Chapter 1: The Universe Inside

1B: Your Own Version of the Multiverse

All of us live in our own, personal Multiverse. Your Multiverse is quite different from your neighbor's, but there are also a lot of similarities. I know that this is something that is quite difficult for many people to understand, especially for those who think we all live in only one universe.

However, I think it's because no one has cared to explain this simple concept in simple terms. I have noticed that many writers and researchers want to add a lot of quantum physics and advanced metaphysics into their writing, and then the whole purpose for explaining it to the reader is lost - how many of us are educated in quantum physics and quantum mechanics? It's like one Elite member is communicating with another, leaving the majority of the population to hopelessly try to figure it out.

Therefore, let's keep it simple - as simple as we can ever keep it. As a starter, let's explain what the Universe is and what the difference is between the Universe and the Multiverse. The universe is basically the physical existence of galaxies, nebulae, stars, planets, moons, and asteroids - i.e. more or less, the universe we can perceive as human 3-D beings. It's a 3-D picture of the Creation as we know it - it's the version of space and time our scientist have decided is All There Is. It's a very physical view of the cosmos, where no spirits or souls are included in the equation - it's either pure matter or it doesn't exist.

This is the version we all learn about in school. With the Multiverse, however, we add metaphysics into the picture, and it's getting much more interesting. Suddenly, the universe gets a soul, and there is so much more to explore than just the physical. We can see that the Multiverse is teeming with life, but not only physical life - life exists in all dimensions and on almost all planets - it's just that we can't perceive it because it operates outside the range of the electromagnetic spectrum we here on Earth normally operate in - i.e. other dimensions. It's just as simple as that - there is nothing magical or spooky with it.

It all has to do with frequencies and how fast and how slow energy vibrates because in our essence, we are all just energy beings. A Pleiadian soul group, who dwells in the fifth-or sixth-dimension, said through its vehicle (A "vehicle" is the human body through which channeled entities communicate with an audience on Earth. A medium has agreed to let certain entities use his or her body to spread the medium's message to those who want to hear), that if it looks at Mother Earth from above and watches us humans here on the ground, it sees a dance of energy moving back and forth - beings vibrating on slightly different frequencies, but usually within the small range of the electromagnetic spectrum we call the third-dimension.

Therefore, the main difference between the Universe and the Multiverse is that we add a new dimension to the equation - that of the spirit. In metaphysics, we prove that the whole universe is a living entity in itself and is aware and conscious - every part of it is aware. We claim that there is consciousness in everything, even planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies. Even space is aware! In this Multiverse, billions upon billions of entities of all different types are living - each and every dimension is populated.

All these beings have their own personality and their own thought patterns. Many believe that just because of the multi prefix in Multiverse, we mean many universes. This is not necessarily true - instead, we mean an almost endless different version of the same universe making up a Multiverse. Most of us agree that we all share the same universe with the same stars and galaxies, but more than that, we also have our own personal and very unique universe inside of us, which is built from our own thoughts, actions, and inactions.

My Inner Universe is very different from your Inner Universe because I am not the same personality as you are, and I don't think exactly like you do on all subjects. Hence, both our Inner Universes are unique. Then, add another 7 billion people to that, who all have their unique Inner Universes. If we want to continue, we have all these star beings out there who also have their Inner Universes. As you can see, it's almost endless. Still, it is all living creatures combined that make up the ever-expanding Multiverse.

The scientists have noticed that the universe is expanding and retracting in some kind of cycles, as if some giant being were breathing in and breathing out (which in fact is the case), but that is different from the Multiverse, which also includes the spirit and the non-physical. As long as there are thinking souls in the universe, we are expanding the metaphysical part with our thoughts and creations and, therefore, making the Multiverse bigger. The Multiverse, in other words, is our own personal Inner Universes added to a Universe we all agree on.

So let's stay here on Earth for a while to make this easier to understand. Pretend that we could freeze this exact moment in time and space - nothing is moving right now and is just waiting for me to explain this. If you look at the Multiverse right now, you will see a Universe the way all people see it, with stars, planets, etc., and when you look around, you see your environment quite similar to everybody else who lives there. Maybe there are trees, houses, roads, a river, a mountain, and whatnot.

