that people who starve in Africa or are being raped because they are easy targets are being subjected to those crimes, because they project this to happen to themselves - therefore, we should just turn our backs and let things play out. I would like to see those who promote this philosophy do the same thing if someone in their own family got raped and abused. I'm sure they would see that differently and immediately interfere. You see, it's easy to twist logic and turn a powerful truth into something negative in an attempt to discredit the truth.

Instead, we need to use common sense. It may be true that the people being abused and raped pulled that in because of the energies they emit due to past experiences, including karma, but that doesn't mean we should turn emotionally cold and leave people in their misery. Be aware that such attempts to distort the truth are used by those in power to discredit important truths that have been discovered and rediscovered.

In addition, be aware that what seems to be one agenda is often multilayered. Another thing that the Power Elite would gain from taking the fact that there are no victims to its extreme is, that they can go ahead and rape and abuse as much as they want without interference because, after all, there are no victims.

The Power Elite that the AIF has put in position to rule mankind, and who has now been taken over by members of the AIF, are often those, who create the most powerful belief system for us, and they always make sure to include a good amount of fear and terror into it. Now, this is their belief, that fear is what drives us, so we always need to be fearful to be able to do a good job.

Then, when we've adopted their fearful belief systems, thinking that they were our own beliefs to begin with, we become afraid of our own belief systems and spread this fear within the human soul group. The media are the main instigators of creating common belief systems for the people in modern times, but the media are, of course, taking orders from higher-ups and just do what they are being told.

The controllers know how important and powerful belief systems are, and they wouldn't be able to control us without them. Therefore, now it's time to change those belief systems and create our own. To be able to do this successfully, first, we must learn how to clear our mind from junk thoughts and to be focused. We also need to know how to put a light thought into an idea or a belief and then let go. Here is an example of how powerful thoughts are. Let's say that you decide to live in a world, where you are always happy and cheerful.

Therefore, you put out a thought with an emotion to it, that you will always be cheerful and happy. Then something happens that goes against your decision and you get a little confused. Instead, you decide that you are always going to be happy and cheerful most of the time, and this is what you'll get. Often, when something happens, that makes it look like what you've decided doesn't work, you think that you can't be happy and cheerful all the time, and that is what you'll get. In other words, soon you may be back where you started, and you think that the power of thought doesn't work.

In reality, when you came upon your first few obstacles, they happened so you could overcome them in order to be happy and joyful all the time, but you thought they came in because your new belief system was too much to ask for.

Therefore, you minimized it. Then you minimize it again. We do this subconsciously. Indeed, belief systems are very sophisticated programming, because the last decision you make on something is what will stick. Some may say that this is inconvenient because it prevents you from achieving your first idea, but if you think about it, it gives us a chance to change our mind, which otherwise would be much harder to do. Therefore, the rule is as follows: The last decision always modifies an earlier one on the same thread of thoughts. Therefore, again, it comes down to practice - a lot of practice - so we can control our minds, and this is what we need to do to become multidimensional.

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