Everybody agrees that all these things are there, including people in the neighborhood - you can all see each other. In your house, you are sitting with your family around the dinner table and eating dinner when we freeze this picture. This is your reality right now at this moment. You also have a job you are going to go to tomorrow morning. This sounds solid and predictable, but it's far from it, as we shall see. Metaphysicists usually say that the Multiverse is fluid, meaning that nothing is set in stone, it is ever-changing, and nothing is predictable because it can hypothetically change in a microsecond.

When we unfreeze the picture again and let you continue with your day, the phone rings. You answer it, and it is your best friend who wants you and your family to come with him or her on a trip to Europe in a month. You and your wife are considering it but decide at the last moment to stay home. Therefore, you had two options: go to Europe or stay at home. If you had chosen to go, your life would have been slightly different from that moment forward, and the two weeks you spent home would instead have been spent in Europe.

How many decisions do you make in two weeks? More than you can imagine. However, the point is that you are making different decisions when you are at home than you would have made if you had gone to Europe. Now you add all these personal decisions to the already existing Multiverse and change it a little bit with every thought and every decision you make because every thought and action is creating a new version of the Multiverse, which is entirely your own. Most of your Multiverse is still the same as other people's Multiverse, but they are not necessarily affected by the decisions you make, and that makes your Multiverse unique.

This is what we mean when we say that the Multiverse is fluid and not static because it changes with every person's thoughts, emotions, and actions. Some decisions we make also affect a few others and, therefore, change their Multiverse, too, in that same respect but, perhaps, do not affect a person on the other side of town. Does this start to make sense? We live in slightly different versions of the Multiverse because we make different decisions and solve different kinds of problems. We say that we don't always agree with each other, and that is because we are different personalities who make different decisions in order for Source (the Godhead or the Goddess-head, rather, as we shall see later) to experience herself.

This is true, but it's also true that we see things differently because we live in slightly different Multiverses. You are creating your version inside of yourself and project that picture outward. If your version is not different from other people's versions, they will see it too. However, because we are unique, you and I can stand and look at the same flowerbed and the flowers will look and smell slightly different to us. If you could magically become me for a minute, you would probably get a shock, and you would say that this is not the way you see the flowers, and vice versa. Still, it's similar enough that we can agree and even think we see it exactly the same. There are scientific terms for all these phenomena, but I will not bother to go into that here because it's outside the scope of this book.

For those who are interested, I have a scientific section in the beginning of "The 21 First Level of Learning" of my Wes Penre Papers. The important thing here to understand is that there is a big difference between mainstream science and its view of the universe from that of quantum physicists and metaphysicists. We are talking about a Multiverse, which is a combination of all beings' Inner Universes plus the original, dimensional universe that was once created by God (I will call God All That Is for now, until we have established a gender).

When we are talking about spiritual subjects, we are usually referring to the Multiverse rather than the Universe. Therefore, keep in mind that the Multiverse has nothing to do with parallel universes or other universes than the one we live in. I am not discarding that there are parallel universes and other universes before ours, after ours, and outside ours, but again, that is beyond the scope of this book.

Therefore, why is it important to understand at least the basics about the Multiverse? It is important because we need to know what happens when we are creating our own reality and how that affects our present and our future. Every day, we are standing at a crossroads wondering which way to go. Should I do this, or should I do that? Usually, these choices are not too hard to make, but sometimes they require some extra pondering and problem solving.

Now, we have learned how to get rid of our junk thoughts and understand how our thoughts not only create our reality but also change the version of the Multiverse we are living in. Once we get rid of our sloppy thoughts, we are ready to start creating a Multiverse that corresponds to our goals and visions. However, before we can do that successfully, we need to grasp the magnificence of the power of thought and how we can use it.

For example, at the crossroads, you have two choices that contradict each other. In your thought process, you may explore them both to see which one works best for you and then choose one. The one you put your energy, emotions, intentions, and actions toward will be the one that will affect your future. The other choice that you didn't act upon will still be there, floating around in the Multiverse as a potential timeline but without any continuous energy added to it.

However, when you've made your decision and start acting on it, perhaps with a goal in mind, the Multiverse is opening itself, making room for your decision to progress into action. The Multiverse is non-judgmental, so even if you make a decision that is non-survival, the Multiverse will still make room for you to create whatever you want to create. The only catch is that with each effort you make, you get something back - of course, if you create something positive, you generally get something positive as a result, and when you create something nonsurvival, you will get something non-survival as a result of that, exactly as you intended.

In addition, we have a delayed effect as a result of our actions that we usually call karma, which means that positive actions often give you a positive reward, while non-survival actions give you negative rewards. This is usually true here in the physical realms and is not always true for other dimensions that don't have reincarnation and amnesia as part of the process.

This is why it's so important that you learn to analyze your thoughts and decisions. Just as there are junk thoughts and sloppy thoughts, there are sloppy decisions that we all make on occasion. Then we wonder why we get sloppy results. If people realized the incredible power they have just by using their thoughts and making constructive decisions and implementing them, this world would be a very different and better place to live in. Instead, not only do people make sloppy decisions, but most of the time, they don't make their own decisions at all - they let others make them for them, although they believe they are making the decisions themselves.

Allowing others to be our decision makers begins with our parents, then it's our teachers in schools, then it is our managers at work, and perhaps, our partner in our marriage. Humans are used to being told what to do, and when they are not being told, many people feel lost. However, those who have come to that point in their spiritual development can change, hopefully, and begin to make their own decisions, and that's when things can start happening.

Conscious thinking is the key to use when determining which kind of future we want to live in. Our goal, for now, is to act on only thoughts and ideas that enhance our lives and take us in the direction toward becoming multidimensional. This is a wonderful goal, but we need to realize that there are 23 obstacles in the way. Most of us are still slave workers for the suppressive businesses and organizations, more or less dependent upon a monetary system.

We are also in many other ways, some obvious and some more subtle, dependent upon Big Brother for our immediate survival. This will change in the future, but we don't need to make it our first priority - there are other things we need and can do, which eventually will lead more naturally to a separation from the suppressive system we are currently supporting.

(I am aware that there are those who have already disconnected from everything that has to do with the System, and there are those who have almost done so but kept some technology to keep in touch with the System in order to see what's going on. These two categories of people, often living in collectives, have already done what the rest of us eventually need to do, but I have not counted them into what we're discussing here.)

There are a number of changes we can make to increase our vibrations quite remarkably, and these changes will speed up the process of overcoming living in a world where oppression such as the one we're used to living in can no longer exist.

Those who have the Wes Penre Papers relatively fresh in mind and remember the difference between the 4% universe and the 96% universe also recall that I am a skeptic of channeled material, in general. I showed the reader that most of them are either human in the future - half machine and half biological entities, who come back to Earth via time travel hoping to be able to regain their fertility by experimenting on us through abductions. Others are working for the AIF - trying to manipulate us into something they call The Harvest, where they promise a paradise on Earth when we die. In fact, what they want to accomplish is to have everybody on the same page and take the human soul group (the mass consciousness) and create a Collective One, which means we will become half machines and half human, but our minds are collective and centralized into a giant super computer.

We see the result of this in much of the channeling today, such as the "RA Material," the "Cassiopaeans," and the "Elohim," etc. These channeled sources will, together with the AIF, take care of us in the astral and guide us to the right place, where we can be introduced to fifth-dimensional bodies in which we will incarnate as the New Human during the next lifetime. As usual, when we are dealing with the AIF, we are dealing with very advanced technology, and as always, the AIF is not helping us for our benefit. They tell the evolved humans who fall for this that after death, the Harvesters of Souls will wait for them and help by inserting them in fifth-dimensional (5-D) bodies - thereafter, the ascended individual will incarnate in a 5-D version of Earth.

This sounds quite similar to what we are doing but without technology, doesn't it? Before the AIF let these humans incarnate on a 5-D Earth, they will implant them so that they report back to their Masters, who are the same beings who promised them ascension. In other words, they want humans who are on the same spiritual level as we are to keep an eye on us and perhaps even manipulate us in 5-D. This is perhaps a good idea, but it won't work, and it tells us how little the AIF knows about spirituality. To them, everything is technology - even Ascension is! The problem is that when the AIF start interfering with 5-D bodies by putting implants in them, they are already not vibrating on the same frequency as our bodies will - there is a distortion involved. When the AIF realize this, I don't know what they're going to do, but I think they will leave us alone. After all, we are not their main target - the Machine Riders are.

However, there are a few channeled sources that I have studied under the microscope, figuratively speaking, and still feel confident with, and there are particularly two of those I am going to introduce in this book. One source the reader is already familiar with from the Wes Penre Papers is the Pleiadians, channeled by Barbara Marciniak. The other source is Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts. There could be a couple of other sources I still find being outside the anti-human agenda, but they will not be presented here. I just want the reader to be aware that some of these channeled entities are even presenting themselves as Dragons and Reptilians, who were our original Creator Gods from Orion and elsewhere, but they are not the same entities who once created the early humans. They are fake, and I proved it in the Wes Penre Papers, see alpha draconians and the creation the starhuman 1 and alpha draconians and creation the starhuman 2

The premise in this book is that we need to evolve without technology and more genetic manipulation from outside sources, regardless how seductive it all can be. I wouldn't say this if it wasn't only possible, but the way nature is supposed to do it, regardless of what channeled sources such as the Alpha Draconians (the Thubans) say. Who wants to end up in a new trap, anyway?

Some are asking, whether we need some kind of help from the good aliens. Here, the opinions are divided - some say we may need some advice, at least, while others say no to any intervention whatsoever. I would say that I understand both viewpoints, but at this point, I think we are knowledgeable enough to do it ourselves. We have already taken advice from some reliable sources, and the Pleiadians are one of them. I have had other sources, unique to me, who have helped me as well, and the rest I have found out by rolling up my sleeves and digging into hardcore research with joy, sweat, and tears.

With this in mind and with the information I have been able to gather, I would say no to intervention at this time. A couple of years ago, I would not have been so sure because I didn't know enough - now, I think I do. I am not a scientist, and I am certainly not a genetic engineer, but it's not necessary to be either. However, I do have an open mind, and if we humans notice sometime in the future that we need some extra advice because we are stuck for any reason, I, for one, am willing to reconsider my decision.

Albeit for now, it is important that Homo Nova is willing to stand on their own two feet and claim their sovereignty. Certain alien forces will not be very happy to hear this, but the majority of galactic citizens out there, counting those of the 96%, are happy to see us make such a decision. Groups, such as the former LPG-C (Life Physics Group California), are convinced that we need intervention from star races out there, so they can protect us from the wolves who can't wait to put their claws in us and take over real estate Earth while we are in a vulnerable position all by ourselves, but I would say that this is not necessary.

It is true that there are power-hungry star races out there who can't wait to take over Earth from the current AIF, but groups like LPG-C (see Wes Penre Papers, "First Level of Learning") forget one thing - Homo Nova is evolving side by side with the AIF for a few generations, and in that sense, they are protecting us, unwittingly, because they are protecting Earth from other invader forces - hence, we are protected too.

Then, when the world is splitting, we should already vibrate on such a high frequency, that it shouldn't be an issue, especially as we know how to shield ourselves on a personal level and as a soul group (more about this later). We will be able to put up our own protective shield around Earth and only let those in whom we are welcoming. Remember, we are working on regaining our position as the Guardians of the Living Library and the Protectors of Mother Earth. This is not done by violent means, but by frequency. At that time, we were already highly multidimensional and had established allies and friends out there in the universe.

A chapter in this book will be dedicated to what it means to be the Guardians of the Living Library. We are still adolescents, but we are also like the nestlings who are sitting at the edge of the nest, flapping their wings, and ready to take the first step out of the nest to try the wings. We are the teenagers who can't wait to leave our parents' home and build a life on our own. We are on the brink of becoming adults, and as adults, we are on our own - we can't hide behind our mother's skirt anymore when it's getting a little rough, and we know this.

The difference between us and Homo sapiens is that we are brave enough to fly out of the nest. We are aware that there are dangers out there, but we are willing to undertake them and believe we are mature enough to do so. Star races out there in the universe are very concerned about humanity as a whole because of the destructive ways we use energy, and many do what they can to stop us from reaching out in the universe. Therefore, in that sense they are supporting the AIF that is already here: suppressing humanity. They'd rather see us suppressed and within quarantine than to let us loose.

We, the new human, are going to show our brothers and sisters out there in the universe that we can do better. We can show them that we honor Mother Earth who supports us and helps us grow instead of destroying the only planet that can house our human body template. We are also going to advertise out in the universe when the day comes that we have reclaimed the title "Guardians of the Living Library," and those star beings who are willing to come here and learn and grow from studying the Living Library are welcome to do so under our supervision.

Beings of lower vibrations who have no intentions to come here to learn but only to steal and destroy may not bother to apply. Don't worry - this is exactly what we are going to learn - how to read other beings' energies. First, we must build our own energies because in our current condition we are not ready to meet beings from the cosmos face to face, whether it's in a physical or spiritual form. Most humans today - even those who are more evolved - need to enhance their energy fields to be able to comfortably meet with those not-from-here.

Perhaps, the reader can see now that it is important for us to walk our own paths and develop our own strength and energy without intervention from outside.

People, especially those who may have married before or in the middle of the nano-second may have been the most wonderful couple, who loved each other and told themselves, that their marriage will last for the whole lifetime and maybe well into the next, and the next, and the next, never thought there would be problems they couldn't solve. Now, years afterward, they may find that they have moved in different directions. This, of course, can happen in any marriage, but in the nano-second, there was a specific circumstance that sometimes led to the separation between partners.

Both may have been truth-seekers, when they met, but somewhere along the line, they chose different paths. In the beginning, one of them may have tried to convince the other that his or her path is the most 28 beneficial for both of them. Then they enter the next phase in their relationship when they sit down and agree that it's okay to feel different and that their marriage will probably work anyway. Full with new enthusiasm, they both continue on their separate paths, but they get further and further away from each other until they notice they have less and less in common.

When they are together, there is mostly silence where there used to be lively, uplifting conversations, but now there is not much to talk about. Both feel miserable about this but don't know what to do about it. They still love each other, but their different worldviews tear at both of them until one or both get sick. Perhaps, they even tried marriage counseling to no avail. A divorce became the traumatic solution.

In other marriages, only one person is on a spiritual path - similar situations could arise in regular friendships. When this happens, there is no use in trying to convince the other person that what you are doing is important - and as sad as it is, at one point, these people need to go separate ways in order to be able to evolve any further, or they'll get stuck, at best, or move backward and get very sick, at worst. Unfortunately, many cling onto each other anyway because they believe they need the other person or feel sorry for the partner, and they don't want to hurt each other.

I can empathize with that because I experienced how my spouse and I went in different directions back in the late 1990s, which led to a divorce. It was much harder emotionally than I'd ever thought it would be because we still loved each other - nevertheless, we had no choice. Now, after the fact, I know we both made the right decision, and since then, we have both been able to thrive on our respective paths. I am now remarried with a woman who is on the same path as I am, and I am very lucky and very happy.

Therefore, it's not the end of the world, and sometimes it can be a life saver. I needed to bring this up because I think it's a very common problem when people are standing at the crossroads. It's not just a matter of choosing between the Machine Kingdom and natural evolvement, but even if two people have both chosen the natural path without the machine technology, there are many branches on that tree as well, and one branch may be just fine to climb out on for one person but not for the other.

That's the charm of being unique beings, but also the tragedy of it. I can honestly say that if I hadn't met my current wife 13 years ago at that exact point in my life, I would have chosen to continue alone. I would have accepted that I was not meant to have a love relationship or any children this lifetime, but instead concentrate on my task. However, I am fortunate enough to be able to have and do both, and in my case, it is possible to mix work and family life.

However, if I'd never met her, I would have been perfectly fine living alone.

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